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Oscar Win Hasn't Changed Mo'Nique, Or Her Legs

3/9/2010 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The day after winning an Academy Award, Mo'Nique was spotted showing off her proud trademark hairy legs on Monday.


She won for "Precious," but it's all about Hair Show.


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it's daylight get that skank dress off babe!!

1687 days ago


Monique, I am a black female your age and I understand where you are coming from. Yes back in the day it was attractive to have big hairy legs (not to me I might add), but those days are gone. We are now dealing with at least two new generations who find your hairy legs to be a sign of laziness and lack of proper hygiene. Understand that and recognize it if you want to live in a mansion in Hollywood and make millions of dollars for doing something next to nothing. Also a word to you and all our sisters: Our mothers and grandmothers could walk around a size 18, but those days are gone as well. Get with the program before one day you find these yunguns you are grossing out have replaced the dinosaurs on the Oscars committee and you find yourself looking for a real job- beautiful hairy legs and all.

1687 days ago


Three words: Laser hair removal.

1687 days ago


Her feet are screaming for help! She needs to buy her wide shoes.

1687 days ago


One word: N-A-S-T-Y !

1687 days ago


Ok, if she wore a foundation under that dress, she would look so much better and put together. C'mon you can buy them in Walmart! The legs are a different story...that is hygiene pure and simple. I look at those legs and think LAZY! There is NO excuse!

1687 days ago


maybe she can sell that oscar and buy a RAZOR/SHAVER.

1687 days ago


I didn't read all the comments, but did anyone see her on Oprah, I swear it looked like she shaved, the camera didn't linger on her sitting down (she was wearing the dress pictured) but long enough to tell. Guess she really didn't.

1687 days ago

dina osullivan    

What happened to beautiful, fantasy, shaven legs and coiffed hair, articulate speeches, real movie stars at the Oscars. Some of the nominees and winners are classless, not looking like stars and ruin the fantasy of Hollywood. Movies are to escape fomr the real world not to go into the terrible world. Make more fun movies and less "Precious" ones and ones about war. Make people laugh, not cry.We need to laugh in this world today. Everyone knows what is happening in poor neighborhoods and in war zones.We don'thave to have it in our faces on the big screen.Bring bag glamour.Bring back fantasy.Bring back real movie stars and not unshaven legs and overweight one movie actors.

1687 days ago


Ok she is just nasty looking. Yes it is a real badge of honor to fit yourself into a dress 3 sizes too small, not shave your legs plus make everything a racial issue when accepting awards. Yes you are indeed a nasty hairy PoS.

1687 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

To each their own ---
and she is brave enough to stand by her convictions.
you go girl!

1687 days ago


Give Mo a break. I don't shave my legs either. Wait a minute. I'm a guy! Whoaaaa

1687 days ago


I know many black women who don't shave their legs. I don't know of any white women who go unshaven. Whether it is a black thing, I don't know, but who really cares? It is Mo'nique's choice, and if she doesn't care, why should we?

1687 days ago

sick of it    

I wish to God I didn't have to shave my's a freaking pain in the ass to shave all the time. While it may be gross to see, I've seen a lot more nasty things from women. Do what ya gotta do girl.

1687 days ago

Black Barbie    

I don't understand it. If you get your nails manicured and your hair styled, groom your legs, too!

1687 days ago
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