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The Oscars Produce BS Farrah Fawcett Excuse

3/9/2010 8:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah Fawcett and Michael JacksonThe people behind the Academy Awards claim they left Farrah Fawcett out of the Oscars In Memoriam montage this year because she was better known as a TV star -- which begs the question, how the hell did Michael Jackson make the cut?!?!

Bruce Davis
-- the executive director of the film academy -- told the Associated Press both Fawcett and Gene Berry were more famous for their "remarkable television work" and would therefore be more appropriately honored at the Emmys.

So by that logic, Michael Jackson would probably be more appropriately honored at the Grammys right? Oh wait, he was!! Kinda contradicts your point, huh Bruce?

For the record -- Davis had no excuse for blowing off Bea Arthur and Captain Lou Albano, who starred in the theatrical masterpiece "Body Slam" back in 1986.


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There is no excuse. Michael Jackson was a singer..The Grammy's is where he should be honored.

1686 days ago



1686 days ago


WTF??????? Its BS and they know it. I feel bad for Ryan Oneil..

1686 days ago


Stop making excuses, Davis. You've pissed people off royally and you missed Bea Arthur too. Betty White ought to come down there.

1686 days ago


I forgot to mention her death was overshadowed by Michaels anyway. Once again, she was overshadowed by the Oscars.

1686 days ago


The Academy frequently leaves tv actors who've died out of their tribute, same with singers or other notable celebrities.

It just wasn't politically correct to leave out Michael Jackson. Imagine the flack they'd get if they'd left him out. And the Academy likes honoring pedophiles anyways.

1686 days ago


I was very disappointed that they didn't mention Farrah at the ocsars, I was even in shock & thought maybe they did & I had missed it.
but what I don't understand is why do u feel the need to drag Michael Jackson's name into everything, is it because it gives you higher ratings.

Michael did few movies & he's an artist that transcended different boundaries of audio visual art. The Thriller video, which is more like a short movie as well as the Bad video (directed by Martin Scorses are testaments to his cinematic talent). Thriller is the first music video ever to make the Congress Library's Archive.

so for the love of cheese cake, get off of Michael's back already.

1686 days ago


Michael Jackson was in the Wizard of Oz. I think that's the only movie he was in.

1686 days ago


The excuse was BS, but really other than one good tv movie I really don't think Farrah was a great star. She starred in one season of Charlie's Angels- other than that she was more well known for her good looks, being with Ryan O'Neal, and later for having cancer.

1686 days ago


Who gives a crap anymore. Damn these people are dead... What's a memoriam montage going to do? Not bring them back. Move on!!

1686 days ago


Just admit that you screwed up.

1686 days ago


The Oscars Put Anna Nicole Smith few years ago , How can they forgot Farah

1686 days ago


Well it is a B.S answer, didn't Charles Angels produce a movie? even if it did and it didn't get any Oscars they still should have mentioned her.

1686 days ago


Michael Jackson made the movies The Wiz and Men in Black 2.
All his videos were directed by hollywood directors like Steven Spieldberg,Spike Lee,and John Landis just to name a few.He was nominated for an oscar for the song Ben.Also Michael is the biggest entertainer ever.Why they have to blame Michael for the mistake of the Oscar people who disrespected Farrah Fawcett who was a fine actress?

1686 days ago


THEY WANTED MJ LIVE, WE WANTED MJ ALIVE (2 This Is It eyewitness accounts)

This is so sad, Mj was unhappy on his last days He said those concerts would kill him........he was right
it all got to be to much for him and i would say he wanted to sleep badly, he was depressed so Murry gave him extra..........poor MJ

1686 days ago
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