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Jessica Simpson:

I Don't Accept John's Apology

3/3/2010 8:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson says John Mayer apologized to her for that whole "sexual napalm" thing -- but she ain't accepting it.

Jessica Simpson: Click to watch
In an interview that aired this morning on Oprah, Jessica says she "felt betrayed" when her ex spilled the dirty details of their sex life to Playboy -- and though he said he's sorry via e-mail, she never wrote back.

She also dropped the dreaded D word -- saying she's "disappointed" in John for the entire ordeal.


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I'm really proud of her! She is taking this horrible thing and turning it into something good!! Today I saw her site for the Price of Beauty,, and it just made me like her even more!!!! I even got to help her by just uploading my picture!

1696 days ago


Nick traded up!

1696 days ago


To all the people saying it is a compliment for someone to spill your sex life and personal business out to magazine are you serious. I don't know what kind of self standards you have but it is not a compliment for a man to degrade you as sex object for publicity. That is personal. He could have said anything about her and people would have bought into it. What if he said she was horrible in bed and her vagina smelled like tuna...everyone would say its inappropriate. If you want your personal sex life in the media feel free to have all of your exes do an interviews about you, and let Jessica have her right to not find it flattering. And women wonder why men treat them like animals??? because they have such little self worth that they allow it. It is disgusting.

1696 days ago


Big deal . . . .everyone knows fat chicks are crazy in bed.

1696 days ago


Shut up, fattie. Jowls-ica Blimp-son.

1696 days ago


she is so cute!

1696 days ago

Fan of J Simp    

Wow a lot of hate on Jessica. First off Jess still looks great. I hope her new show does well.

1696 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

Adults [gentlemen or ladies] DO NOT kiss and tell
John is a slime doggie

1696 days ago


Is she bloated or botoxed or what? What's up with her face?

1696 days ago


I don't know about you all, but I am sooooo over Oprah! They way she repeats "crack cocaine" and over emphasizes her words, like fingernails on a chalk board to me....

1696 days ago


I don't see why she's so upset, there is now proof that she actually has a talent. Granted, it's one that only a select few will get to see but still, it does prove she is, in fact, talented at something.

1696 days ago


It's not right for a man describe publicly,his sexual affair of his partner.I guess if,he were wise enough,he would never made such an idiot statement publicly.She's have all her reason to be upset.Cause that's a secret between them two.

1696 days ago


Every time I see a picture of her lately she's making that same face. Did she have a stroke recently? And why does her neck look like that of an NFL linebacker. Certainly one doesn't need a massive neck to hold up an empty head. And why does her neck have red splotches all over it? Does she have some sort of skin disease?

1696 days ago


Aside from his music, he has a messed-up head...maybe both heads from smoking too much pot and likely doing other drugs.

No honorable man discusses how a woman is in bed no matter the level of experience. Most decent heterosexual women consider the act of sexual expression (sexuality) sacred and a heartfelt experience between herself and a heterosexual man. It doesn't matter if it was a backhand compliment in the article, he publicly violated Jessica's heart.

He's lucky either Jessica or Jennifer would give him the time of day but (then) they looked at him from the perspective of his musical talent. One can only imagine that Jennifer's lawyer has sent him a letter of warning against speaking about her in public.

John M., you're a piece of kaka!

1696 days ago

Dirt Burger    

She has a bigger neck than Herschel Walker!

1696 days ago
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