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'American Idol's' Chikezie Busted -- Too Famous!

2/26/2010 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Remember Chikezie from "American Idol?" Well, apparently a sales person at Neiman Marcus remembered him because the singer was busted last night for felony identity theft ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Chikezie Eze was at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills when he allegedly tried to use "fraudulent means" -- possibly a phony check or credit card -- to purchase merchandise.

Chikezie was detained by store security until the Beverly Hills cops arrived. The singer was then taken to Bev Hills jail and booked on felony identity theft.

He is currently in jail, where he's being held on $50,000 bail.

UPDATE: We're told Chikezie was busted at the counter of Neiman Marcus with items he was trying to purchase.

UPDATE: Chikezie bailed out.

UPDATE: A rep for Neiman Marcus tells TMZ, "We're cooperating with local authorities."


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Dr. Electro    

'I wish I could live my life like the rest of you'.

Read more:

If you were to live your life like I do, you would be married to a woman who is in the advanced stages of Multiple Sclerosis. She is confined to a wheelchair and I have to push her everywhere because we can't afford to get her a power-chair.

As for me, I have diabetes, congestive heart failure, full-body arthritis, COPD, acid reflux disease and a stress-fractured vertebra. We live on my pension alone because the Bush government decided that disabled married people are only allowed one income regardless how small that is.

Yeah, live your life like me. Then you would know what challenge really is.

1702 days ago


Maybe he is acting stupid to infiltrate an international gang of idiots.

1702 days ago


If I was working there I would've thought that was Edie Winslow from Family Matters.

1702 days ago


Maybe Simon or Ellen will bail him out

1702 days ago


Awwwwwww. This makes me so sad to read about. His version of "She's A Woman" is my all-time favorite.

Stupid, stupid move, Chikeze. Straighten it out.

1702 days ago


Great here come the racists. When Wynona Ryder was busted did people comment about her being white/jewish? NO, yet EVERYTIME there is a post about someone black people go on and on about how ALL black people are thieves, ALL black people are wife beaters, ALL black people are whatever the problem happens to be. Why is it that the actions of individual blacks always have to be beared by the entire race? America is so rotten to the core with racism it makes me sick. Next time some person of color uses the "race card" I would believe them absolutley because if this site is a cross section of what America is about god help us all.

1702 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Rot in jail, you f'ing criminal LOSER!!!

1702 days ago


In other news, American Idol contestant/screeching d-bag tranny Adam Lambert was busted trying to steal the identity of Liza Minelli. Do you love me now, Momma?

1702 days ago


Also, chill the heck out, #5, "that's right", nobody's really saying anything "racist" aside from the fried chicken crack. Are you paranoid?

1702 days ago



1702 days ago


Posted at 8:39AM on Feb 26th 2010 by Beavis

I'm not being paranoid. All I'm saying is, now that your conscious of it whenever there is a story about someone who's black you never have to go more than 8 comments before someone makes a derogatory remark about the person and the the race in general. Take a look thru a good set of previous stories and you'll see what I mean.

1702 days ago


Americans and Germans are the most racists people on the planet. I'm shocked there aren't more racist jabs about this one myself. Then again, the day isn't over.

1702 days ago

C'mon TMZ    

What happened Chikezie?

1702 days ago

dr cyclops    

sooo its okay to make fun of fat people ,but make a crack about chicken and its ohhh my lordy everyone is a racist,,,been in a jail lately...about 80%afro american ,,so i guess thats racist too hmmmmm

1702 days ago


Its in their blood, just like stealing pies off window seals, or chickens, or their masters daughter. It's in their blood.

1702 days ago
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