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DMX Explodes in Court: 'My Rights Violated!'

3/10/2010 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DMX appeared in court for the gazillionth time yesterday -- and went absolutely ballistic after the judge left the courtroom.

Visibly and audibly ticked that a photog was allowed in court, a fidgety DMX waited for his hearing to begin -- and after it was over, he went off.

Looking right at the camera, DMX starting raving "I'm the only one got arrested today ... f**king c**ksuckers do it every time man ... I get my rights violated but I gotta be quiet about it ... f**king bitch man."

The rapper is currently being held on no bond -- he'll be back in court March 16.


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Kiss off if you dont like what I say    

You people on here are just dumb ass hell ... why was no one else in the room?? Why was photogs allowed ... I do not care what he did to get him where he is now !!!!!he has rights!!!! and everyone goes through crap in life so while some of you sit there and throw stones make sure you put your coke straw down first. and since a lot of people want to stereo type all the time I'll do it too !!!

those from cali are all coke heads omg really if you never did it go don't go to l.a cuz you will def walk out a living crack head !

Now I do hope Dmx gets help,drops his lawyer for being a dumb ass and then,sues the damn judge of who ever allow for tmz or who ever to go in there and film just him toodles byot*ches !

1686 days ago


SHUT THE F UP ...They still treating you better then you treated those poor helpless dogs!
please die dmx

1686 days ago


Do you guys think DMX is like a gold member with

1686 days ago


Whoa, whoa, whoa... animal cruelty is a friggin MISDEMEANOR??? Stupid system. Stupid DMX.

1686 days ago


If he has been denied bail then the DA must have something solid on him and has chosen not to release it to the media. And just because the judge wasn't in the room when he used his family friendly language does NOT mean that he won't hear about it!

1686 days ago


hell no his rights were violated i bet.. cops do it all the time..

1686 days ago


Why on Earth would this man come back to Maricopa county? It's going to be HOT in those tents in a month or two.

And this is Cardinals country. Loose the Lions jersey.

1686 days ago


In the past the judges went very soft on DMX. I suspect because hes a celebrity. If a normal person got arrested as much as him he would be locked up for a loooong time. I'm glad they blocked him from the Christian School Fundraiser, this man is a bad example. Some people will never learn. Always blame others.

1686 days ago


I would do that blond guard!!

1686 days ago

Britney Spears    

Court is already uncomfortable enough without a camera there. He must have seen this all oer TMZ in is head.

1686 days ago


Typical thug blaming everyone else. So whats new.

1686 days ago


Damn "X"!!!! You my boy but damn, stay out of the court rooms!!! Im tired of seeing you in the courtroom. You are starting to remind me of Jason Williams...just disappear dude!! At least for a lil while!!!

1686 days ago

lets b real    

simply amazing how hateful,racist,and downright stupid people still are in 2010.forget the dmx situation,but everytime this type of thing happens to a black celeb or black nobody,our whole "friggin" race gets stereotyped.what the hell did we do to america to be hated on all the time?

1686 days ago

Anti Obama Clinton Democrat    

No Talent Race Baiting Misogynistic Druggie Puke complains about his rights being violated? Seriously? Upstanding citizens in our community don't have these types of problems, and those that do aren't upstanding citizens no matter how many charities they pimp!
"Lipstick on a pig is still a pig"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1686 days ago


Seriously, TMZ, "went absolutely ballistic", here I am expecting thrown chairs and threats on someone's life. His life is dramatic enough, by his own making, please don't add to it by overdramatizing things.

He got irritated and said a few curse words, that is hardly ballistic, you see worse than that at McDonald's. Come on now!

1686 days ago
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