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New Orleans Saints

Caught in Clothing War

2/28/2010 2:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is named in a brand new lawsuit, all centered around the motivational phrase he used to propel his team to win the Super Bowl -- "Finish Strong."

After the Saints won the big game, Reebok began making shirts featuring the catchphrase -- problem is, another clothing company claims they already own the trademark to those words.

According to legal papers filed in Illinois, the Finish Strong clothing company claims Brees only started using the phrase after he read the Finish Strong book, penned by the company's founder.

Now, Finish Strong is going after Reebok -- claiming they violated their trademark ... and they want the judge to make Reebok fork over every cent they made off the "Finish Strong" slogan.

Calls to Reebok were not returned.

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1697 days ago


I have a couple "Finish Strong" t-shirts, case is valid.

1697 days ago


If what the company is saying is true then I have no sympathy for Reebok. They are a huge company and should be able to handle a simple trademark search before producing a product like this. So either they were extremely sloppy or thought they could get away with it.

1697 days ago


The finish strong product procedes were supposed to go to charities in New Orleans, so if Reebok wants to donate to our charities I say let them sell the products. If not I think the money collected from the lawsuit should be donated.

1697 days ago


well, if they've trademarked "Finish Strong" then Reebok isn't in violation because the shirt says "We Finish Strong". So there shouldn't be any case here but if for any reason Reebok is found guilty of violating their trademark, they should donate to help the community.

1697 days ago


How is this breaking news?

1697 days ago


Enjoy this Saint fans,you wouldn't have to worry about championship T-shirts next season.

Next Super Bowl, Vikings Vs Colts

1697 days ago


There were black shirts sold in New Orleans that on the back in gold read just simply "Finish Strong." The shirt was bought by many fans and are still being sold everywhere in the city. People are just money hungry, just like the NFL trying to copyright "Who Dat." Give me a break, I have lived in New Orleans my whole life, can't we just enjoy the win??

1696 days ago


There is a problem with height here. Finish Strong alone is way to common to be trademarked.That is why companies write their name in a logotype, casing point the TMZ logotype.As "Einstein" said above a trademark has to be distinctive "Finish Strong" is not, case dismissed.

1696 days ago


Drew Brees is not in the lawsuit at all. It is Finish Strong, LLC vs. Reebok International. Per the complaint, Drew Brees' foundation has a license agreement with Finish Strong, LLC. Drew Brees' use of the FINISH STRONG trademark was requested and permissable. Reebok does not have an agreement in place and used the trademark without permission or license.

1696 days ago


TMZ - you should at least know how to read a lawsuit caption by now. Why would you say that Drew Brees was named?

1696 days ago

Miss Bu    

Must be a bad year for Reebok sadly to go after the sales of t-shirts when all the proceeds for the sale of the t-shirts went to Charity. GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!

1696 days ago


This is Dan Green, the author of the book Finish Strong, the President of Finish Strong, LLC and the owner of the trademark "Finish Strong". I registered the mark in 1996 and have been the ambassador for it now for 15 years. I am extremely proud of our relationship with Drew and his foundation. This article is trying to make something out of nothing. Our lawsuit is with Reebok. They manufactured the t-shirt in the picture above without our knowledge or permission. Drew's name was mentioned in the lawsuit only as it related to the timeline of events. Finish Strong, LLC licensed the rights to use our trademark to The Brees Dream Foundation in conjunction with the player t-shirt produced prior to the playoffs. TMZ has their facts wrong and I don't appreciate the negative slant towards Drew or the Saints...comments welcome at www.finishstrong.com

1696 days ago


@THE WATCHER Dream on the Vikings will never see a Superbowl again since your gun for hire got broken by the Saints you don't have a shot in hell

1696 days ago


Drew Brees' foundation has a license agreement with Finish Strong, LLC.

Drew Brees is not in the lawsuit at all... It is Finish Strong, LLC vs. Reebok International. Reebok does not have an agreement in place and used the trademark without permission or license.


1696 days ago
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