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Marie Osmond's Son's Autopsy - 'Deferred'

3/1/2010 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marie OsmondThe autopsy of Marie Osmond's son, Michael Blosil, is complete, but the cause of death is "deferred" -- we're told pending toxicology results.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe the 18-year-old committed suicide, and left a note behind in his apartment unit.

We're told the L.A. County Coroner has completed the autopsy but has listed the cause of death as "deferred" -- meaning they will not say definitively until the various toxicological reports are in ... which will take weeks.

The Coroner wants to know if drugs or alcohol contributed to Michael's death. Michael was in rehab in 2007.


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She had 8 kids. When you have that many children you don't go on a concert tour with your brother and you don't go on Dancing with the Stars. Marie Osmond is an idiot. She's a middle-aged woman trying too hard to be a teenager. She's also a self-righteous stuckup hypocrite. I have no sympathy for her, just her son who had to put up with her for 18 years. I don't blame him for ending his life. She didn't have her priorities straight.

1694 days ago

jen newman    

It is so sad that life seemed so unbearable to him. My sympathy to the Osmond family. However, it doesn't chage the fact that I sensed in different interviews that all was not well in the relationship between Michael and Marie to begin with. Although I can't judge anyone else, it just seems that her priorities were a bit out of order when it came to him vs. her career. Sometimes we don't pay attention to the things that are really important in life and Michael seems to be one of those people who needed more support and parenting attention than he got. Something just seems to be amiss.

Jen Newman

1694 days ago


All our wishes are with your (HAWT!) Marie:

God Bless.


1694 days ago

Judy Cook    

I live in Utah. It pretty much is the LDS way or the highway here. I don't think being adopted was as much as an issue as that if you live or feel or believe something that is contrary to the teachings here, you are deemed as not worthy. There are many young people in pain because of this. Makes you wonder, what is the definition of "evil"?

1694 days ago


Upside, now the Donny & Marie juggernaut can justify another marathon series of appearances on Entertainment Tonight. They will tearfully relate their "feelings" to Mary Hart, who will appear alternately sympathetic and perky. The music swells. Fade to commercial.

1694 days ago

dr cyclops    

read he jumped out of a 30 story building,,damn that takes nuts to do that,,maybe he was pushed..either way..he has no worries now,,and his mom should feel guilty as hell..he was made to feel like he had noone who loved him and thats a shame,,maybe he would have made a good banker...

1694 days ago


What is all I read about her not being the birth mother and it has no bearing? It does and a medical history on the birth parents is an unknown in the LDS community which is too bad as it might have helped them deal with his problems earlier if so linked.

It was a pretty big jump, he meant it and felt he needed to end it and it was fast. He is gone, released from whatever was burdening him here and all that is left for the family is to grieve and possibly review what they could do better for the rest of the litter left behind.

1694 days ago


God bless you's!!!!!!

1694 days ago


To all of you people who are slamming Marie for having a career and supporting her children you should be ashamed of yourselves!!! You haven't walked in her shoes, or Michael's. NOT ONE OF YOU know what has happened in her life or his, she is NOT to blame for the choices Michael made, she was his Mother and she loved him, she stood by him no matter what he did. Grow up!!! She doesn't need anyone to call her a bad Mother or unfit or anything else. I hope none of you EVER have to go through something like this with your family or close friends, but if you ever do, I hope you will finally understand that sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes choices are made on the spur of the moment and can't be taken back. My heart aches for Marie and her family as I know what she is going through.

1694 days ago


My son also suffers from depression and has been hospitalized,there are not enough answers to ease your heart or worries.God be with you and your family.You are all in my prayers.

1694 days ago


If Marie was around for her son instead of being selfish and doing shows in Las Vegas all the time he's still be don't leave an already depressed 18 yr old with hardly any friends in a downtown L.A apartment by themselves...shame on you Marie, you disgust me and I hope you feel guilty for the rest of your life, you should.

1694 days ago


marie osmond needs to give up the limelight ,and look after her kids.Being a mom is a full time job.How can a mom perform in vegas,sell dolls, sell diets, do dance showsa and call her self a mom. This womeson was not there for her son who needed her.Her selfish habits has c.ost her a life in her son

1694 days ago


g I have EVER hears.

All 9 (including the oldest two who are deaf) have more talent amongst them than a total of 40 or more of todays "artists".

They didn't/dont need Autotune, because the 7 performing family members were ALL blessed with fanatastic singing voices. All 8 of the brothers each play 2 or 3 musical instruments-how many artists (lol) can say they even play "1" ? Not very many.

You are delusional if you believe the Osmonds had no talent. In the 70's and early 80's, groups had to have REAL TALENT to make it, unlike today.

And you have the nerve to call someone else an IDIOT? WOW! Look in the mirror JERK!!!!!

1694 days ago


#46 is in answer to the poster "E"

1694 days ago


In days like these I think they should move the age of becoming a legal adult up to 21. At 18, nowadays, a huge percentage of kids are unready to be on their own living in an apartment with friends. With responsibility comes stress. That care free attitude, from being a child, does not just go away. I would know I'm 22 and I left for college at 17. There are so many expectations and sometimes your just not done being a kid...

1694 days ago
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