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Kate Gosselin Busted for Speeding ... Again

3/6/2010 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate GosselinWe're going to find out soon if Kate Gosselin has two left feet, but already know she's got one lead foot -- because she was busted again for speeding.

Gosselin got a ticket on February 21 in Latimore Township, PA for going 73 mph in a 55 mph zone. But Kate didn't let it linger -- she pled guilty just five days later and paid a $155.50 fine.

Kate did almost the exact same thing back in November 2009 and paid a $109.50 fine.


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What's with the fugly 70's hairdo?

She can't win in the hairdo department. Get's it wrong every single time. She's either got an 80's punk do or a 70's disco-do.

This is 2010. Get with it.

1694 days ago


41. TinaLouise ... thank you for stepping up and showing us all an example of exactly the type of woman I was talking about. Your comments reflect less on Kate Gosselin and more on who YOU are. You have my sympathy.
Posted at 5:23PM on Mar 6th 2010 by moveover

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The fact that you needed to address a stranger that holds a different opinion than you do speaks volumes about your inadequacies.

And, get a clue moron, being jealous isn't the only motivating factor for dislike.

You need to hire someone to think for you because you're incapable.

1694 days ago


My wish is that Kate Gosselin, Paris Herpes Hilton, Sarah Idiot Failin', Kendra ho, Lady Gag Gag & the Kardasawhore sisters would all drop off the face of the earth. I'm so sick of these non-talented media whores & pretty sure the public is getting sick of them too.

I hope Kate Gosselin gets tangled up in her hair extensions on DWTS and strangles herself into unconsciousness as she spins around on her forehead, right on national television!! Good riddance!

1694 days ago


She just looks terriable. She is a used and abused housewife that you just throw to the side when your through with her

1694 days ago


I've come to realize that I've been too harsh on Kate. You creeple need to back off! Get a life!

1694 days ago


Omigosh! royman311 (#13) is right! With the new 100-hours-to-do-it hairstyle, she does look like Eric's sister from That 70's Show! Now we know what happened to her! They could make it an All Growed Up segment on tmz...

It is a bit ironic that she's paying all that money in speeding tickets when also claiming she's running out of $$$ - I think I would have learned my lesson the first time, $109 is no joke to me. You would think her bodyguard could keep an eye on the speedometer.

1694 days ago


@ 56 if u are the true jibberjabber then why don't u take down the hate for kate on your website??

1694 days ago


jibber has to messing with us.He/she is evil

1694 days ago


Katie gets away with hit and runs too because she's a "public figure", dig deeper, TMZ.

1694 days ago

Jim Davolt    

Must be a slow news day..Just wondering why someone getting a speeding ticket almost 2 weeks ago is news, even for Kate. TMZ is slowly slipping downhill if you ask me. Get it together guys, you're better than this.

1694 days ago


Sorry about that#56 my keys stuck #57 if u mean what u posted u would take your website down about the ugly mess u have on the website..Why don't u do like most websites & put different threads instead of so much hate toward a person that tring to support her children..If people didn't like what u were doing would it matter when u have children to take care of when the other parent is just walking in circles living off other people??I don't blame Kate at all b/c a regular job would not support the 8 children.Kate would have to work 2 or 3 jobs and still she would be away from the children..WHY NOT KATE???

1694 days ago


You have way to many spelling/grammar mistakes on your site. It is frustrating knowing someone is getting paid (probably more money then me) to type mistakes. FYI

1694 days ago


All of you supporting Kate in this are not understanding that she is breaking the law and it is not only the ticket fine she has to pay, but she gets points on her license for each ticket that will cause her insurance rate to increase costing extra money for a period of years. Additionally, after so many points she can lose her license.

This is the point system in PA just regarding speeding.
Exceeding the speed limit by six to 10 mph: 2 points
Exceeding the speed limit by 11 to 15 mph: 3 points and a 15-day suspension if in a work zone
Exceeding the speed limit by 16 to 25 mph: 4 points and a 15-day suspension if in a work zone
Exceeding the speed limit by 26 to 30 mph: 5 points and a 15-day suspension if in a work zone
Exceeding the speed limit by 31 mph or more: 5 points, a 15-day suspension if in a work zone, and possible other penalties as determined by a hearing examiner

She must already be up to six points, and here is what happens:
First Time Topping Six Points
You will be required to pass a written exam based on safe driving practices, department sanctions, and related safety issues. If you do not pass this exam within 30 days, your license will be suspended until you pass the test. If you do pass this test within the designated 30 days, two points will be removed from your driving record.

Top Second Time Topping Six Points
You will be required to attend a PennDOT department hearing. Don't test this ultimatum. Failing to appear will result in an immediate 60-day suspension. At the hearing, an examiner will review your driving record.

Based on his or her decision, you will be slapped with a 15-day suspension and be required to pass a special on-road driving examination. Two points will be removed from your driving record if you pass the test within 30 days or after you serve your suspension.

Top Three or More Times Topping Six Points
You will be notified of a mandatory PennDOT department hearing. A hearing examiner will review your record and decide whether or not to impose a 30-day suspension. Failure to appear will result in an immediate suspension that won't be lifted until you attend a hearing.

1694 days ago


Comments are very interesting, a refresher how Kate treated her family.

1694 days ago


Maybe the bitch is doing this intentionally so she loses her driving priviledges so TLC will get her a driver.

1694 days ago
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