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13-Year-Old Ordered Stun Gun in Jackson House

3/2/2010 4:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son, Jaafar, ordered the stun gun online that triggered a visit from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services last night ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story that DCFS came to the Jackson family house in Encino last night at around 10:30 after someone told them that Jaafar ordered the gun. Randy Jackson tells TMZ the gun was delivered to the house 3 weeks ago -- but was intercepted by security.

Katherine Jackson's lawyer, Adam Streisand, tells TMZ Katherine took control of the gun and locked it up. We're told DCFS took the gun away last night.

Streisand tells TMZ two people from DCFS conducted interviews last night at the house. They spoke with Katherine and some of the children. Michael Jackson's three kids live at the home, along with some of their cousins.

Both Randy and Streisand tell TMZ none of the children ever got hold of the gun.

As we first reported, DCFS is coming back today to conduct further interviews.


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Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

Posted at 3:13PM on Mar 2nd 2010 by Eileen

Read more:

Actually it might have been a mistake, but the new story up is they tried to stun Blanket...that is a little more serious!!

1696 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

26. 23. Keep an eye on the nanny Grace...

Posted at 2:54PM on Mar 2nd 2010 by yuk

I agree!

Posted at 3:06PM on Mar 2nd 2010 by Missy

Is she still the nanny? Well, not much of a nanny the way it looks.

1696 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

OK, so how many kids Germain has altogether? This 14 year old must be from his current wife & if this is the case, what's wrong with him moving back in with his natural parents. Less headache for KJ.

1696 days ago


38. 26. 23. Keep an eye on the nanny Grace...

Posted at 2:54PM on Mar 2nd 2010 by yuk

I agree!

Posted at 3:06PM on Mar 2nd 2010 by Missy

Is she still the nanny? Well, not much of a nanny the way it looks.

Posted at 3:21PM on Mar 2nd 2010 by Daphne Lorincz

I'm not sure,but in the last couple of weeks I haven't seen her out with the children just the bodyguards

1696 days ago


Well, my bad. But I'd say this is a Jermaine problem, not something to condemn all the Jacksons for.

1696 days ago


It's so shocking to hear that a 13yr old can purchase stuff on the internet, question is who paid for it?

1696 days ago


Um mm....

I know that this is going to make a few of you Michael Jackson fanatics head's explode.

But wasn't Blanket the child that
Michael Jackson himself, held over a very high up balcony railing, somewhere in Europe back in the day???

So what, Blanket catches a few volts, it is much better than hitting the pavement, from the height of ten or twelve floors up.

Just saying......Artofwar

Now wait for the fanatics to attack...4,3,2,1.

1696 days ago


You name your kid Blanket and he's going to get tazed. That's just the way it goes.

1696 days ago

goldie lock    

If it is true. This is extremely terrible. Poor Michael would turn in his grave. First he was a victim of bullying by his own family now his kids. I hope Katherine is monitoring the situation properly. After all she is claiming 70K a month to take care of their welfare. If not they should take those kids away from her and put them in a loving secure environment. Send them to me. However I am in England.

1696 days ago


Katherine needs to get her PRIORITIES in order. She took CUSTODY of Michael's kids and she needs to get those older cousins OUT! I saw this coming. Michael's kids have all this money coming in for all kinds of things to do, etc., and there's the cousins hanging on like white on rice. SHAME on all those brother's who are dropping their kids off for OVERWHELMED Grandma to care for. Are their dads putting up cash like Michael's estate is for their care?

1696 days ago


WOW! And who cares, he had not lethal protection for himself...
Next they will report on his dinner knifes.

1696 days ago


jermine kids and randys need to move out of the house they are putting mj's kid at risk and they aren't a good influence to mj's kid.... mj was making sure that his kids were good and had a great education but now the bad influence of their cousins that live them.. is not good

1696 days ago


This is bull!! No matter what, kids will do something w/out you looking especially if they are older and wandering other parts of the home. no way anyone can be watched every second of the day like that unless you are a shadow. They are just interested in the white kids. That's the bottom line, how are these black folk treating these white kids, would there be all this supervision if they were with Debbie Rowe, except blanket, and this happened? Doubt it! You can turn your head and a toddler can put gum in his hair or fall out of a chair or something else. Its not like the adults had the gun and just left it out, when Mrs Jackson found out about it, she did the adult thing and locked it up instead of saying whatever. Leave the lady alone and stop harrassing her about the "white kids". Just disgusting, this woman raised all her kids and other grandkids have been in the home and all of a sudden unfit, unsafe! Bull with a capital B! Just because the kids are white being raised by a black family is the real reason all this drama!! Bottom line

1696 days ago

Mel London    

I agree with you Sue... only b/c its MJ's family. Its a shame. People are so cruel just read some of the comments left here. No hearts...

1696 days ago

Mel London    

TELLIT, SHUT UP!!!! The mail is intercepted jack... you think it wouldn't be?? You know damn well they are just harassing this family, but God is in control of everything. So what if the kid ordered it, security intercepted it and that will be the end of it. Trust me... I once worked for SS and quit b/c of the way they harass people. When they should step in they don't and kids end up dead or missing... The kids never got their hands on the gun so its over!!!

1696 days ago
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