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'Pants on the Ground' Guy -- King of Vegas

2/27/2010 2:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Move over, Frank Sinatra -- there's a new man in Sin City and he goes by the name of Gen. Larry Platt.

Larry Platt

The genius behind "Pants on the Ground" performed at JET nightclub at the Mirage Hotel last night -- and judging by the bevy of women who surrounded the General ... that song may have taken on a whole new meaning.
Larry Platt


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Mr Common Sense    

Sam, listen to me very carefully. It STARTED with Tiger? Started? Tiger Woods caused all white females in the U.S.A. to lose respect for themselves? Before that, they were all respectful of themselves?
Have you ever heard of Hugh Hefner? 18 year old white females having sex with an 83 year old man for money and publicity!! I'm trying to help you people here on TMZ but at this point it looks hopeless! Class dismissed!

1662 days ago


Who didn't see this coming?

1662 days ago


He is just another OLD DIRTY black guy rubbing up on young white girls. What an old gas bag & over the ego inflatted idiot,but everyone gets their 15 mintues---hopefully his will be over soon.

Posted at 5:27PM on Feb 27th 2010 by JC
Unless we are looking at different pictures, I see a woman with her legs in the air, smiling, and allowing a man to touch her. Next picture shows a woman SITTING in his lap, holding him close, and smiling. I do,however, notice that he is the only black in the picture. Now who is setting which race back?

1662 days ago


Judging by the General’s face, he’s wondering if ‘Pants on the Ground’ is really all that BAD.


1662 days ago


I am all for him having fun and extending his 15 minutes of fame, if possible. Sure he is eccentric but at least he has a message or created a dialogue about today's youth fashion, particularly the males.

A few years back an Asian guy (Wang, I think) sang "Cha Bang" or something to that effect. He was all over the place, singing horribly. He even dropped out of college for awhile to make appearances. So, both of them are ecentric, but at least the general has a message. He is old, allow him to enjoy himself. (To the general: watch out for white girls... they have been the downfall for many black males. If you were in the South trying to dance close to a sister she would have laugh and said, "You had better get somewhere with that. Everyone would have laugh and forget about it).

1662 days ago


What has that old man got that drives those white girls crazy

1662 days ago

Loud and talentless    

So you say black girls don't hang around him because they have "since?" That would be S-E-N-S-E ... something you obviously don't have.

1662 days ago


He is not an eccentric, he is a dirty old man. Those bitches are not interested in him, they are interested in the attention that they MIGHT get from kicking their legs in the air with their panties showing, by letting him touch and kiss them, and by wrapping their half naked azzes around him because they are all desperate to be famous, at any cost. Speaking of azzes, he should be watching his own.

1662 days ago


*milk milk milk*

Just goes to show you the power of "Idol". It can rocket even an old, crazy fool like this to fame.

1662 days ago

Kanye is a Gay Fish    

Is it just me, or does that girl who is sitting on his lap holding the drink look like Bristol Palin? Wouldn't surprise me if it was her - she's about due for a new baby daddy, isn't she?

1662 days ago

Kanye is a Gay Fish    

Nice spam there with your knock-off krap, qiangyang5654. What a douchebag...

1662 days ago

Maria Lopez Cordova    

This just grosses me out! some people will do anything to get their rear end out in public!

1661 days ago


Isn't that one of those moolies who was chasing people from the polling places?

1661 days ago


Um, who?

1661 days ago


First of all ...who is this, never heard of him. And is homely as a bucket of s----.

1661 days ago
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