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Chaz Bono

Mama's Boy

2/25/2010 9:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cher hung out with her new son last night -- 40-year-old Chaz Bono.

Cher & Chaz: Click to watch
The singer, Chaz and his GF Jennifer Elia all met up at an L.A. art studio for an event for Cher's other son Elijah Blue.

As we previously reported, Chaz began gender transition last year ... with his mother's full support.


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Buying a penis and sewing it to your vagina does make you a man.

So its not her new son, its her 40 year old daughter with a penis sewn to her vagina. Hey look at my new penis!

1678 days ago


Chaz looks like a fat woman. I dont get this at all. Hollywood is so weird. Are there any normal people in Hollywood. Cher is also weird with all that plastic surgery. So Chaz is going to get a new penis. How gross.

1678 days ago


It takes BALLS to hang out with this Academy Award winning actress and Grammy Award winning singer.

Chaz always takes things so literally…it was just a figure of speech.

1678 days ago


All of you that have said something nasty or rude. Are you so perfect that you can be so judgemental of people you do not even know.
Chaz is fat, does it reflect on you? NO !! I am sure many of you would not want to be judged by what you look like, and would want people to know you the person inside where it matters.

Cher may be into cosmetic surgery, or whatever...But she is the one running to the bank with millions..Do you think it matters what you all think of her.I doubt it.

I would not want to know any of you that make negitve comments. You all are UGLY already just from opening your mouths.

So many parents do not stick by their kids today, but Cher has and i give her kudo's for standing my Chaz even if she does not agree with what she is doing with the sex change surgery.

No one has a right to judge anyone else, and people in glass houses should not throw stones.

1678 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

Makes one want to ski into a tree or something.

1678 days ago

cher lover    

leave cher alone !!!! itz nice to see, she has accepted chaz !!!!

1678 days ago



1678 days ago

dr cyclops    

i really hate fat people because they are eating all the food on this planet..only perfect people should be allowed to live after 2010...we are running out of space and resources and have to make some hard decisions,,so if your fat ,,time to check out and leave all the food to the good people..

1678 days ago


SPARE ME! Chastity Bono's NOT a man, and never WILL be. She's just a severely screwed-up and delusional woman whose insecurities have led her to mutilate herself in a vain attempt to like who she is.

Has her lesbian girlfriend suddenly gone STRAIGHT, since she's staying with "Chaz," who now claims to be a "male"? Or is the whole thing just one stinking pile of BS, where Chastity and those involved expect the REST of the world to buy into and enable their self-delusions? If someone thinks they're Napoleon and has plastic surgery to make themselves resemble Napoleon, it doesn't MAKE them Napoleon! It just makes them an idiot.

Chastity Bono needs help, and all the testosterone injections in the world won't provide it. And we ALL need to stop feeding the lies she's bought into by continuing to call her a "man." Because she's absolutely not one, despite what she's done to herself.

1678 days ago


The weight gain might be due to the hormones? So does she have a peen? I'm confused. If she does I'm sure it is tiny and with that bulge rendered practically useless. I second the question of whether the partner is no longer a lesbo, I thought they liked the V.

1678 days ago


I wonder if Chaz is gonna stalk Cher, the Cougar? Talk about kinky.

1678 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Chastity Bono will not be satisfied until she completely mutilates herself.

1678 days ago

Jay B.    

I may be going a little far with this comparison but doesn't Chaz kinda resemble John Candy? Call me crazy.

1678 days ago


what an f'd up family!!! so much for money and fame

1678 days ago


I was first introduced to Chaz watching Celebrity Fat Club. I think he looks amazing and very HAPPY. His wife is beautiful and they make a handsome couple. My love for the ICON known as Cher doesn't change based on what is going on in her childrens' lives. What a stupid question, "how did it feel to spend time with your mom?". Cher is his mom, quit acting like they never see each other. I know of no one who hasn't met that child in their life that you knew from age two wasn't in the right gender. Cudos to Chaz for knowing himself well enough and have the big brass ones to live his life the way he wants to. you get one turn at this life, live it true to yourself.

1678 days ago
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