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Andrew Koenig's Dad: He Took His Own Life

2/25/2010 9:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An emotional Walter Koenig -- father of "Growing Pains" actor Andrew Koenig -- just said his son, who had been missing since February 14, took his own life.

Andrew Koenig: Click to view
During Walter's brief statement, he had a message for those who may find themselves in the same emotional state as his son, saying, "What you can learn from this ... is that there are people out there who really, really care."

Walter continued, saying, "Before you make that final decision ... talk to somebody."

Once the Koenigs were finished speaking, a police spokesperson said Andrew's body was found today in Stanley Park in Vancouver. The spokesperson said they are not releasing Andrew's cause of death yet due to the sensitivity of situation.


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A parent's living hell -- that they have to buried their child. May God bring the peace and fortitude needed for the Koenig family to endure the passing of their precious son. And may Andrew rest in peace.

1666 days ago


OK, I just looked on and growing pains is out on DVD. But the funny thing is... THEY HAVE ONLY RELEASED THE FIRST SEASON! Supposedly demand wasn't there for a season 2 set. I smell something fishy here... I believe that to drum up interest in the season 2 set the produces, Boner, and maybe even his parents came up with this little scheme. Possibly inspired by the balloon boys parents, perhaps? This is a terrible thing if true, and if a season 2 shows up anytime soon im going to bring this info to the proper athorities.

1666 days ago


TMZ Please delete these negative postings. Its not right especially when the family is grieving for their child.

1666 days ago


POOPHEAD..get a grip. It isn't the actors who decide when the DVD's come's the TV station and producers!!

1666 days ago


Once again being connected with the entertainment industry brings someone down. This will keep occurring. Even TMZ staffers will start to feel the they run a negative website. everytime something being controlled by the negatives dissapears, the negative energy does not. It just doubles up on what's left of it that supports the negative energy. Thus things will get acute.

Grasp the light! Grasp positivity! enlightenment!

that is the only way to save!

remember 2012, the forces are dividing.....good - evil not blended but seperated. If you really look at the news and what is going on around you, it is starting!

The entertainment industry has broken to many of the laws of one. It is doomed! It is is falling apart in step with our financial industry which breaks laws also.

It's just a matter of time!

1666 days ago


I just hope that the family never comes here to see all of the crap some people write.R.I.P. Andrew

1666 days ago

d nilsson    

Michael Myers...what an insensitive a-hole loser you are

1666 days ago


R.I.P Andrew You have devastated your family and friends.I am so sorry that you felt so helpless and alone in this big world that you felt you could turn to no one. I pray that you are now at peace from what ever was haunting you, and I pray for the healing of your family.

1666 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Yes, stop POKING fun at BONER. Let Boner have his dignity.

1666 days ago


for starters, what is wrong with some of the people making comments on here -'a nobody died today, who cares..'and the comment ' a trainer who's killed by a whale is much bigger news than a washed-up child star who offs himself in Canada.' he was NOT a nobody, regardless of how long hes been away from show business..he was someones CHILD first, and these parents lost their son, so show some compassion u idiots! he WAS a somebody, even if he hadnt been a former star. yes, the trainer/whale situation was a tragedy, huge one, but so was this. parents lost their son, siblings lost a brother..this was just as big a tragedy to his family and fans, as the trainer/whale thing was to HER parents, and those who witnessed the tragedy, and those who worked with her. so dont say one tragedy is much bigger then the other-when there have been two sets of parents that lost their children! they're BOTH important, and they BOTH mattered!

1666 days ago


God bless him and his family.

1666 days ago


Rest in peace Andrew. I'm so sad to hear this. I was praying you'd be foud alive. Depression is a serious disease and I wish it would be treated as a serious disease. I'm praying for Andrew and his family. By the way, the cruel comments certain people post don't suprise me anymore. I've learned that people who post these kinds of comments are usually pretty miserable people anyway. Its too bad, since family members and friends of Andrew's might be reading these comments. If they are I hope they realize that.

1666 days ago


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1666 days ago


I heard that the USA not getting the gold in Curling was what pushed him over the edge...

1666 days ago


This video is very difficult to watch. So very sad. Tears.

1666 days ago
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