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Whitney Houston -- A Hot Mess in Australia

2/24/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a performance that can only be described as rocky at best, a sweat-drenched Whitney Houston attempted to sing her hit "I Will Always Love You" during a concert Monday night in Australia.

Whitney Houston

Whitney's weirdness reaches its peak right before she's supposed to hit the high note -- when she suddenly turns around, walks over to a table behind her, and then spends an excessive amount of time gearing up for the big finish.

When Whitney finally gets ready, she comes back to the mic and belts out the chorus to the song ... and let's just say she gets an E for Effort.


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O.M.G. It's like watching Michael Jackson all over again!!!!! The last video shot of Michael was when he was rehersing, and he was sweating all over the place. Look at Whitney's performance..... She's sweating all over, like she's standin in the rain. TMZ should take a poll on "How many people are seein dejavo here?" I bet she's not gonna be around much longer, sorry to say I've always liked her. But I see MICHAEL ALL OVER HER!!!!!

1701 days ago


AND?? I was expecting a big debacle and WHAT?? She sounded great. she looks good. So WHAT?? Then all these sheep follow suit because TMZ says it was an odd performance and attack Whitney? You people never fail in how PATHETIC you are wanting someone's life to be as jacked up as yours. Whitney signed a $100 Million dollar contract (much of which she probably got to keep) and makes tens of thousands of dollars per concert and some nobody somewhere can't stand it and wants to tear he down because OBVIOUS clowns at TMZ see something wrong!?!? MY GOD! How pathetic thou art!! Whitne...YOU GO!! KEEP soaring and cementing your legend!!

1701 days ago


Her voice is gone forever.Another after effect of Cocaine is that you will forever be disoriented. Whitney is still doing drugs. I could see that in the footage of her Brisbane concert. If she continues to go this route- she will drop dead of a heart attack before the age of 50. Whitney neeeds to retire if she has any money left. Right now you got a bunch of leeches thats using her to make a quick buck! How do I know this-I am a R.N. that use to work in a drug rehab and open heart surgery ICU..

1701 days ago


We did not miss you before so take your sad ass back where you came from you no talent beotch

1700 days ago


the Dramatic Pause is a beat or two of silence. whitney passed out halloween candy, basted & stuffed a turkey, opened christmas presents, played in the "snow" and then remembered she wasn't done screeching.

1699 days ago


I didn't read all the comments, but did anyone else notice that the high note sounded dubbed in? It 'went on'even when she started the next line, both times.....

1699 days ago


Whitney really has lost her voice. Even when she was on Oprah, she "talk sang" a song. The drugs have ruined her voice. She's an arrogant, mean spirited person, and I think she's still using. I noticed all of the die hard fans posting, calling people names, who post negative comments. It's unfortunate when an entertainer loses their singing ability. Sometimes it's due to physical problems like with Julie Andrews. But sometimes it's just due to drug addiction. I just hope that Whitney surrenders to a real honest drug treatment program. Who knows maybe some of her range will come back after treatment.

1699 days ago


Again,RIP Whitney, your voice and choosing drugs over Bobby Cristina. Jesus gave you a gift and you disrespected him and threw your life away. Bobby needs to get his daughta back, at least he tries. Sorry for Whitney, save yourself lady, where are Dion and your mamma? Someone needs to do something here. Or she'll be just another Michael. Drugs, STOP, Not Stopping, You're Dead.
Is it worth it?

1699 days ago


Profuse sweating, alchol abuse. The voice Cocaine, she's done.
Where is her familia? Michael was such a sad horrible thing happening for all the world and fans. I'm thinking she doesn't have much time left either. So Sad!
Whitney is in her last days, where is even Bobby Brown to help her? They have a daughta together. Is everyone Blind?

1699 days ago


So sad. What a talented and beautiful woman. She could do so much more if she would stay clean and focused.

Brian @

1689 days ago


i think that was an intentional pause for dramatic effect, and she did it really well. there was a moment when the audience was unsure what she was doing. she had it together the whole time. gotta say...


1703 days ago


Back on Crack!

1703 days ago

I feel so bad for Whitney. She had so much talent and it's just getting wasted because she can't get her head together.

1703 days ago


Wow, I wish 25-years-ago-Whitney could bitch-slap 2010-Whitney and keep her from this disgraceful performance. Oh, what a difference 2 and a half decades make. Sad, sad, sad.

1703 days ago


Back on the smack... to bad too... She is amazing and still could be.. Get cleaned up!!

1703 days ago
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