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Conan's Sidekick

Still Ticked at Jay, NBC

3/9/2010 3:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andy Richter says he's still an employee of NBC -- but that's not stopping him from dissing the network and Jay Leno for pulling the plug on "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien."

Andy Richter: Click to watch
Richter was on "Live! With Regis and Kelly" today, where ripped into NBC by saying, "Everybody said they were going to do something and they didn't" -- adding that the network was mired by bad planning.

As for Jay, Richter joked "You know how multimillionaires are always being forced to do things they don't want to do ... I've calmed down about it."

Richter also teased a stage tour could happen -- calling it a "distinct possibility."


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Boo Hoo    

Richter your a joke

1628 days ago


Andy, when you spoke of multimillionaires, you were referring to CONAN O BRIEN, right? Us regular folk would love to stash millions of cash to sit on the beach or to tour to boost our egos yet again!

You have to remember who sits in the seats of wherever you are appearing. We don't have a Lear jet parked for ready takeoff, or a pad in Malibu.

Conan isn't eating off the Dollar Menu that's for sure.

I see RED when it comes to rich people complaining and that includes RED O-BRIEN.

1628 days ago


Andy get over yourself and move on! You and Conan are great but didn't get good enough ratings in the Tonight Show time slot. As we all know tv is all about the ratings!

1628 days ago


the fat rat bastard should just shut up! I dont see why everyone blames Leno, he doesnt own NBC or makes these decisions.

Not that Leno is any better, but red needs to suck it up, red couldn't cut it! His ratings blew. That is the bottom line of TV ratings/profits. They brought back Leno until someone better could be found.

Not everyone is privy to get millions when they're canned. He's looking for pity in all the wrong places.

1628 days ago


Of all the suicides that happen in Hollywood, Richter should be two of them.

He's such a cry-baby p*ssy.


1628 days ago


Oh PLEASE PEOPLE! what happen to conan was messed up, he was never given a chance to prove himself or the show, he was only given 6 MONTHS! Like REALLY! your really saying that fair. PLEASE ! it 's bulsh*t! You know it, everyone knows it! Hence thats why they had to give him a big A$$ pay out b/c it called breaking his contract! Conan could care less about the money, fool is rich! He just want what was rightfully his the late night show, but no! Mr. jay Leno couldn't just move aside and let some one new take over, he just played the dumb act (infront of America) and acted like he had nothing to do with this, BULL! JAY LENO IS A BULLY AND HE KNEW ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT WAS GOING ON, he even admitted he didn't want to leave the late night show, and blames the whole thing on NBC.

And are we all forgetting his RATINGS SUCKED TOO WHEN HE MOVED, IT WASN'T JUST CONAN O'BRIEN RATINGS THAT WERE DOWN! JAY LENO'S WERE TOO! HE'S NOT FUNNY NEVER HAS BEEN, HE SUCKS! SORRY JAY FANS YOUR GUY BLOWS! how can Jay say he has nothing to do with it and take back the late night and actually think its right what he did, if he had nothing to do with it he would have went back to the network PERIOD! He would have just moved on with his big ass chin to maybe another network or just spend his days collecting his stupid vintage cars. Thats it! MOve on out Big Chin! But no, he couldn't.

Lets just say if this happen to any of yous in a 6 month period and you moved your family across coast and was just honored to have a job every comedian desires and in 6 MONTHS they're like "Ya! I don't think so" EvERYONE THAT WRITES FOR THAT SKIT STEALING BIG CHIN MAN would be pissed, they NEVER wanted Conan to succeed and it shows -


1628 days ago


Classic signs of a dumbass: Insult the guy rather then refute his argument. Andy Richter is awesome. As for the Jackass Chin, Leno does simple kindergarden style jokes, he's not funny, and he's a fricking thief. He steals all his shows bits from Howard Stern (Jaywalking, etc..) and British shows (the green car challenge during primetime show). He never crosses the line with his jokes and never does anything of social or political importance. He kisses A-List celebrity ass, and is well known in the business as the biggest two-faced celeb there is.
Yet, Conan O'Brien, who is everything Jays fans think jay is (nice, humble, friendly, funny, overall great human being) gets slammed by them. Conan's first year as host of the Tonight Show generated better ratings then Lenos first year as host of the Show in 92, but Conan gets fired because Leno absolutely destroyed Primetime ratings causing a train wreck in Late Night. It should have been Leno who was fired but because a buyout of his contract was $150 million, NBC found it cheaper to get rid of Conan and his $40 million buyout.

1628 days ago


Andy Richter, please give me a break!!!

You left the Conan O'Brien Show for greener pastures (a few years earlier) thinking you were better than you really are but that obviously didn't work out. You are not that funny.

Then Conan had mercy on you and brought you back to the Tonight Show.
You have no room to talk. NBC is still paying you money, to do nothing. Shut your pie whole

1628 days ago


I love Andy Richter! Thought he did a spectacular job on the show this morning. Very proud to see he had the guts to actually speak his mind.


1628 days ago

Democrats are evil    

How does this no talent fat ass liberal continue to get air time? They got rid of Conan because he was a failure. He wasn't funny and NBC wanted their proven ratings player back. Conan stunk. He only appealed to twenty something pot heads who have never experienced good comedy. They paid millions for him to go away and were happy about that.

1628 days ago


Very simple solution: GET EFF OVER IT!

This story is old. I don't care who is to blame, it's completely irrelevant. Both are multi-multi millionaires - the fact that anyone would feel bad for any of them is beyond me.

Team COCO losers are the worst. They seem to be the ones who can't seem to move on.

1628 days ago


Andy rocks the sidekick mode. The greatest second banana ever, better than Ed! I once thought he was the unluckiest man alive, then the luckiest again; now I'm waiting to see. (Stay strong, my brother!)

1628 days ago


And Conan would still have a job if Jay wasn't behind it! Who would they have replaced Conan with, if Jay had nothing to do with anything and just moved aside than---- huh - huh! NOBODY! They would have stuck with Conan, and not just have given him ONLY 6 MONTHS TO PROVE HIMSELF - HENCE THE PAY OUT CAUSE ITS CALLED BREAKING A CONTRACT! JAYS RATING BLEW WHEN HE WAS MOVED!! how can they get on Conan and Jay sucked too! BOTTOM LINE jay had alot to do with it cause if he wasn't in the picture and wasn't trying to weasel his way back into late night, Conan would still be working they would have come up with ways to bring up his ratings SINCE it was only a 6 period and if it didn't work out after a year or so that get ride of him, but seriously 6 Months was not fair at all to prove your self. AND lets just say JAY SINCE HE S BACK AT LATE NIGHT -- and in 6 months his rating still suck--- are they gonna kick him out of the spot! don't think so.


1628 days ago

um, no thanks    

Conan is also multimillionaire.
I'm just sayin...., he is not out looking for a way to pay any bills, could easily retire, do whatever he wants and be very well off the rest of his life.
I feel confident saying, 99.9999 percent of the population would love to trade places if they could keep their own looks.

1628 days ago


I don't blame you, Andy. I thought you said it classy and glad you got to say it. Good luck to you. Team Coco!

1628 days ago
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