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DMX Explodes in Court: 'My Rights Violated!'

3/10/2010 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DMX appeared in court for the gazillionth time yesterday -- and went absolutely ballistic after the judge left the courtroom.

Visibly and audibly ticked that a photog was allowed in court, a fidgety DMX waited for his hearing to begin -- and after it was over, he went off.

Looking right at the camera, DMX starting raving "I'm the only one got arrested today ... f**king c**ksuckers do it every time man ... I get my rights violated but I gotta be quiet about it ... f**king bitch man."

The rapper is currently being held on no bond -- he'll be back in court March 16.


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This from the same guy who did a Christian Charity Concert for a local church? What a shame!!!

1696 days ago


You gonna make me lose my mind

Up in here, up in here...

1696 days ago


Great... Do we not have it bad already in Detroit , that Dumbass has to wear a lions Jersey to court.. Couldn't it have been like a cowboys jersey. We can't catch a break.

1696 days ago


DMX is another black man in America whose rights will always be overlooked. Let this be another warning for all black people out there, and I am white, but tired of the injustice. The law here is not to protect you, but to hang you, so be extra careful about everything you do. You are always considered guilty until proven innocent, and they make it very difficult to prove. Don't let them get you. They will have no mercy. The world won't change, so keep protected and with your eyes wide open.

1696 days ago


Yet he thinks he is a christian. You know, despite what he raps about, he's more of a real 'MC' than any of the fakes you'll ever see today. But just hope he doesn't OD also. Doesn't look that way though,
drugs are all over that man. Screw hollywood.

1696 days ago


Funny that the most serious of the crimes mentioned by the judge--animal cruelty--is also the only misdemeanor! I hope this piece of crap rots in prison for abusing animals and I hope our legal system also rots for its idiotic sentencing guidelines.

1696 days ago


Dear DMX:

Quit doing stupid sh*t and you will not have to go to court hearings or jail. Let me break it down for you, my dear.....

Dont+do+dumb+sh*t=No Court/Jail Time

It's so simple-even a caveman can do it.

1696 days ago


Hes a piece of Garbage!! Lock him up Forever!!

1696 days ago

Boo Hoo    

C'mon D what happened man, get your act together & stop blaming others.

1696 days ago

Kid Capri    

Where did he end up in court this time? Is he still in AZ? ...If you have a propensity for getting in trouble with the law, Arizona is NOT the place to be!!! DMX, get your act together, make some cash and stay away from all of these probation traps man.

1696 days ago

capt andy    

if you put that looser in baggy pants he would be just like mc hammer hee hee up punk if you do the crime ya got to do the time ..

1696 days ago


I'll admit. You don't get in situations like this unless you put yourself nd as far as him being the only one in court that day could easliy be a misunderstanding. But as far as showing favoritism goes. I do think that it happens. Michael Vick messed up with the whole fighting dogs thing. But he got more time for fighting dogs than i've ever heard of before. I stay in North Little Rock and Pitbulls are banned from here on account of so many dogs fights. I've heard of people doing 6 months to a year and a half. But not Michael Vicks time. But on the other hand you have people who rape and etc and get nothing more than house arrest. I'm a big fan of T.I. When i heard he got a year and one day for his weapons charge. I was surprised myself. I'm happy he didn't do alot of time. But if it was someone with no money or no high status. they'd be locked for a very long time.

1696 days ago

Lisa Hawkins    

Here's a thought, how about acting like you have some common sense, how about washing your mouth out with some LAVA soap, how about being thankful to God that you have enough talent (?) to make a living off of?!? I don't understand what the problem with these guys, other than there's more THUG than anything in them. What a waste of a life. BTW @ MYDOWNTHERE: not ALL blacks are suspect, but when you talk like a thug, dress like a thug, act like a thug and RE-ACT like a thug, well.............! If you want to be treated like a respectable citizen, ACT LIKE A RESPECTABLE CITIZEN!

1696 days ago


What a Christian . Nice language . I wonder if he talks like that in church. He needs to go to confession !!!

1696 days ago


flocking socksoakers!

1696 days ago
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