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Oscars 'Kanye' Lady -- I'm the Victim Here!

3/9/2010 10:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elinor Burkett -- the redhead who infamously pulled a Kanye West at the Oscars -- claims she's only being painted as the bad guy because she was too damn slow to get to the stage.

Joy Behar and Elinor Burkett: Click to View!

In a moment of red-headed solidarity, Burkett agreed to tell her side of the story to Joy Behar, where she claimed Roger Ross Williams "bigfooted" her to the stage -- instead of waiting for her to join him so they could accept together.

Burkett -- who's name is on the Best Documentary Short award for "Music by Prudence" -- said she felt she had to butt in and hijack Williams' speech because he was only talking about himself ... and not giving proper due to the film's disabled star, Prudence Mabhena.

As for why she didn't just keep quiet, Burkett quipped, "I'm really not very good at keeping my mouth shut."


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Hi, Kooky!!!!!!! Hi, Orly!!!!!!! I know you miss me, Orly!!!!!
Kisses for you, man!!!!!!!!!! : *********

1654 days ago


I know it wasn't right, but I think Edna Garrett from "The Facts of Life" looks great after all these years. ;-)

1654 days ago


Vial white folks!

1654 days ago

Rip It Up    

Somebody should start makin' some bacon and slaughter these two pigs. Oink, oink.

1654 days ago


That lady is so obnoxious. The guy didn't get to speak a few words before she bullied her way onto the stage. She was once attached to the film, but was not responsible for the finished product. So why should she get credit for a project she didn't finish? Of course, since someone else busted his butt and got top honors, all of a sudden she wants to share the moment.

Her NY accent is annoying and all she does is blab on and on about silliness. She should work for Sarah Palin, they have a lot in common.

1653 days ago


The woman was angry and unable to remain seated and control herself during the televised event and they clearly need security

1653 days ago


@#39. The word is vile, not vial. Did you have to shuck, and jive?

1653 days ago


I remember seeing this at the awards thinking.. what the heck is this woman doing. i kept expecting someone to take her off stage or soemthing. and yes.. she is crazy. by interupting the other guy she gave him no time to even say anything. i dont like her.

1653 days ago


She had it all planned from the start. That's why she sat next to them knowing good and well they were not a big happy family. I would have tried to leave the idiot too. She dont know what he was planning to say, Everybody that got up there had their moment in the beginning and thanked others as their acceptance unfolded. She did not give him a chance to even say Prudence name or anybodies for that matter. She is an idiot and think she just made a bad name for herself in Hollywood, who would want to work with her!!

1653 days ago


When you die can, I have your Gall? You had no business on the podium, you were fired ages ago. You should have been forceably removed by security. Next year I bet someone will be standing by the stairs just to stop morons like you and Kanye from ruining someone elses big moment. You owe that guy an apology.

1653 days ago


What a pushy loudmouth broad.So aggressive and forceful,she needs a dose of humility.

1653 days ago


Did ANY of you actually watch the Oscars or the clip of her going on stage? She did not do a Kanye. Her name was announced to along with the man's. They had an Oscar waiting for her on stage. This is not a case of her doing a Kanye and she is on the list of credits or she'd not be listed as one of the winners and have an Oscar. It just took her longer to get on stage. NOW I don't believe her story of some old lady putting her cane out to stop her. That is bull crap.

1653 days ago


Is she kidding??? She was totally rude.

1653 days ago


Dont forget the first one to show bad sportsmanship! How about Faith Hill (a/k/a Faith over the Hill) going BULListic when the much younger Carrie Underwood beat her for Best Vocalist on the Country Music Awards. You can find it on Youtube or you can Google it. Faith Hill (that name is from her 1st Husband, 2nd husband is Tim McGraw) snarled, sneered, and then stomped off the stage. She screamed "What" with arms flailing all over in a rage! Her face was red with fury. She was before Kanye and before this lunatic! Give credit where it is due, Faith over the Hill started this public display of very bad sportsmanship.

1653 days ago
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