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Ikki Twin Changes Her Story

3/4/2010 3:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ikki TwinsThe Ikki Twin who is not in a medically induced coma is now saying her sister was rushed by ambulance to the hospital after a car crash earlier this week.

Vikki Ikki says sister Rikki was "screaming and grabbing her head" after their car collided with a semi -- and "was taken away in the ambulance to get checked out."

Upon arriving at the hospital, Vikki says doctors discovered two blood clots on her sister's brain and her "skull had cracked in half."

Yesterday, Vikki had told others a very different story -- that her sister thought she was fine and they drove to the hospital together and doctors performed a precautionary CAT scan after seeing a bump on her head.


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Too much bleaching..Can't remember? Dumbass can't even keep her story straight.

1633 days ago

pat fahrenkrug    

Why would you lie about something like that? Sometimes I don't understand celebrities..they lie when they don't need to.

1633 days ago


Who are these people anyway? Boring.

1633 days ago



1633 days ago

C'mon TMZ    

They remind me of Tila Tequila.

1633 days ago

Jason Chambers    

have no idea who these hoes are.

1633 days ago


Typical of famewhores. Face it, your 15 minutes are over.

1633 days ago


After reading both stories, there are so many inconsistencies it is unbelievable, literally. Maybe they should have come up with a better story. Do us all a favor and stop posting under different names, stop begging us to believe you and take a long walk off a short plank. Loser

1633 days ago


Has their show been cancelled, so they deliberately ran their car into a semi, so that they could get some sympathy? I can't for the life of me figure out why that girl would lie about how her sister got to the hospital.

1633 days ago

Joseph Barone    


48. You did your research, huh? Did you call the California Highway Patrol Substation in Bakersfield? They will tell you that the accident happened March 2nd at 12:20 am on the 99 just south of Bakersfield between a Big Rig and a VW Jetta.
Did you call Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield? They will tell you Erica Mongeon is currently in the ICU but nothing more due to patient privacy laws.
There was no “brain surgery” just 5 hours of surgery to remove 2 blood clots, a piece of her skull to allow her brain to swell if necessary and install multiple drainage and cranium pressure monitoring valves. I was there the whole time and met the surgeon when he came out.
He told us that Rikki had fractured her skull from ear to ear and had blood clots on both sides of her head that were successfully removed. It was “One of the worse brain injuries” he had ever seen and if she hadn’t made it into surgery as soon as she did we’d have lost her. I suppose that would make you happier since you’d be able to easily find an obituary in your extensive research.
In order to stabilize and give her the best chance to heal she was being put on a ventilator and going to be kept sedated for a minimum of 72 hours; a medically induced coma. Through her tears my wife begged the question, “Is she going to die?” To which the doctor responded, “I didn’t say that, we have a long road ahead of us and we’ll take it one day at a time.”
So we are all waiting, praying, crying and hoping for the best on Friday.
As for me, yes I am sitting here answering her fans and dealing with jerks like you. We are a large family and they only allow two visitors at a time in the ICU. I’ll spend my time with her when everyone else is sleeping.
In case you didn’t know, everything you see on television is not true. Most of the people you see are actors and actresses. That means they are pretending to be the characters you see on the show. There actually are no talking mice or skinny blue people on another planet. Sean Penn is not a gay government official from San Francisco. Christian Bale is not really Batman.
You also talk about grammar and punctuation. I took a few English classes in my day and don’t seem to remember where it is proper to use multiple question marks at the end of a sentence.
I think we have made it perfectly clear who Joe, Vikiki, Rikki and I are. It is you who appears to be hiding behind a made up name. I know of no good Italian parents who would curse their child with a name like Contiki.
Posted by JB Written by Steve Mongeon

1633 days ago



Why do all of the family's posts read the same? Why is this girl's Father on this website if his Daughter is "dying?" Two blood clots are the worst brain injuries the Doctors have ever seen? Do you realize how you sound? As an ER Nurse, I have seen brains spewing out of accident victims heads. Your story sounds completely non-sensical. IF you have taken a few English courses, you obviously didn't learn much. One last thing, don't you have better things to do than attack someones usage of question marks and their name? Contiki is probably not his or her name.

1633 days ago


Between the inconsistent stories, and the manager and "family members" posting in the comments sections here I am getting the feeling that this is a stunt of some sort. Has she been admitted to a hospital, was there an accident? Sure, but the drama of "worst brain injury"? Nope, not by a long shot unless it is her doctor's first day on the job.

Of course if everyone thinks it was some sort of return from the brink of death, then the incident becomes something that draws attention from the public. That attention can be capitalized on with interviews and the such to make money.

All in all ... the actions of a crap manager who can't get them work, and some people who can't seem to understand that their five minutes of somewhat fame is over. After all how many of us knew who they were before these stories were posted?

1633 days ago

Joseph Barone    

1. Victim is at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield CA: TRUE!
2. Victim Name Erica Mongeon TRUE!

3. Report taken By California Highway Patrol (substation) in Bakersfield Ca. TRUE !
4.Driver of the VW was James (Last name not confirmed)!
5.accident happened March 2nd at 12:20 am TRUE!

1632 days ago


So now the Californis Highway Patrol is posting on here. You are stooping to new levels of all time lows, by the minute. Why don't you people get real jobs. The more you sit here and try to convince people this story is TRUE, the more idiotic you sound.

What makes it even worse is that ANYONE would embellish or fake a story of this nature. Karma is a...well, you know. Worse than that, you expect people to believe a story that doesn't make sense. You're all morons and you continue to prove that.

Why is the so called Manager commenting on here? Don't these Z listers have a Publicist? Keep trying to wiggle your way out of this one.

1632 days ago


You people all suck! It is true. Keep your messed up comments to yourself! She is really hurt. This is so sad I had to see it for myself.

1632 days ago
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