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Marathon Investigation

at Jackson Home

3/3/2010 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services conducted a marathon investigation yesterday at the Jackson family compound in Encino -- trying to figure out what exactly happened with a stun gun on the property.

Marathon Investigation at Jackson Home
DCFS social workers arrived at 4 PM yesterday and left at around 10:30 PM -- 6 1/2 hours later.

As we first reported, DCFS showed up the night before after receiving a tip that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son, Jaafar, was playing with a stun gun on the second floor of the residence.

Sources tell us the social workers are interviewing all of the children in the house -- including Michael Jackson's 3 kids -- along with other family members and staff. We're told DCFS is taking the investigation very seriously and the plan yesterday was to come back today as well.

Sources say some of the individual interviews have taken a long time and there is a lot of tension on the property.

We've learned there's a conflict among people who live and work at the property. We know some members of the staff will tell DCFS that the stun gun was there for several days, before a member of security went upstairs and allegedly found Jaafar and other kids playing with the gun and pointing it at Michael's sons Blanket and Prince.

 Michael Jackson and kidsKatherine Jackson's lawyer, Adam Streisand, insists Blanket and Prince were never in the room with the gun and that Jaafar was playing with the gun for a few minutes -- not days -- before it was confiscated.

Some members of the staff will tell DCFS there is a second stun gun on the property. Streisand says that is absolutely not true.


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WHY are all these OTHER Jackson kids living there? Doesn't an 80 year old, along with her staff, have her hands full with just Michael's children? Do they just sponge off of Katherine? Give the poor lady a break.

1665 days ago

capt andy    

she isnt watching those kids,,her sons keep her drunk on cheap wine all days and she watches soap operas while the kids go crazy and her sons robb her blind..all she is concerned about is getting that check from team branca and shopping online..

1665 days ago


Jaafar if you are reading this,Please tell ure dad the slicked up greasy stuff in his hair is not a good look. and you still need whoopin'

1665 days ago

Illinois person    

Hey Chief hater - you're slinging an awful lot of mud there. First, how do you know who's white, black or red with blue spots? You don't! Here's some mud for you: while you don't seem to appreciate some other people's comments - we can see you've gone on and on about what you seem to like or dislike. What's up with that? R U the only person allowed within to sling your mud? While you say "you stay away from places like this" so you mean your back slumming? Really your screen names says it all except retool so it reads "I hate everything and everyone". By the way, kids playing with tasers is not a good thing whether it's the Jackson family and/or the John Doe's. Tasers aren't judgmental based on one's skin color, you know? Meanwhile, the adults in that house (if any) and probably just given ammo (no pun intended) for Debbie Rowe to attempt another take over of her children. Just because she "sold" them in the past and/or whatever her business arrangement was with late Michael, doesn't mean it can't be changed. These kids have a long, long ways to go before they're 18. By the way, there won't be any of Michael's estate left what with grandma, grandpa and brother Jermaine helping themselves as often as they can.

1665 days ago


Does anyone really KNOW if this is TRUE?

Just because TMZ have reported it, doesn't make it fact for God's sake!!!

Harvey says he has "reliable sources"....well really does he?

He could be talking out his backside for all we know and people go along with it, accept it without any thought or questioning....are you all now going to go and check if what is being reported is true or are you all going to accept blindly what you are being told is REALLY "fact"...mmmmm.... sound familiar?

Its like any tabloid media cr*p.

Open your eyes.

1665 days ago


If this were any everyday household I wonder how long it would have taken CPS to get out there, or even if it would have been investigated at all. Seems like this family will never just go away and stay out of the limelight.

1665 days ago


Incidentally, HOW DID DCFS FIND OUT ABOUT THIS?? Usually a complaint has to be phoned in by someone for them to know about this at all.

1665 days ago


TMZ why don't you print this on your page. Stop the lies!

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Jermaine Jackson's son caused a stir with a stun gun in the home where Michael Jackson's children live, but the family lawyer said nobody got hurt.

Adam Streisand, who represents Katherine Jackson, issued a statement Tuesday to respond to what he said were "erroneous media stories" about the incident.

The statement did confirm reports that a social worker from the Los Angeles County Department of Child Services was sent to the Jackson's Encino, California, home to investigate.

"Two weeks ago, Jermaine Jackson's 13-year old son, Jaafar, who lives with his mother Alejandra at the home of Mrs. Katherine Jackson, received a package with a stun gun he ordered online," Streisand said. "Jaafar opened the package alone in his bathroom and tested it on a piece of paper."

Katherine Jackson, the children's grandmother, along with a security staffer, heard the sound of the stun gun coming from the second floor of the house, he said.

"Immediately, security went upstairs and confiscated the stun gun," he said. "Mrs. Jackson took control over it and then had it removed from the house."

A report on an online celebrity gossip Web site quoted unnamed sources saying that Jaafar aimed the stun gun at Michael Jackson's children.

"Blanket Jackson never saw or heard the stun gun," Streisand said. "Neither did Paris Jackson. Prince saw the stun gun in the possession of security."

He also disputed a report that there was a second stun gun still in the Jackson home.

"All of the kids are happy, healthy and wonderful and that is Mrs. Jackson's only objective and concern," Streisand said.

1665 days ago


I still think this is a matter of money. Get Child Protective Services involved, and then, ca--ching. I can't think of another reason. I would hate to think kids are playing with tasers. But why else would Child Protective Services be called? For money and money only.

1665 days ago



Here's an interesting account of who actually resides at Hayvenhurst. Looks like 14+ people at any given time. I see why that 'allowance' had to be increased. Looks like Michael continues to foot the bill.

1665 days ago


post 56- you are right, if this had been just a normal family in the neighborhood, dcfs still would not be there to investigate anything , they would wait until something really bad happens!!! then they show up. although since it is michael jackson they are going to paint the worst pic they can of how katherine is such a horrible grandmother and she doesnt take care of her family. katherines biggest flaw is she has a loving heart and she is doing what she feels she should be doing by taking care of everyone!!!! i am a grandmother and i have to say i would probably be doing the same thing!!! yes she is 80 in age, but in her heart she may feel 50 who knows?? i dont think they should ever underestimate her intentions when it comes to her family she seems like a very smart woman to me. rip mj- sue from tampa

1665 days ago

Just me    

Can't they afford a new roof?

1665 days ago


Inma #50. I totally agree.

1665 days ago

don't trust 'em    

Makes you wonder who really called in the tip to DCFS...???? and you are right, it requires a person to call it in "anyamously" but DCFS cannot tell you who it is (privacy reasons).
plus DCFS will make up a Family Plan for the Jacksons Family to follow ie: ensure protection of the minor children and ensure no one "purchases" weapons of sort...that is why it takes so long for DCFS to be in there which is to set up a Family Plan Service for the Jacksons to follow through. Hence the "tension">

Usually in other cases (normal family cases) if there is a weapon involved, they usually seize the so called "weapons" and usually remove the children from the household to another parent, or relative, if there are no relatives that want to care for them, they go to Foster Care System. In this case, they would remove Jaafar to go and live with a "relative" temporarily until the Family Plan Service expires (ONE YEAR!!!)
This is how DCFS works. and that, they also lie and make up stuff too. :( They won't tell you what's in their case files. It will remain confidential. and they WON't tell you who called. but will tell you what the "allegations" are, the reason why they came. that's it.

1665 days ago


How can the lawyer possibly know FOR A FACT that what's-his-name played with the gun for minutes and not for days? Is the lawyer taking his word for it?
I guess it is the trademark Jackson tactic: if you say something enough times, people will start to believe it...

1665 days ago
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