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Scotty Lago Conspiracy Theory -- Up in Smoke

2/27/2010 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Scotty Lago -- with the help of Michael Phelps -- has hatched a conspiracy theory about those not-really-salacious pics that got Scotty booted from the Olympics ... but it doesn't hold up to us.


Lago told us that Phelps told a friend of his about the time when an Asian journalist tried to kiss Phelps on the cheek for a photo. That journalist was Lainey Liu, who runs a site called laineygossip.com -- and she wrote about the encounter with Phelps about a week ago and posted the photo above (left).

Lago's run-in was infamously documented (right) and a quick comparison of the two women shows very little similarity to us -- except of course for ... well, you know.

Question is ...

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I voted first.

1698 days ago


i still want to know who the girl is on the right.. she's hot!

1698 days ago


No one ever said it was this exact girl... All Scotty said was that a girl tried the same thing with Michael Phelps he never said it was Lainey Liu

1698 days ago


Point proven---swimmers and snowboarders are dopers...here's the proof, these two absolute idiot savants...excel at one thing, and absolute idiots at everything else, including how to put a believable story together.

Wheres my board dude? I dont know, over by the diving board I think dude...pass the bong.

Ban this sport---no more United States taxes to support open air heads and pot smoking. And keep Phelps away from the rest of us, that guy needs medication and counseling, not pot and women.

1698 days ago


This punk was kicked out by the USA, so why hate on Canada?

1698 days ago


Impossible question. First of all, they're both asian... no boobs.... same hair color.... and you're trying to compare a side shot of some mystery girl to a forward face shot of another. Impossible question to answer.

1698 days ago

Elicia Gordon    

Lainey is a pretty big television personality here in Canada and I can assure you that's not her! The girl in Scotty's photo looks nothing like her! Plus, the two have completely different hair lengths.

Oh, and even if it was a journalist in the photo, it wouldn't be any less inappropriate.

1698 days ago


Why is this even a poll? It's not the same girl. I'm usually a casual fan of yours, TMZ, but this is simply moronic reporting.

1698 days ago


good gawd, you are stoopin' low, TMZ. That's not Lainey.

1698 days ago


Both of these rude, incoherent complete retards belong in the Special Olympics. They disgrace the USA by their behavior.

1698 days ago


Post some REAL news...Lago's Closing Ceremony Parade on Jimmy Kimmel last night! Hilarious!

1698 days ago

I Am Canadian    

Lainey was interviewed a few hours ago and said it was not her. She said herself, not all Asians look alike. So there, Michael Phelps.
The encounter with Michael Phelps that she had was some sort of game. If she could get a pic of her kissing Phelps on the cheek, she got some extra points. She said he had a lot of security around him. Like we Canadians care about Phelps!! We have our own heros!! And they are better looking.

1698 days ago


Definitely NOT the same girl...

1698 days ago


TMZ have you lost your mind who said this was the same girl as what Micheal was telling him about this girl with micheal in photo isnt trying to kiss him you got this all wrong for god sake anything for a click on your site right get real TMZ the girl with Scotty is probly a plant from you guys!!! since you wont let it go and keep showing this stupid pic which means nothing to anyone

1698 days ago


Not all asians look the same!!!!

Lainey still has long her while the chick on the right has short hair. Lainey was just kidding with the micheal phelps thing....isn't he considered a playboy among the women. Fun at his expense?

1698 days ago
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