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Agent: Ambulance 'Too Late' to Save Corey Haim

3/10/2010 6:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

 Corey HaimCorey Haim's agent and good friend claims it took an ambulance 20 minutes to show up to Corey's mother's apartment this morning -- and by the time it arrived, it was "too late."

Mark Heaslip tells TMZ Corey had a fever yesterday and was having trouble breathing. Mark says a doctor came over to Judy Haim's apartment yesterday afternoon to check up on Corey.

Mark says Judy fell asleep -- then woke up at around midnight and found Corey standing over her ... and that's when he collapsed.

Mark claims 20 minutes passed between the time Corey's mother called 911 and when the ambulance showed up ... and by that time it was "too late."

Mark also said he doesn't believe Corey OD'd and says Corey was on his way to making a comeback.


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Hates Conan like crap    

BS Doctors don't make housecalls.

1687 days ago


The 911 call time and arrival time are easily verified. the autopsy will tell the story so best not to make comments without faces to back them up.
I can back up what I am saying I assure you -

1687 days ago

Down Town    

Suck...Why did it have to take so long for them to get there. Not fair at all.

1687 days ago

Mrs Butters    

He probably was clean,his recent double chin tells me he was off coke and meth

1687 days ago


He probably had SWINE FLU it comes on like his symptoms were stated and then the lungs crap out and you cannot get your breath.

1687 days ago


Rip Corey. You will be missed.
I met Corey in Venice Beach 3 years ago, Nicest guy ever. Just had a horrible disease:( that clearly has taken his life. If we have learned anything from the loss of Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger...- Its when a loved one has or had an addiction and they become sick..For GODS sake dont wait to see if it passes. Get help right away. These lives could have been saved if someone paid more attention and got help sooner..It's a shame:(
Rip Corey Haim

1687 days ago


We don't actually know that medics took 20 minutes to get there. That's just his manager talking, who was NOT there. And here's the thing, many times when people are dying, they search for someone. His mother was asleep until she woke up with him standing over here, right before his collapse. Who knows how long it took him to get to her side. It's obviously heart failure. Even if he was clean, years of drug use, on top of prescription meds is hard on a body.

1687 days ago

Indrid Cold    

20 minutes to get there? Why did it take so long? all of you that don't live in L.A., the ability to beam from one location to another or to travel at warp speed has not quite been invented yet. It isn't exactly like there was an ambulance parked in the driveway waiting for him to croak (Though with many of these people there should be).

Maybe he didn't OD. Maybe he did. Shocked he lived this long. But to point fingers at a 20 minute response time is about as ridiculous as saying "Yeah! Dr. MURRAY did that to Whacko!!

1687 days ago


Especially if he was sick with the flu.

1687 days ago


I believe it. In my town..the other day i was walking around the neighborhood and there is this ambulance service on the corner, I see the emt's walk out super slow and casual so I thought they were going out to get something to eat or something, they head out the drivway, and spend another 5 mins sitting in the EMT van, after they head down the road they hit the flashers, I guess they were on their way to an just seems they sure took their time to get there...

1687 days ago


Corey died like most celebrities when they overdose. Die alone. Why in Michael Jackson's case A DOCTOR, who specialize in the heart, had to KILL HIM? In Corey's case, you yell "call a doctor." In Michael's case the doctor was there to make sure his patient died. Does anyone see what's wrong with this picture and makes MJ's case DIFFERENT from the rest. Then the Cardiologist DID NOT know how to give proper CPR or maybe that was his intentions.

1687 days ago


DAM doctors put him ON the pills program should have would have been smokeing the HOWARD HUGHES GOLD HOMETOWN MEXICO WEED...Howard Hughes EVEN went FOR the GOLD way down there in old mexico as I told him to.It worked for a while but he had bad kiddneys and they shot my 2Nd one so it was game DOVER bend?.

1687 days ago


Sorry Indrid cold, 20 minutes is a VERY long time even in LA. Don't forget this is a Wednesday morning at 1:00 in the morning. I highly doubt there was lots of traffic. If this is true the EMT's in Cali need to step up there game.

1687 days ago

Mrs Butters    

If he had swine flu anyone who didn't take him to a doctor should be charged.I had swine flu last july,anyone who would let it go untreated is an idiot

1687 days ago


Sounds eerily like Brittney Murphy!
Haim did a lot of crack. He could have had a bad ticker.

1687 days ago
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