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Stun Gun Caper -- Supermarket Accomplice!

3/3/2010 5:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So how does a 13-year-old boy score a stun gun? It's as easy as buying groceries.

Jaafar Jackson
TMZ has learned Jaafar Jackson, Jermaine's precocious boy, found a serious loophole in his pursuit of the electronic weapon -- at an L.A. Ralphs supermarket.

Sources tell us Jaafar bought several gift cards from the market -- we're told either Visa or American Express. He then used the cards to purchase the weapon online.

Online sites that sell the weapon in question make prospective buyers declare they are 18 years of age or older.

So apparently, Jaafar figured out if he got a lawful credit card number, no one would be the wiser.

Smart kid.


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wait to go evploit the boy, get sued

1697 days ago


Nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1697 days ago


lol, kids do some of the dumbest things, I hope he just realizes that he should be a lot more careful.

He's a good kid, just did a stupid thing, DCFS needs to butt out.

1697 days ago


How can he figure this out at 13??? Most companies WILL NOT let you use gift cards like he bought on-line or over the phone. Check it out.

1697 days ago


perhaps the LAPD should now get involved, as a parent this story is very upsetting. Katherine has done nothing wrong, kids find ways around things and I am sure all the children have been spoken to about this matter by all the adults involved.

1697 days ago

a fan    

That requires a lot of planning on his part. I guess Blanket has really been getting on his nerves in the last 8 months.

1697 days ago


I truly hope that Katherine Jackson once and for all realize that she really needs to stop taking care of her grown behind kids and their children. Michael took care of everyone when he was alive; but I hope child services take those kids and her out of that house or everyone else be made to move out on their own.

I don't think she should be penalized for Jermaine kid who should not be there living from the beginning. This is Michael's money that is paying for everything. This should go back to the judge.

1697 days ago

capt andy    

im sure jaffar will become a regualr on here as the years go by,,actually he is a good looking stun guns,,tomarrow drugs suicide rape murder..pick one of the above hee hee hee

1697 days ago

a fan    

Thankfully it wasn't a real gun. He could do a lot more damage with a real gun. You can get those in the mail, too.

1697 days ago


SICK KID! Will grow up to be a torturer! How many pets did he try it on before Blanket?

1697 days ago

fly on the wall    

DCFS needs to get Michael's kids outta that house , OR get Jermaine and his wife or baby mamma to take his kids outta Paris', Prince's, and Blanket's house!!
Dianna Ross or Debbie R need to have those (MJ's) kids, not the illiterate Jacksons who envy them for their money!

1697 days ago


Jaafar is a good kid... this all got out of hand, i dont even think he wanted to hurt Michaels kids..hes smart tho :D & goodlooking ^^.

1697 days ago


How about giving this boy some rest huh?

After all, he is only 13, and his name in this incident should never have been revealed!

TMZ, whoever your source is, morals apparently are non-existing! Keep names and faces of CHILDREN out of your news feeds. Please!

1697 days ago


So the question becomes why did he want a stun gun that badly, and what else are the cousins doing that grandma doesn't know about.

Where are the parents and why is 80 year old grandma stuck with raising her various sons' children?

1697 days ago


In other stories about this that were posted, people were saying it's wrong for DCFS to say what they can and can not do on the internet and they're crossing the line..bla bla bla.
Well, to those people complaining saying it's non of their business..THIS IS THE REASON! Obviously something needs to be done if a 13 year old was able to order this on the INTERNET.

1697 days ago
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