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Marie Osmond's Son's Autopsy - 'Deferred'

3/1/2010 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marie OsmondThe autopsy of Marie Osmond's son, Michael Blosil, is complete, but the cause of death is "deferred" -- we're told pending toxicology results.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe the 18-year-old committed suicide, and left a note behind in his apartment unit.

We're told the L.A. County Coroner has completed the autopsy but has listed the cause of death as "deferred" -- meaning they will not say definitively until the various toxicological reports are in ... which will take weeks.

The Coroner wants to know if drugs or alcohol contributed to Michael's death. Michael was in rehab in 2007.


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So said, I just heard this afternoon. RIP-Prayers to the family.

1698 days ago


If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

1698 days ago


How many times is this article going to repeat itself. The first paragragh is the same as the third.
They already know he committed suicide so I'm sure the results won't matter as much. He was depressed so maybe he just wanted to drink and he got more into a funk then it happened.

1698 days ago

How many does that serve Chef LOONY?

1698 days ago


Will- I was wondering the same thing about him possibly being gay. Yes, this is stereotyping - but he WAS going to fashion school, not to say there are no straight men there, but they are few and far between (I know from experience). What's interesting, though, is that one of Marie's daughters is a lesbian, and Marie claims publicly that all is well. I think there's a LOT that goes on behind the scenes in that family - Marie is a mess and has been for a long time...and I don't think she was a very stable mother. She's had serious emotional and mental issues herself. Just sad all around.

1698 days ago

Marie has a daughter that has come out and she is a lesbian. If he were gay, I don't see that would have been surprising to the Osmond's. My heart goes out to the Osmond's. I hope that Marie can get passed this eventually. I know that she has suffered from depression herself. Love you, Marie!

1698 days ago

katie Houser    


You are an idiot. Depression and suicide have nothing to do with being adopted. Do the research. Adoptive parents are "real parents". Who do you think raised these children? Have some sensitivity. This is a tragedy for everyone involved.

1698 days ago

dr cyclops will feed 1 really fat person..2 hungry teenagers or 4 hatian people(1 weeks worth)

1698 days ago

dr cyclops    

maybe he always wanted to be a banker and finally figured he could never be one

oh sounds good chef loony...thats a typical lunch for me..are they inviting guest???

1698 days ago


She probably loved him more because of his frailties. When you worry about one of your kids and then something does happen its beyond devastation. The press should leave her alone. She looks beautiful natural. I know she wears stage makeup and hair but to see her like this only confirms what a truly natural beauty she is.
God bless her and her family.

1698 days ago

Curious George    

I read somewhere that his roomates were there when it happened, they told officals that Michael was "clean & sober" when he jumped. Why didn't they stop him?

1698 days ago



1698 days ago

Deppression can come from many places. You can be depressed b/c you were adopted. You can always wonder why didn't my biological parents want me? Why don't I fit in here? Depression could have been gentic too. He could have been gay or had feelings of being lost in his sexuality. He could have just been lonely and felt different. We will never know. It's time to just let it be though and let the family grief in peace.

1698 days ago


My guess would be that he was depressed over being a part of a talentless, attention grabbing bunch of media whores. Ain't a single one of em has any talent. Yet there all over everywhere doing the Brit brit bit. I wish they'd all hike up a mountain in Utah and just fall over backwards. And by the way the numbskull above who commented about Marie being a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Idiot!! She's a spokesperson for Nutrisystem, again, anything to get in front of a camera.

1698 days ago


To the OSMOND FAMILY: Our condolences to all of you.

1698 days ago
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