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Letterman: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

3/9/2010 10:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman went on his show tonight, gushing with gratitude and thanking members of the team that prosecuted extortionist Robert Halderman.

The " Late Show" host said he'd "never been involved in anything like this" and was "concerned and full of anxiety and nervous and worried."

He then gave props to those who put Halderman behind bars by saying the case was "handled professionally, skillfully and appropriately ... thank you for all your help."

Dave called out Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance and former D.A. Robert Morgenthau for helping.


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Thank you thank you thank you, bandleader Paul Schaffer---for your absolute silencem, enablement, and covering for your 2 decades boss while he banged the hired female interns of your Company, WorldWide Pants---upstairs above the supposed sacred Ed Sullivan theatre, that Dave wrote in working from in his contract.

Paul, I used to like you and even respect're nothing but a POS from Thunder Bay--not one mention of this CAD in his book which was released the exact same day Dave had to spill the beans on his decades old chirades with the hired help.

Any other company would call it sexual harrassment and he'd be up on Federal Civil Charges..instead, due to tricky lawyering in the design of the Company, World Wide isnt considered a company.

Way to go Dave...wonder if Pauls incentive for continued silence was the sloppy seconds. Pathetic the both of you.

Paul, youre no better than Tiger Woods Caddy.

1687 days ago

danger baby    

Kara -- If it's any consolation, I stopped watching Dave after the story broke. It was just too surreal. I don't know how he's managed to come off looking like the 'victim'. As someone else commented, anyone else would have had their azz hauled off to jail for violating all kinds of federal and state employment laws. I tell you, money can buy some really creative lawyers, what can I say. He's disgusting. And to the clueless jerk who said 'he wasn't married', according to the extortionist, he saw Letterman with the girl even AFTEr he had married his long-time, live-in girlfriend. And if you think not having that piece of paper makes it okay to cheat on a woman who you lived with for years, and with whom you were in a relationship just as committed as any marriage, then you are just as bad as the Tigers and Lettermans of this world. Elin is now 'kissing' Tiger in public. Ewwwww...think where that mouth has been. You not pay me...same with Letterman's wife. Yet they stay. It's embarrassing what that says about them.

1687 days ago


Pathetic. The world's smallest violin is playing just for Dave...

1687 days ago


For "danger baby" Yawn...

1687 days ago


David Letterman is a bitter disgusting creep. If the behavior hadn't been going on, there would have been nothing about which to extort. No one involved has wings, but Letterman is the biggest jerk of all.

1687 days ago


But what about the women who so willingly spread their legs for these celebs? If they don't spread 'em, he ain't gettin' any.

1687 days ago


Dave u r a POS. Haven`t watched and won`t again. You are pathetic A-hole. Have you apologised to your wife publicly the way you kissed the ass of the DA`s today. Proof of a Grade A piece of s**t!!!!!

1687 days ago


While I don't condone Dave's behavior, I have to respect the fact that he accepted responsibility and handled the whole situation with tremendous courage and respect for all involved. He didn't hide...he didn't make excuses...I commend him for standing up to this jackass. TEAM DAVE!!!!!!!!

1687 days ago


Ah more bitter cheated on women, gotta love 'em.

Being angry that a person that you don't even know, cheated on his girlfriend is stupid in itself, but to go as far as to call him a "predator"? Really?

This just in, as many women cheat on their partners as men do.

Get a clue people. Thanks.

1687 days ago


He should have gotten six years. But he only got 6 months because he
was working for Illuminati Neocons. They didn't like Letterman's
subtle jokes on air about the NWO. And so they decided to mess with
Dave. The truth about the news is not always what it seems, sheep.

1687 days ago

danger baby    

Hey "Mike". Shouldn't you be out skewering some 'ho? That's probably your only talent in life. Don't scrape your knuckles on the way out to the Corvette. Jesus.


24. For "danger baby" Yawn...

Posted at 11:02PM on Mar 9th 2010 by Mike

Read more:

1687 days ago


#5 and #14 RIGHT ON! I no longer watch letterman.

1686 days ago


Hey danger baby,

You busy later? Stop by for a treat you so obviously need...

1686 days ago


I'm sure David Letterman is "thankful"!! However, it's irrelevant IF he was married at the time or not. What is important, is the fact that if he would have never engaged in all the things that he did, no one would have had "the goods" on him to try and extort money in the first place.
Yeah, it was wrong of the guy to do what he tried to do, but he couldn't have done it without David Letterman's help. So let the guys face his consequences, but DL was the one who got the ball rolling to begin with, by his behavior! Like Tiger Woods-his true colors are out there now for the world to see. Are they cleaning up their acts ONLY because their "secrets" were exposed???

1686 days ago

What military are you in, #15?    

Screw you, Dave! If you weren't dippin' your noodle in the company back yard this shiznit wouldn't happen.


1686 days ago
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