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President Obama's Image High-Jacked for Pot Ad

3/2/2010 2:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama is now the poster child for an upcoming pot party celebrating his first year in office. Only problem: No one asked his high-ness for permission before Photoshopping a fake joint in his mouth.

President Obama's Image High-Jacked for Pot Ad

The ganja gala is set to go down this weekend in L.A. -- and according to the ad, marijuana patients are going to "celebrate Obama ending DEA raids" on weed stores.

A rep for the White House told TMZ there's a longstanding policy "disapproving of the use of the President's name and likeness for commercial purposes" -- but the rep wouldn't say if the Photoshoppin' potheads were going to face legal action over the ad.

Either way ... we're guessing the wave of paranoia that's about to engulf the tokers responsible for messing with the Most Powerful Man on the Planet will be punishment enough.


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It's always 4:20 somewhere!

On the other note, let's introduce all the right-wing idiots who are most definitely going to be commenting on the Prez very shortly...
Just a note though, you voted in a coke-head and alcoholic... Enough said.... Good nite!

1675 days ago


Yup... That looks about right.

1675 days ago

excretive producer    

That joint is SMOKIN!!!

1675 days ago


This ad is disrespectful. I'm very 420 friendly but you must have respect for the president.

1675 days ago


That's stupid. I hope the party doesn't react negatively!

1675 days ago


Hahahaha! too bad that's the worst photoshopped image of all time. Still, that psuedo-rasta looks like one badassmofer.

and as always,

1675 days ago


I thought drugs were supposed to make you creative.

Harvey Levin - Lee Harvey Oswald

Damn you Harvey!!!

1675 days ago

john araya    

why would anyone celebrate obama's first year in office? he is just as bad as bush.

1675 days ago


This is the problem with the Medical Marijuana scene. It still uses street terms instead of medical terms when describing amounts or strains of medication and TMZ calling them "weed stores" doesn't help matters. It also needs to be dispensed in real pharmacies and not "weed stores". It will never be looked at as a legitiment medicine until this changes.

1675 days ago


Why would anyone celebrate his one year anniversary in office? He's a terrible president.

1675 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Have you read his book? He fully admits to smoking pot and doing cocaine when he was a student. Liberals always seem to have a selective memory when it comes to their messiah. The guy is an admitted druggie and he is still addicted to cigarettes to this day. And after his doctors check up over the weekend, the doctors told him to start drinking in moderation, which can only mean he ties one on from time to time. I wouldn't be surprised if he still lights a doobie up every now and then, just to mellow out after dealing with Nancy Pelosi on a daily basis. Who could blame him.

1675 days ago


That is discusting!! Where is the respect Obama deserves??!!!!
He is a wonderful president TRYING to change things that were in the making from BUSH!!! Give the man the respect he deserves!! ALOT of racism going on here!!!

1675 days ago

Big Daddy Magnum    

He's certainly not the second coming, but things are slowly turning around. Bush & Co. screwed up this country so much I'm surprised anyone wants that job. Heres to hoping by the end of his 8 years(yes...8) things will be motoring along like everything was around 98 and 99. Hopefully in 4 years, unemployment will be back to under 10%, people will be able to consistently pay their mortgage again, and our troops will be out of that hole Iraq, where we never should've been in the 1st place. Until then puff, puff, pass.

1675 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

The coconut doesn't fall too far from the tree. Irie.

1675 days ago

Guillermo Studios    

Guillermo Studios Original!

1675 days ago
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