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High School Cancels DMX's Church Fundraiser

3/4/2010 2:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DMX's upcoming "gospel rap extravaganza" at an Arizona high school was just canceled three days before it was set to go off ... and it's all because the school just realized the arrest plagued rapper was involved.


TMZ spoke to the pastor of the church the concert was supposed to benefit -- Morning Star Sanctified Church -- and she told us the school pulled the plug on the event once word got out that X was involved.

Pastor King says she even took out a $1 million insurance policy on the concert -- but the school just wasn't having it and has already agreed to give back the church's $500 deposit.

The church will now have to give refunds to the people who already bought tickets and Pastor King says they're going to reschedule the event to go down at the church ... which is a much smaller venue.

Either way ... poor DMX can't even catch a break when he's trying to do some good for a change.


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Isn't Extravaganza misspelled?

1673 days ago


Pastor: We don't need men like him at church my brothers and sisters, but change can come towards him someday. Is that right my brother?
DMX: Man, ya'll gon make me loose my mind up in here!
Random lady: You anger the lord get out now
DMX: Mind yo business lady.

Where my dogs at?

1673 days ago


Morning star is another name for Satan....

1673 days ago


Stupid animal abuser

1673 days ago


What goes round, comes around!!

1673 days ago


Just go away loser.

1673 days ago


he needs a good white women from tiger

1673 days ago


No, no, no! No misspellings!

The show just included lots of free meatless pizza.

Get it?

"extraveganza" = Extra Vegan Za! Har har har har har.

1673 days ago

Rather be an Athiest    

This is actually a bigger story of how uncompassionate, unmerciful and unforgiving our society really is. Most of the NT Bible is written by the Apostle Saint Paul, who was a murderer, rapist and persecutor of Christians. Actually, most saints were society's worse criminals and deviants.

The school thinks they are protecting the children (what parents are supposed to do) but they are sending a greater message that our society is hateful, vengeful and close-minded.

No wonder why our churches are failing and struggling.

"If Jesus went where the people spit and swear and do filthy things, then who was it that came up with the bright idea to make the church some kind of anesthetized clinical environment that is removed from the rigors of everyday life?" - Alistair Begg

1673 days ago


^I don't agree. DMX is constantly in contact with the law for all kinds of reasons. He should first get his act together before trying to come to a school and influence children. I think the school did a good thing. It might be pretty harsh decision but guys like DMX glorify the lifestyle of stupidity. Schools dont need that. I watched a recent interview of him when he was in jail. Troughout the interview the interviewer asked him questions about remorse. He said he was sorry but to me it appeared he was only sorry that he got caught and had to do time. He wasnt sorry for all the stupid things he got involved in. I'm glad the school didn't give him a pass because hes a celebrity and he might be cool for the kids. I don't think this has anything to do with religion. This is common sense.

1673 days ago


In response to "Rather be an Atheist":

You must be one of those sympathizers who consider an athlete to be a "hero" if he kicks drugs.

Many of us free-minded individuals prefer to choose heroes who set a good example from the start.

Those special "Saints" you worship were no better than today's celebs who use rehab as silver polish for the soul: Shiny on the outside, still corroded on the inside. It may fool some people, but not all of us!

1673 days ago


Oh well..This is what happens when you've been involved with the law like he was. Maybe he did find religion but also, maybe he needs to clean up his act a little further as well.

1673 days ago

Xavier Horn    

The school should have supported this event!
This was about getting the youth of Arizona off the streets. To let them know that you can be a Christian and serve Christ through
the gift he has giving you. And DMX has chosen to serve him Through.rap.

1668 days ago


The authorities at that school should be ASHAMED of themselves!and some of these comments are so ignorant that its ridiculous how blind people can be!
First of all anybody talking crap about DMX know the person's childhood, listen to his music his lyrics and his messages before you start judging!!!!DMX is one of the very few rappers who is very intelligent and who has so much wisdom and faith!!!!and he truly is a living legend of hip hop!!!and his talents are undeniable!!!!!now yes he has been in trouble with the law but people dont we ALL have our own sets of problems???how dare you people just sit there and talk like you're all perfect look at your own lives!!!!!!!and some of these people's comments show how far from the truth they really are and how oh so blind!!!!
DMX has gone through so much struggle in his life and I'm most certain that God let him go through them for a reason!!!!and that reason is to share and shed some light in kids' lives young kids who are maybe going through the same struggle as he has in his childhood!!!!!
Authorities at that school----just know that because of YOUR shallow, ignorant, shameful decision, you took away the message, inspiration, wisdom the young kids were supposed to get from DMX!!!!you're not only taking that chance away from DMX but mostly you're ROBBING the kids of that opportunity!!!DONT you people realize that????!!!!!
If you werent blinded by your own selfish reasons and excuses you would've never pulled the plug on this event!!!!what a shame!!!
He could've touched so many lives that day so many young men would've been inspired and warned, you think the youth will listen to some teacher who doesnt know a single thing about what its like to be raised in a home without a father and just going through so much pain as he did as a child???
People its time to wake up!!!!
May God Bless DMX!!!

1490 days ago


that just shows how ****** up christianty really is by judging a person like that.

1031 days ago

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