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Warrant Singer Arrested for DUI

5/10/2010 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Jani Lane from the 80s hairband Warrant is currently being booked on suspicion of DUI.

LAPD arrested Lane in Woodland Hills, CA on Sunday night.

Police sources tell us Lane was driving a black Infiniti sedan when he allegedly hit a parked car. Officers arrived on the scene and gave Lane a field sobriety test -- we're told he did not do well and was arrested.  Lane's car is pretty mangled, but there were no injuries reported.

According to sources, Lane blew more than twice the legal limit of .08 when officers gave him a breathalyzer test at the police station. He was released at 3:17 AM.

Lane -- who is no longer with the band Warrant -- pleaded no contest to misdemeanor DUI in July 2009. A hit-and-run charge was dropped as part of that plea deal, and the judge put him on probation for three years.

Bonus fact: We're told Jani was arrested today by the same cop who arrested him last summer.  Go figure.


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Hey Now    

Dove --- that was beautiful. I feel so sorry for Jani. It is just sad to hear all those great songs and see him looking so hot in those leather pants :) :) and then see him struggling today. I'm used to the nastiness of TMZ, but I just have to laugh at those who say they've never heard of Warrant. Only if you don't know any of the 80's metal bands at all. I think Jani still has that great voice tho. A lot of talent. I love his voice. I know I shouldn't be so focused on his looks - but man - he was smokin.' Good luck Vicky and tell him a random 80's hair band fan wants to see him well again & rockin' on. Even if he can't fit into those black leather pants anymore - watching those videos make me so happy & Warrant was AWESOME! I will say a prayer for him.

1592 days ago

Hey Now    

Check out this GREAT Warrant tune - Cherry Pie


Check Jani out in these other Warrant videos:

Heaven -

Uncle Tom's Cabin (The one with the black leather pants :))

Most of you with your nasty jabs will never in your life look or SOUND like he did. Not now - not ever - so SUCK IT :)

1591 days ago


Hey Now,

Thank you, I read here on occassion, but normally do not post. The bs on this post did upset me because I again do not codone drinking and driving but substance abuse is a real and deadly disease that means the person is suffering and his family and friends are also. Jani needs to fight for his life, no one can do it for him any more than anyone could fight your or my demons or battles. People can wish him well and or want it badly for him, but only he can commit to embracing change and do the hard work needed to rebuild relationships and repair his career, in other words face the music. He can get his health and happiness back.He has to want it. I agree with you that Jani and Warrant were great in the day and even apart are both still making great music,I hope they get back together. I loved alot of their songs. I think Jani is a very good singer, although I have not had the pleasure to ever see him live yet and hope to someday. I can not believe anyone would bash his song writing ability, he writes some of the most creatively clever lyrics out there to date. All can I can offer is that he has two choices, one to keep bashing his head into a brick wall and expecting that wall to move , the walls going to win...or he can embrace change, the sooner the pain of staying the same becomes worse than the fear of changing, thats when he will do it, he just has to get to that point yet. Then and only then will a person take a chance on doing whats needed to get back to living the life they love so much. Lifes to short to keep running in circles. But its never to late to give it your best shot. All the best to Jani, his new wife, and family.

1591 days ago

Hey Now    

Who is Jani married to now? I read his wiki page and I didn't see a current wife. (I can't keep up w/the wives :))

and he has 2 kids (daughters) right?

I know he has to do it himself and all I can do is wish him well.

Also - I'm sure he still has money to hire a driver. Or even a cousin, brother, whomever. He can even call a fan and he/she will drive him home.

Back to his music - I had never heard that Uncle Tom's Cabin song and I just now viewed the video in the last few days. LOVE IT. That story is awesome and the guitar is 'wicked' :) It's so fun to watch the video - not as fun as 'Cherry Pie' which is crazy fun but it is also a nice well done video. I read the intro part was done by his brother. (LOVE THAT) The whole song is very unique & I know I'm 20 years late - but WELL DONE! lol (I'm not just saying that bcs of the way he looks in those pants in that video)

1591 days ago

Hey Now    

Here is Warrant's video "I Saw Red" (for those who try to say Jani & Warrant didn't have talent)

Which is also a beautiful song and I think its the song I heard the most radio airtime on 20 yrs back.

I didn't know the story behind the song until this week though. True story. Jani found his best friend in bed with his girlfriend & then I hear that made him really sick. But when he got better - he wrote this song.

He's also great on the piano - and as usual - great voice.

And not that this is important but he is also HOT in this video. So hot. :)

I got the song stuck in my head after listening to it the other day.

1591 days ago


You forgot , Mr Rainmaker and The Bitter Pill which are my two faves Warrant tunes.

Also Jani was/is in a band called Saints of the Underground which is so good, it should of had air play its that good, in fact I love it, its has a classic feel of old school rock, the sound is very solid, songs rock on that cd, the band sounds fantastic and I think Jani's vocals on this recording are the best of his career so far. Was hoping this group would of toured smaller venues but they didnt , would of been a good show of real rock n roll.

As for your thoughts of those pants umm I respectfully disagree lol, I dont really care for men in leather pants lol prefer all men to wear faded blue jeans personally lol casual and laid back, I think he had a nice look when he was young and I dont think he looks all that different now other than his hair is a bit shorter and he is in his 40s not 20s, no big deal. I for one am glad he has not joined the stuck on stupid band wagon of rockers in mid life crisis to run out and have plastic surgery ,in a vain attempt to recapture their fleeting youth, there is not a thing wrong with staying au natural in my view. Hope he does.

1590 days ago

Hey Now    

Yeah right - Jani was smokin' in those pants! lol

You're not talking about Bret Michaels are you (w/the mid life crisis?) Bret is still a doll. A hot sexy doll. I don't care if he has extensions because he looks good. I say - if it looks good - go with it. He is still very delicious looking. :)

But you probably weren't talking about him anyway. I just had to chime in about how hot he is. He scared us for a while there didn't he? I was soooooo upset - I couldn't even believe myself - that I was that upset. I guess because it was a long several-week thing and everyday you were just waiting to hear "RIP Bret Michaels" and it bugged me so much. I was so sad. I'm big on 80's everything and all of the hair bands - the era was just amazing and I miss it so much.

I love that the music keeps Bret going strong and I wish him all the best. I know he said he has heart surgery in the fall and I hope and pray he will be okay.

And back to Jani - I don't really have a thing about leather pants but he just looked really good in them. The "I Saw Red" video when he's at the piano - he looks just as hot and I have no idea what kind of pants he's wearin' (Lol) He was just lookin' good, sounding good, etc etc etc. I still like everything about the 80's hair band rocker look. Maybe I'm stuck in time :) I'm only in my 30's though.

1590 days ago

Hey Now    

~Ooooh it must be magic how inside your eyes I see my destiny~

I hope that Jani checks out some of the fan comments on youtube sometimes - for the Warrant videos.

So - how is he doing now anyway? I know this incident was only over a month ago but I hope he's doing better.

1588 days ago

Hey Now    


I just found this recent interview (post - 5/10) and he pretty much talks about everything. Very interesting.

And he says his new wife's name is Kimberly :) Well congratulations Jani & Kimberly. Stay strong Jani!

1588 days ago

Hey Now    

also - nevermind on checking out the fan comments

I read he has had bad experiences with the internet so scratch that! That's a shame - I'm sorry that is the case. People can be very nasty (see current TMZ topic)

It's weird - it's like he answered all my questions in that interview just a few days ago! Lol Like the same day I posted here.

According to his answers, he sounds like he's doing better and feels bad about this incident.

I am actually about to check out this 'Saints of the Underground' and other songs I may have missed.

Smooch smooch - take care everybody

1588 days ago

Hey Now    

'The Bitter Pill' song is very pretty.

& his song writing skills are awesome for sure. Those lyrics make a lot of girls cry I'm sure :)

I never got to hear it. Some are saying this is around the time MTV started heading south (?)

Jani's voice is so sexy. That is a damned shame so many of us didn't get to hear that on the radio. So much stuff they play on the radio nowadays is trash anyway. I mean - I like some people here and there (I do love the Gaga) and will always love the 80's, 90's flashback stuff that they play - but the stuff today is just missing something.

1585 days ago


I can not agree more that the man has writing skills,great voice too, and anyone who says otherwise can bite me. Sorry if that was me regressing, dont really care, hate , haters and people who bash someone when they have a bad day.

Any person who can use words to express his or her emotions and feelings be it from personal experience or from witnessing someone else's experience, truly has an amazing heart and mind and I can not see any reason why in Jani's case he wont find his way to writing some of the best songs out there still, either for himself, or other artists. Think he needs to consider doing a duet with a female singer , thinking along the lines of some blues/rock combo. I think his voice and style is suited for a cross over into blues. You hear that in Uncle Tom's Cabin for sure.

Personal Note: God Bless all the brave men and women serving in the Armed Forces this upcoming July 4th. Thank you for defending freedom and we will never forget the high price you pay for keeping freedom alive in America. Have a safe and Happy 4th of July. God Bless America.

Love, Dove

1585 days ago

Hey Now    

1) Where can I download / purchase an EXACT copy of the Bitter Pill song that is played on that youtube/vevo video? (same tempo as the one in the music video) Tired of having to click 'replay' on youtube when I want to hear it again.

2) If Jani does a duet with a female singer, please do not let it be Miley Cyrus. I just have heard enough of her and I didn't like her singing that classic Poison song ('Every Rose..') on GMA. Her voice is not right for that song and it made me mad.

I suggest someone like Crystal Bowersox who is awesome - and is the one who should've won American Idol this year. She's from Ohio too :) Plus - many have heard of her just because of her performance this year. I think a duet with Jani & Crystal would rock - but that's just one suggestion.

1583 days ago

Hey Now    

Please let Jani Lane know that many of us are praying for him. We don't want anything bad to happen to him and he needs to fight. No matter what happened in the past, he's still here now and that's all that matters. I know this may not help and may sound a little cheesy but just know that throughout all the pain that he may go through, his voice, his song - still has the ability to bring a smile to someone's face. & that person could be in a world of hurt too. Just never think you aren't here for a reason because you are.

Remember - you don't need to be the king of world :)

And you know that other song - by I forget who - "Even the best fall down sometimes"

Please please keep yourself well and safe and never be afraid to ask for help.

I know for me - the power of a beautiful or just an awesome song - means so much to me. It is like medicine. It is really my escape (along w/some TV shows :)). We all want you to be ok and we want you to want yourself to be ok.

It's July 4th past 4am and I'm on here writing this - so you know I must really care. I meant every word I said. Take care of yourself and your beautiful voice and your family.

1580 days ago

Hey Now    

& I have to say this - I know I keep coming back here. But you know what really brought me here? CHERRY PIE! LOL Really!

Today I was actually watching a clip of Jani talk about how he bad he felt that people remembered him in that more than anything and I could see the pain in his face and his eyes (& it made me so sad), but let me tell you this -- I seriously cannot explain to you the euphoria I felt when someone linked to that song. I kid you not - I was on cloud 9. I was thinking 'damn-I don't remember this song being THAT GOOD!' lol It is damned good song!

Then that let me to the 'Heaven' video - and I just cried and cried like a baby - probably for days (lol). I'm a sensitive person and I guess to hear all that stuff again after not hearing it for so long -oh - it did a number on my brain. Especially 'Heaven' because it can make you shed a lot of tears.

I simply cannot believe how happy it made me watching that Cherry Pie video - and the funny thing is - I don't think the person was linking to it like 'hey this is a great song - remember this.' I'm not sure what he was doing. All I know is I clicked on that link, the cherry pie video came on - and I was extremely delighted. Call me strange but the combination of seeing the video and hearing the song (that was so damned good) - just blew me away. It really did. Don't knock my 'Cherry Pie' babe. :-)

It has been Warrant obsession ever since :) I appreciate the great happiness and whatever nostalgia it brought back.

That Heaven song & video have a way of making a person think back even if they don't have anything to think back on lol

I don't have that many experiences like that where I am just blown away buy a ton of songs from the same group. It hardly ever happens. Then to hear new ones that I love (from 20 years ago that I had never heard?)

I listened to "The Bitter Pill" and I've been clicking the replay button on youtube ever since. That song is so beautiful. I listen to it every day. That Uncle Tom's Cabin song is so hot - I listen to that everyday as well - over and over again. The "I Saw Red" I had heard many times but not recently so that was great hearing that & seeing the video again. (Jani at the piano looking all vulnerable and beautiful lol)

Now - I'm not here trying to make myself look stupid. I just want to say (to Jani) - give yourself a break - You have done well. Your voice is amazing. There is nothing you should feel extreme guilt or regret about.

I really believe everything happens for a reason. Your lyrics are so beautiful you can probably find the reasons in your songs.

1580 days ago
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