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Whitney Houston -- A Hot Mess in Australia

2/24/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a performance that can only be described as rocky at best, a sweat-drenched Whitney Houston attempted to sing her hit "I Will Always Love You" during a concert Monday night in Australia.

Whitney Houston

Whitney's weirdness reaches its peak right before she's supposed to hit the high note -- when she suddenly turns around, walks over to a table behind her, and then spends an excessive amount of time gearing up for the big finish.

When Whitney finally gets ready, she comes back to the mic and belts out the chorus to the song ... and let's just say she gets an E for Effort.


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hmm she could never hit the high note ever people! in all her cvoncerts years ago she was known to dotn hit it and that in her concert it didnt sounds at all as the one on CD..

Here i will say it was far too hot
try tp think too that its summer now in Autralia people and thats really hot!
She has too much clothes on compare to the weather.

Its dead warm in Australia rigth now.
I think she did good and came back right, but her break was a bit too long anyway.
Only show that she know where she got her publics and fans, but also a bit arrogant of her knowing its her new chance tour.
She should be more respectfull of what life gave her specialy now after she has just seen what can happen when you take it for all too given..
I never grabbed how she could fall so low. She had a good network of people and family relatives around her.

I think that those who let her down here on stage, are the musicians, they should have kept playing something..
This type of things happen in all bands and tours, its the other in the band who got to improvise.
In a rock band you will have had a guitar solo and drum.
With everybody founding it Oh so fantastic and creativ and genius like.
As for being on drugs, name one rock band who isnt on something! lol
You think lady gaga is on what?

They sure all jump like kids on a cheerioo add, but thats not what they snif nor inject before tripping around!

1681 days ago


I can't bring myself to watch this video so I will just say perhaps she put this tour together too fast before she was ready. Nobody should be too big for a vocal coach...When it has been that many years since performing consistently I bet she could have used a bit more "exercise" in that regard; vocal exercise AND physical. I am not in total denial here, I am sure she has killed part of her voice/range but I don't think all is lost...others have come back from worse.

1681 days ago


I think it was a dramatic pause, and maybe she took a bit longer to dry off the sweat and get really ready, but then she rocked it. I think she did a great job.

1681 days ago

Enough Already    

It was humid and exhausting because of the performance schedule. No drugs. Bobby call me

1681 days ago


Congratulations Whitney! You are sounding better and better each time around. YOU CAN MAKE IT! It may seem hard right now, but it will only be a matter of time when you will look back on this effort and smile.

Try a different hairstyle (something shorter) and lighter clothing while performing, and exercise.


1681 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I cannot believe she turned her back on the audience like that. Given her condition, she should have rescheduled her performance, but she probably needs the money.

1681 days ago


This is just so sad. The downfall of someone who was once great is always painful to watch, but Whitney really does look like she is finished. I don't know if it's true that she's dying, but she doesn't look like she's headed for a happy ending. Just sad.

1681 days ago


I saw the video of her singing or trying to sing two of her greatest hits songs and she was terrible. She was so bad on I Will Always Love You, compared to how she used to belt it out, I had to hang my head.

God gave her this amazing awesome voice and she literally threw it away on drugs and alcohol. I doubt if she will ever fully come back cause hitting those high notes is a thing of the past.

1681 days ago

Enough Already    

After all this, I WON'T always love your azzez.

1681 days ago


I saw Whitney at her prime in 87 at Summer Fest in Milwaukee.
She sweated so much back then. It is just her thing......not sure about the other things that were added.

1681 days ago


Whitney is a legend and she sings great..@ least she aint lipsinkin.Or on the Biggest Loser..

1681 days ago


Isn't it 400,000 degrees there this time of year?


1681 days ago


Neely O'Hara in "Valley Of the Doll's--Jackie Suzanne wrote Whitney's tale 45 years ago. And it is not a happy ending.

I was so hoping she would overcome and return to greatness-sadly I think she will die this year just like Karen Carpenter and Elvis.

1681 days ago

Dirt Burger    

She can no longer hit the high note, it's sad but it's time for her to retire. She is no longer in the same league as Beyonce.

1681 days ago


I can't buy the old "it was hot" or "it was cold" or "her wig was too tight" or any of those tired excuses. I choose to face reality and the reality is that "the voice" is gone. She sounds like this every time we hear her now, no matter the weather or the climate or the location. She has finally succeeded in destroying her voice. People want to give her props for not lip syncing. Well, I think she should go ahead and lip sync if that's how bad she's going to sound. And she needs to quit ripping people off, charging $165 in this economy and giving horrible performances.

1681 days ago
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