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Wayne Newton's Wife: Get Your Mitts Off My Stuff

3/5/2010 7:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wayne Newton's wife is trying to separate herself from her husband's major money issues -- she just made a legal move to keep her stuff from being seized by a man who Wayne owes in a big way.

TMZ obtained court documents filed by Kathleen McCrone Newton in which she declares that all sorts of stuff she keeps at Wayne's Las Vegas estate -- like art, clothes, jewelry, instruments and even a library -- are hers ... and hers alone.

In the docs, filed Tuesday in Nevada, Kathleen claims she's staking claim to all of her crap because Wayne's former pilot Monty Ward is trying to collect a $500,000 judgement against the singer -- and just last week, Ward sent a moving truck over to Newton's place to try and collect Wayne's assets.

Now, Kathleen wants to make sure Monty doesn't take her crap away when Ward's truck comes back to collect again ... whenever that may be.


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ray ray    

Its great to see a woman who isnt interested in the material things. You have a good woman there Wayne, dont let her go. She is a keeper.

1701 days ago


First off #1 needs their head checked. Sounds like lots of issues going on inside that persons head. Second, I live in Vegas, few blocks away from Wayne. Hes a great guy, has done so much for Las Vegas, and has entertained in front of thousands of people. What is being done by his wife is what anyone would do if spouse was in jeopardy of losing material possessions. Put them in the others name. Not surprised at all! LAS VEGAS LOVES U WAYNE!!

1701 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Sounds like this whole thing is a load of crap.

1701 days ago


Sounds like a perfectly legal strategy to keep their assets from being seized..

1701 days ago

Sing Sing    

Is it just me or is his wife ridiculously good-looking?

1701 days ago


Wayne must be what...163 years old? I figure his face will just fall off one day on stage.

1701 days ago


Seems odd someone can come in and hand pick what they want from a home. They would need to go through the court system and no court would say pull a moving truck up and take whatever you want out of the house. Something sounds fishy with this story.

1700 days ago


She's beautiful!

1700 days ago


She may be pretty but from what I've read from many accounts is that she's a absolute first rate nutbar b!tch! Apparently she swears like a sailor and is pretty much a disgusting person overall. Has anyone out there ran into her? Is she really like this?

1700 days ago


Listen, If you have to borrow money from someone other than a bank to by a home YOU CAN NOT AFFORD IT!!! when you live beyond your means this is the result. What was wrong with a little bit less Wayne?? But have to play the role of being N_ _ _ _ r rich. Well, this is what you get. PAY YOUR DEBTS. And who cares what he has given back to Vegas or anywhere for that matter. If you spend more than you make, you get what you deserve. Just like the rest of the population in the same situation.

1700 days ago


TMZ, what are you talking about? Wayne Newton is an extraordinarily rich man. On MTV cribs, Wayne Newton's house was their second most expensive celebrity home (worth several hundred million). He has multiple helicopters and jets and owns a huge collection of artwork from Van Gogh and similar calibre artists.

$500,000 is a lot to us peasants, but to Wayne Newton, it is hardly anything. If he lost a court judgment, either his insurance would have paid it or he would have simply written a check. He is not waiting for some kind of repo guy coming in to his house and finding one of his paintings that is ONLY worth $500,000. Maybe it is true his wife is taking legal steps of separating her assets, but it is not because she is worried her stuff will be taken to pay this judgment. You sound really dumb in making that connection by ignoring his BILLION dollar estate.

1700 days ago


OK, so they just pull up to your house and take your stuff??? I guess he borrowed from a loan shark?? I'm not at all familiar with the Vegas scene but that sounds a little over the top. I think his wife is a lawyer so what she did sounds about right but overall something ain't right...

1700 days ago


I don't get's back to not believing what you read in the media, because I've always read Wayne is gay.

1700 days ago


Anyone notice how much the new Wayne and the new Kenny Rogers look alike? LOL just sayin

1700 days ago



1700 days ago
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