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Farrah Fawcett Forgotten at Oscars

3/8/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett did not make the cut for this year's In Memoriam tribute during last night's Academy Awards telecast ... leaving many scratching their heads.

Despite appearing in such classics as "Sunburn," "Saturn 3," "The Cannonball Run" and "Dr. T and the Women," Fawcett was passed over for more household names ... like Michael Jackson.

An Academy spokesperson told the AP, "Every year it's an unfortunate reality that we can't include everybody."


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Just amazing that they DIDN'T forget Michael Jackson - he did like what 1 movie with Diana and a little piece in MIB - stupid retards, Farah and Bea were way more imporatnt to movies and TV than Jackson. Jackson was important to Music - NOT movies.

1688 days ago


What about Bea Arthur????? I can't believe they forgot these two wonderful actresses. Whatta mess!!!!

1688 days ago


As far as Hollywood goes if you aren’t a Jew you are not part of the crowd. When’s the last time you saw a Rabbi or a hooker wearing the Star of David? Even the blue lights at the awards show were planned as a tribute to the Jewish audience.

Then you have the queen of the Jews Barbara Streisand presenting an award. wonder what she charged the academy for her own dress she wore.

1688 days ago


Farrah was mainly a TV star. Since her forays onto the big screen were few and far between, the omission was understandable.

1688 days ago


Farrah should have been there but you get get them all. no need to disrespect michael jackson. his song ben and i think thriller were nominated in the past and he was in the wiz. michael jackson doesn't need a title that's why there was nothing under his name.

1688 days ago


michael jackson never raped any kids, why be so rude and disrespectful. it's not his fault they left out farrah. the academy should have included her but o well they ddin't and they don't have to spologize because tons of people always get left out.

1688 days ago


Get over it! you guys act as if it's really that serious that they forgot to add Farrah Fawcett.. Maybe they didn't add her for a reason. It's not like your bitching will magically make her appear. She's dead, move on.

1688 days ago


They were too intent on giving accolades to several ratty, nasty, untalented non-stars than they were in honoring those who deserved it. Very disgusting. The ones resposible for this debacle should be replaced, but they probably won't be because of the way things are these days. If it stays this way people I know, and well as I, won't be watching it again.

1688 days ago


What really pisses me off is that we have to Remember Michael Jackson at EVERY music related awards ceremony, but not someone who has been nominated multiple times for the Golden Globe and Emmy Award?

1688 days ago


So what if she was left out. She wasn't that huge as a movie star and as far as her being compared to Michael Jackson, their stardom wasn't even in the same ball park. Michael's star always shine brighter than hers.

1688 days ago


Yep... this is INDUSTRY policy ! They create ICONS & after they exploited them winning Godzilla $$$$ millions they forget them .
I am sure that they account how much will cost them to pay tributes for this ICONS & they decide that is not a good investment anymore.
This is such a shame for the Prestigious Academy ...

1688 days ago


Especially in the wake of Sean Penn's insensitive "ass cancer" remark, the exclusion of Farrah Fawcett from the memorial piece was a slap in her memory. The montage looked as if it had been thrown together the night before and that they ran out of time to make sure they didn't forget anyone.

1688 days ago


I'm glad they honored a druged out crazy man who likes little boys. People like that don't get enough attention.

1688 days ago

Doug Grattan    

Don't forget Logan's Run.

1688 days ago


I was absolutely disgusted that they left out farrah!!!! She is a beautiful and timeless classic!! I cant believe they managed to have sound guys and producers in there but not this amazingly beautiful and courageous woman!!! I think they owe an apology that they forgot her!! I agree that the remembrance section was shoddly put together!! Absolutely unacceptable~~ Her death was overshadowed by the three ring circus of micheal jacksons death and that was bad enough! this woman was an icon and publicly battled her cancer till her last breathe and yet media cares about a weirdo child molester who overdosed on drugs that he shouldnt of had but had access to cause he was a "celebrity" ABSOLUTELY PATHTIC!! RIP IN PEACE BEAUTIFUL FARRAH!! EVEN IF THE ACADEMY DIDNT REMEBER YOU, WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!

1688 days ago
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