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Oscar Win Hasn't Changed Mo'Nique, Or Her Legs

3/9/2010 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The day after winning an Academy Award, Mo'Nique was spotted showing off her proud trademark hairy legs on Monday.


She won for "Precious," but it's all about Hair Show.


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with a dress that shows your legs, you'd think you would shave and wax it atleast........DUH

1628 days ago


Ya her man likes her that way that is why she says that they (NO HE) has an open marriage with her...who wants to hit that? NASTY JUST NASTY. Take care of yourself and get a clue of what marriage is really suppose to be about forsaking all others if she says she wont cheat but let's him she obviously has some mental or low self esteem issues. Get help girl.

1628 days ago


Discovery Channel special coming up with Mo'Nique....she may be the missing link between the sasquatch, yeti, etc

1628 days ago


"Neither confidence, or her husband liking it, or any other of the garbage that's been used for an excuse can cover for the fact that it's just plain laziness and trashiness that would allow anyone to let themselves look like that...what a filthy pig..."


It isn't that serious. It's her choice. She doesn't want to shave her legs. So what? How does that make her lazy,trashy or filthy? I think you went too far. I don't want to make assumptions,but this says a lot more about you than it does her. Is there something you want to tell us because her not shaving her legs doesn't warrant such vile comments from you. It sounds as though you may have other issues.

1628 days ago


SO WHAT-- worry about yourselves and leave her alone. All you "clean shaven" people don't have an Oscar tho... :-)

1628 days ago


My God woman - SPANX

1628 days ago


I cannot, for the life of me, see any distinct hairs. Perhaps this wasn't the best pic to demonstrate hair?

1628 days ago


She does her eyebrows wears make up and a weave,but shes to fat and lazy to shave her legs?? Maybe she cant reach them!!??

1628 days ago


All you haters out there hatin' on Monique's appearance...I betcha wouldn't say any of it to her face that's for sure! And do you actually think that Monique gives a darn about what you and others think of her or her appearance? The woman is rich and she just won an Oscar; dig all you haters out there, continue to sit on your lumpy sofas in your little apartments and hate while that beautiful sistah by the name of Monique continues to elevate!

1628 days ago


I think her husband looks gay. But if he were, he wouldn't put up with a wife looking like a Yeti.

1628 days ago


Gross, gross, tacky, disgusting.. She does care what people think because she gets her nails done and she buys new clothes & shoes.. although her dress & shoes are too tight.. She needs to get her roots done as well.. what a hot mess.. You cant go half way..

1628 days ago


ok, i have a friend of mine who is one of those 70's hippie style girls. she doesn't shave her legs or armpits and she goes on rallies and save the world meeting but she is very attractive. the funny thing is, when i first met her, i thought it was abit gross as she's wear tops out that show her hairy armpits and then i became friends with her and i see 5 guys a day asking for her number out. so its pretty funny you guys all sitting here criticizing a woman for not shaving her legs when the reality is, one of my friends who is real hairy can still get 5 guys per day. so obviously its not so gross if she can get 5 guys a day.

Also... if you are a man criticizing her hairy legs, you obviously don't know women very well, because i can say all single women that i know of including me do not shave their legs if there is nobody to see it. lol most women only shave their legs when a man is going to see it.. for example for a date or during summer when they wear short skirts. most women do not shave their legs as there is nobody to see their legs or if only their female friends see it. so to those people criticizing. you are actually criticizing alot of women in the world.

1628 days ago


She's gross and very classless. Please how could this woman host Flavor of Love's Charm School! I'm overweight but still shave my legs so that's not the reason. And as for her husband remember she claims they have an open marriage so perhaps that's when he sleeps with a real woman who has shaved her legs!!

1628 days ago


Oh yeah you are all so disgusted that you had to click on it to lick your collective lips and you all fantasize about rubbing your faces up and down her legs as you lick them. Especially OSCAR who probably drooled all over his sandwich as he wanked off looking at her legs. Oscar finds her so gross that he continues to eat so he can supposedly throw up more of his food as he fantasizes about her other long hairs she doesn't shave as he twirls it around his fingers. I bet most of you are as fat as she is but more gross. Just remember folks you don't have to look at it if you don't like it. So why did you all click on it in the first place knowing who it is. Even if her legs weren't hairy I'm sure you morons would find something about her to find gross. Let's see what you winners look like.

1628 days ago


Strange, so many of you talk about how disgusting it is, to show up how God himself made you. If you don't like her hairy legs, then don't look.
Grow up children. God made us with hair in various places. I find men who have 6 inch hair under their arms disgusting, but I would not force my opinion on anyone else, nor would I ever tell someone who had such hairy pits they are disgusting. I would just avoid the situation.

1628 days ago
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