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MJ Tribute Band

The Battle Over Neverland

3/9/2010 2:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

michael_jackson_getty_52619757_ex-1The Michael Jackson estate just laid the smack down on a bunch of Michael Jackson wannabes -- all over access to Neverland.

The wannabes are actually in a Michael Jackson tribute band named "Neverland" -- a name the MJ estate feels is a violation of its trademark.

Long story short: The MJ estate wrote a scary legal letter demanding the band change its name ... and it did ... to Foreverland.

Here's the catch. "Foreverland" still owns the rights to the domain name -- and it's willing to give it back to Camp Jacko ... for a cool $30,000.

In short, the Jackson estate told the band to "beat it" and gave them until February 2011 to begin forwarding all web traffic to the new ... or else.

The band tells us they're currently going over their options.


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Well, as big an MJ fan as I am, I don't think MJ can trademark the name "Neverland" can he/did he?? It came from the Peter Pan author, did it not?

1692 days ago


A Torrance law firm has once again emerged the victor in a protracted court battle with pop star Michael Jackson over unpaid legal fees.

1692 days ago


20 years from now... breaking news, MJ sex dolls are being sold at toys r us.

1692 days ago


And no word yet if they're black or white.

1692 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

*** I don't think that's legal to prohibit someone from using the name Neverland. Michael Jackson never had a Neverland Band. I'd get the advice of some really savy patent/trademark/copyright attorneys before I signed off on anything. Are the MJFT oks for patent/trademark still pending? It's no more an infrigement than Jermaine Jackson and LaToya and Joe Jackson captializing for profit.

1692 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

. Well, as big an MJ fan as I am, I don't think MJ can trademark the name "Neverland" can he/did he?? It came from the Peter Pan author, did it not?

Posted at 12:21AM on Mar 9th 2010 by Maris

That was Never Never land.

And I don't think JM Barrie could even copyright that phrase.

1692 days ago


Harvey can you please tell your whacko writers to stop calling Michael or anything associated with him Jacko? I’m sick of it! Didn’t you people disrespect him enough when he was alive? Jeez!

1692 days ago


There can be no Neverland without you Michael.

I love you so much and I want you back.

Please come back.

1692 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

This is the British English definition of never-never land:-

In the Peter Pan books of J.M. Barrie, Never-Never Land is the name of the place, full of imaginary creatures and exciting events, where Peter travels to in order to avoid growing up.

Good that the estates are protecting everything MJ. Good job, Branca team. I'm outta here for good.

1692 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Does this mean that Disney, Inc. can now sue the Jacksons for Copyright infrigement on the word Neverland since they; the Disney family actually own it? Better watch the stones you throw family Jackson.

The Encino pictures are all over the place. Youtube is the best one by far. Its under havenhurstrafordstgaffer. Whoever this woman is, she has a radio announcers voice and added the song Smile. How cool can that woman be?

1692 days ago


Fluff story aka diversion tactic for TMZ. WTH is Murray? Can you post a substantial board about Murray's whereabouts and his financial situation????

1692 days ago


Hi everyone, I manage and play trumpet in Foreverland (formerly Neverland)
Thanks for your support! The band would like to thank TMZ for putting this up on their site as well as so many MJ fans that have had many kind words for us.

It is totally unfair that the estate is doing this to us. It is very expensive to change the name of the band including publicity material, video , etc. Thats why we asked for the 30k to help in our costs associated with having to change the name. The estate does NOT have a federally registered trademark on the name Neverland!! We actually started using the name months before they even filed for a trademark.

On top of everything, the band smokes. We are 14 piece tribute to MJ. 14 amazing musicians who just LOVE MJ's music and just want pay homage to the man and put on a killer show.

Thanks again for all your support everyone!
MJ Forever.

1692 days ago


stupid writer,pls stop calling michael jacko. must we correct you all the time? are you that dumb?

1692 days ago

And thats the truth    

Take a look at this picture of Blanket, especially his eyes.

You will not get a virus, I did not.

Then take a look at Michaels eyes in the pic above. The resemblance is uncanny. There is no doubt in my mind who Blanket belongs to.

1692 days ago


Did anyone see the preview clip from GMA today? MJ's bodyguards are interviewed, stating that they sometimes were asked to leave hotel rooms because credit cards were declined. In addition, the bodyguards stated that they were responsible for turning magazine covers over when they were out in public so the kids wouldn't see them. One bodyguard stated MJ was so mad one time that he threw the bodyguard's cell phone through the glass of a window. I'm sure the rest of the interview will be quite interesting.

1692 days ago
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