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Corey Haim: Doing 'Well' Before Death

3/10/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We got Corey Haim just three weeks ago -- and when asked if he was sober, he said he had been "good for a while."

Corey Haim: Click to watch
Haim was out at Haute in West Hollywood on February 18 with longtime friend Corey Feldman, where he told us he was "doing well" and was looking forward to future film projects.

As we previously reported, Haim was found dead this morning -- the victim of an apparent overdose.


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ross .....    

My party Mate. So SAD

1689 days ago

fo real    

RIP. Its a shame that he couldnt find the strength to stay clean.

1689 days ago

Wanda W.    

Yeah well,live by the drugs,die by the drugs. He never got over glory he had in the 80s. He was only around the other Corey now because that Corey was ditched by his wife. Corey H. never liked her.

1689 days ago


Have they confirmed it was an overdose? Maybe he had a heart attack. You really shouldn't report something unless it is confirmed as fact. Poor Corey. So sad.

1689 days ago


You kids gotta stop snorting those pills. He was a junkie, and like most junkies he ended up in the same place.

...911 call will portray a hysterical mother having found her son lifeless son...

Prescription meds are destroying this vulnerable society.

1689 days ago

jim goosh    

After your first post about I was like >Oh well, it was coming anyway" but after seeing this video I feel bad for him now. He seems clean and sober and somewhat humble and even very polite. He truly seemed on the road to recovery in that video. What a shame. It was also very kind as well as gracious of Corey Feldman to throw the cameras guys to Haim to get some screen time. It seems you guys hadn't even noticed him until Feldman did that. Feldman appears to be a true friend who cared for Haim

1689 days ago


So sad! I agree, make sure it is an overdose before you report that. He does have friends, family and fans who love him. Let him die with some dignity. Drug addiction is a disease...not reason for headlines. RIP Corey

1689 days ago

Jack P Toersn    

Such a shame. He looked cogent in that video. The slight bloat of a drinker or over eater, but that's it. The way he reacted to the questions didn't imply that he was under the influence of narcotics. Seeing this video makes me wonder if it was some kind of tragic relapse. He, allegedly, kept his mouth shut about a lot of things.

1689 days ago


He looked like Tom Sizemore. Too bad Dr Drew didnt get ahold of him.

1689 days ago


He just seems so deeply sad and maybe displaying a tad of hope and looks a little embarrased to be interviewed. He was trying to sound upbeat, but he really looks sad inside. God Bless him and keep him. Rest in Peace and please folks, no negative comments, he has family that loved him. Of course everyone knows drugs can kill you, but until you have walked in that path, or you may just have a family member or your own child one day, may be in the same situation. Tmz dont make this a big story. This is all too common nowadays. I hope is mom will be okay.

1689 days ago

jim goosh    

WHITNEY MAY BE NEXT. We gotta rally around Whitney and support her at this difficult time with the press beating up on her. It's gotta be really difficult for her to have tpo Get up there and try to sing the hardest pop songs of all time to sing, and not have any voice left. She's is being extremely humbled every time she opens her mouth on stage and she is still trying. Don't be too cruel to her or she may relapse. She should stop touring and just let the album sell it self and retire. She is only capable of pulling off one song per week at this point and should just save herself for bif appearances rom time to time and keep her dignity.
There is a reason they started the tour 10,000 miles away from home at first, and they now know she can;'t do it here. The tour will be cut short and never make it here.

POOR COREY> He seemed to be OK in the video

1689 days ago


So very sad to hear about Corey H. I don't know what Corey F will do now, oh yeah he will make more crappy reality shows or worse make another attempt at reinventing his DEAD career. Corey H had more talent hands down.

1689 days ago


It does not seem through this video that he was doing well or clean. He seems both high and sad. How very sad he was a great talent and will be missed.

1689 days ago


i dunno...he looked a bit "off" in this video. although he wouldn't have ballooned up if he was still using, right? addiction is a scary, scary thing.

1689 days ago


This is so sad...and I'm seriously bummed out today. I loved Corey Haim. May he rest in peace now. I feel like renting every movie he was in and watching them tonight. Love you Corey Haim always and forever!!!!

1689 days ago
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