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Paps Sue Over 'Bachelor' Wedding Beat Down

3/8/2010 10:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two paparazzi who were thrown out of "The Bachelor" wedding last month are suing the people behind it claiming battery, false imprisonment and negligence.

Eric Brogmus and Maximiliano Lopes claim Disney/ABC Television Group, Next Entertainment -- "The Bachelor" production company -- as well as the security company "breached their duty of reasonable conduct by attacking and detaining or authorizing the attack and detention" of both plaintiffs.

The two photogs were shooting the wedding of Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney when they were told by security to leave -- and then things got ugly.


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The paparazzi never leave people alone, so you gotta get rough with them sometime! Their like roaches!

1599 days ago


Am I the only one getting tired of paps stepping into people's personal space then suing people when they get what they deserved?

1599 days ago


Thank you Disney!!!

1599 days ago


i firmly believe all paparazzi should be shot on site. they serve absolutely no purpose in life.

1599 days ago


give me a break!!!
im going to start getting in the way of any and all people who have money, in hopes
that they will hit me or worse verbally abuse me. what a joke,

1599 days ago


The Paps are wrong they knew they shouldnt have been there and it was private and they are sueing hahahahhahaha thats funny never win crap I sure hopw these judges tell them off to stay away and its at your own risk that way maybe they will stop

1599 days ago


how will it take you to remove #11
is tmz now promoting child labour, selling fake chanel etc.
come on harvey , this is not cool

1599 days ago


Now, that's video I wanna see. Two sweaty paps catching the Stacey Adam of justice right in the taint.

1599 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

*** And they damn well should. There was absolutely no reason for them to have been demeaned and manhandled like they were. Pitiful blatant abuse of limited authority. I'd sue for a bundle....emotional distress for sure on top of physical abuse. It was painful just to watch it happening.

1599 days ago

A pap    

"I hate BANKERS, they should all be shot!
If I happen to see on in public I'll just choke him put him to the ground and deliver him to the police!"
Now replace the word "banker" with "paparazzi" and this is what you sound like! moron. While carrying a 600 mm camera lens, you're still talking about personal space you idiot.
Why don't you ask yourself how come so many photographers knew about the time and location of this wedding and not you!! LOL
Do you think that maybe this ridiculous show needed to feel important and get enough attention?

1599 days ago

A pap    

Passing judgment on the paparazzi is very common these days, ten years ago i remember hearing similar comments about lawyers! I wonder who's gonna be next. Bankers? teachers? why not.

1599 days ago


We groan about their behaviour, but the fotos they produce sell. I see a disconnect between what the public does(purchase the publication by the millions) and what they claim is proper.(tossing the photographers out on their ear) We can't have it both ways.

1598 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

the paps may be slime doggies BUT
no one has the right to assault them!
Lawsuit time

1598 days ago

Bob Villa    

seeing blaming the paps and the "photogs" is pretty ironic considering they(YOU) fuel the reason why the photogs are doing what they do.

i.e. reading celebrity gossip websites.

If you people (including myself) did not exist, this would not be a problem.

Clearly you have no idea of the concept cause and effect.

1597 days ago

Tanjina Yeasmin    

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1438 days ago
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