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Kate Gosselin Busted for Speeding ... Again

3/6/2010 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate GosselinWe're going to find out soon if Kate Gosselin has two left feet, but already know she's got one lead foot -- because she was busted again for speeding.

Gosselin got a ticket on February 21 in Latimore Township, PA for going 73 mph in a 55 mph zone. But Kate didn't let it linger -- she pled guilty just five days later and paid a $155.50 fine.

Kate did almost the exact same thing back in November 2009 and paid a $109.50 fine.


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They aren't ignoring it and neither is she. She plead guilty and paid her fine. Octomom on the other hand still has outstanding warrants cause she ignores her speeding tickets...

1692 days ago


#42 and #54 hate children apparently..stick up for a woman who sits her poor son on the potty, shuts the door, turns off the light and screams "do not get up until you go pee"!!! WTF? Really?? Go ahead and say what you will but I love my children and apparently YOU have shown what kind of people you are..get some counseling asap because you need it.

1692 days ago


I so fear for her children. Neglect cause of DWTS schedule, and now possible injuries because of her lead foot and speeding.
I hate this celebrity obessed woman.

1692 days ago

The Seer    

Wow, that HORRID hairdo really ages her.

Bring back the possum! Free the possum from the bondage of those extensions! Justice for the possum! Possums have feelings, too! Possums' rights!


1692 days ago


Her hair looks like an old Farrah Fawcett wig from the 70's. It ain't working for her at all. Time for her to get more fertility treatments and spit out 6 more babies if she's that hard up for cash. I hope she keeps her legs closed on Dancing w/The Stars, because I would hate to get a crotch shot of that worn out yahoo mess.

I saw Octomom on The View trying to be sexy in an 80's get up and almost threw up. When do these "reality" single Moms find time to actually raise their kids?

1692 days ago


Is it just me or does she look like an older version of Kendra Wilkinson in this photo?

1692 days ago


Jess @ comment 64.. I also get frustrated with spelling mistakes, however, it frustrates me even more when people who are complaining about spelling and grammar seem to make mistakes themselves.. the correct word is 'than' not 'then'.

1692 days ago


Jess you were comment 64 when I last looked but now you are comment 65 so this is not an error on my

1692 days ago


She needs a boat load of Botox!

1692 days ago


If she is not careful she will be in the slammer reading that book

1692 days ago


65. Sorry about that#56 my keys stuck #57 if u mean what u posted u would take your website down about the ugly mess u have on the website..Why don't u do like most websites & put different threads instead of so much hate toward a person that tring to support her children..If people didn't like what u were doing would it matter when u have children to take care of when the other parent is just walking in circles living off other people??I don't blame Kate at all b/c a regular job would not support the 8 children.Kate would have to work

2 or 3 jobs and still she would be away from the children..WHY NOT KATE???

Posted at 7:29PM on Mar 6th 2010 by gabby

Because Kate had fertility treatments and invited a tv crew into her home for millions of dollars. She treated her lame retard husband like dirt and chased him off. She keeps inviting the public into her life, but the public got sick of her and Jon Gosselin awhile ago. She wanted to be a mother, try being one for a change. She's got money, tv royalties, book royalties, a mansion, everything! WTH does she want to compete on a dance show, when she's got 8 kids at home? America hates her. That's why!!

1692 days ago


Kate & a speeding ticket? Isn't there anything else going on. Lots of people get speeding tickets. Give her a break.

1692 days ago


The woman does not have any talent. She gave birth to eight children, panhandles, is unpleasant and has a ghost writer for her "books."
Sell the estate, downsize, tell Jon to get a real job,go back to nursing and take care of your own children.

1692 days ago


she is f-ing ugly.

1692 days ago


Those evil wrinkles are getting deeper.
Her temper must really be out of control.

1692 days ago
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