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Cops: Ben Roethlisberger to be Interviewed Again

3/8/2010 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger will have to face investigators for a second round of questioning before the week is up, this according to the Milledgeville Police Department.

Police Presser: Click to watch
The MPD just held a news conference about the sexual assault investigation, in which they announced they will be interviewing various members of Ben's entourage who were at the Capital City nightclub when the alleged incident occurred.

Cops say they expect to conduct eight more interviews in connection to the Roethlisberger investigation.

Police also announced they're in the process of checking out various businesses in the area and looking at videos that they have.

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Ben Is Bad    

when are they gonna tell us if he is really "big" ben

1689 days ago


Does anyone give a crap about this fat a$$?

1689 days ago


Hope they take him out back and shoot him instead, and piss on his corpse.

1689 days ago


Harvey, bubala, You must can Judge Judy. She is getting senile and doesn't allow any kind of discussion. Her decisions are arbitrary and capricious. Just mean. See if you can get Judge Mathis.

1689 days ago


YARG! Again?!?!?!

1689 days ago


He will tell lies this week. The smalltown police will be so enamored with his fame, they will ask for autographs instead of interrogating him. They will ask him to pose for pictures.

If by chance the investigation does move forward, his high powered lawyers will tear that girl's reputation to shreds. If she even so much as jaywalked in her entire life, they will discredit her as a tramp. We will never know what he did to her, only how horrible of a person she is.

1689 days ago


On second thought, just make him into urinal cakes, so that we can all piss on him. That would be more appropriate. Or both.

1689 days ago


I'm VERY curious to see if Ben gets a ton of sympathetic support from some folks who think all these women must be "lying gold diggers", or if he gets the Michael Jackson justice where multiple accusations automatically indicates guilt.

Anyone seen Gloria Allred? Aren't these the type cases that usually get her fired up? I mean, she sticks her nose everywhere else...

1689 days ago


Ben once got busy in a Burger King bathroom


1689 days ago


Big Ben done nothing! It just those stupid retarded girls wants money because they are way to young to hang out with Big Ben because he is in 30ish! duh!!! The girls have fail! They all lie about everything and they should be put in jail for stalking Big Ben!

1689 days ago


Time to grow up Ben. You're nearly 30 and still spending your free time apparently bar hopping til late in the AM on a regular basis as if you're still in college.

While people likely still believe your side of the stories at the moment, don't expect this to continue if it ever happens a 3rd time. You're putting yourself in these stupid situations where you yourself are drunk, and you're hanging around a bunch of random drunk women, are you really that surprised that this is happening?

I know being a man-whore can be enjoyable, but obviously you're handling your fame in a manner that is putting you, your life, and your career in jeopardy. So maybe find yourself a somewhat respectable female to settle down with before you decide to party it up with one too many drunk college girls, and she ends up resulting in the end of your life/career as you know it.

1689 days ago


He's soooooo fat. Based on the amount of lard involved, the accusation has merit.

1689 days ago


I was not there, but can tell you that a person who accusses someone of rape on the spot, contacts authorities immediately, is visibly shaken and undergoes the remendously invasive treatment of gathering a rape kit (they take samples from the vagina, scraping from under your finger nails, pluck your pubic hair, etc...) she has a much better chance of being believed. It is also interesting to note that her parents came to pick her up.

To dismiss this accuser as a drunk party girl then sets the bar that anyone in a bar deserves to be raped. Before anyone says she was "underage" so what. It is a college bar and a good majority of the patrons there are probably underaged. (Think about it, generally speaking, only the seniors are of legal drinking age...do you think it is only seniors that keep the college bars in business?)

This woman did EVERYTHING a woman is "expected" to do when filing a complaint of sexual assualt and she is still being maligned. Is it fair they don't release her name, but do release his? Probably not. In my opinion, they should probably not release either name, as it is just as much a stigma of being accused of something so heinous than being the victim.

I will wait for judgement on the matter, but from what little we know, I belive this accusation deserves to be investigated, and it seems the cops think so too. I am glad they are taking it seriously. These accusations are serious for both sides of the equation.

So please stop calling this young woman names. There are many on this board, and maybe many women you know personally, who have been a victim and that simply victimiizes them again.

1689 days ago


We may find out what really happened in the bathroom someday.

2 Questions:

1. What is a "20 year old woman" doing in a nightclub?
2. Has the nightclub been fined yet?

1689 days ago


Yeah Scott I was curious too. Not only was she at a SINGLE night club, the reports are that she and Ben were "bar hopping" that night. Whats the penalty for sneaking an underage person in multiple bars, and getting them alcohol I wonder.

1689 days ago
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