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DMX Explodes in Court: 'My Rights Violated!'

3/10/2010 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DMX appeared in court for the gazillionth time yesterday -- and went absolutely ballistic after the judge left the courtroom.

Visibly and audibly ticked that a photog was allowed in court, a fidgety DMX waited for his hearing to begin -- and after it was over, he went off.

Looking right at the camera, DMX starting raving "I'm the only one got arrested today ... f**king c**ksuckers do it every time man ... I get my rights violated but I gotta be quiet about it ... f**king bitch man."

The rapper is currently being held on no bond -- he'll be back in court March 16.


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Where was the "Explosion" he launched into ??

Which part did he go "Absolutely Ballistic" ??


1688 days ago


DMX is the man, just tryin to survive. hear we go again!..

1688 days ago


#5 "My Down There"
I see you're still living in the past decades, 60s......oh and of COURSE you're white. lolol

1688 days ago


Im still Laughing at him sitting in the romm alone. Now thats funny!!
yea yea its just "the man" trying to keep him down.

Pull up your pants, Talk normal, atc like a real man. Do your crime do your time and shut the F@#k up !!!!!!!!!!!!

1688 days ago


It's obvious some people expect to be treated with kid gloves and want special treatment and to be allowed to get away with anything. Otherwise they complain bitterly and become cry babies and claim they're being treated unfairly. They just never quit.

1688 days ago


@Posted at 4:08PM on Mar 10th 2010 by Amy

I hardly think that wanting the decency of privacy is being treated like kid gloves. Why do you think that there were no other offenders in the courtroom, I hardly think he was the only one arrested that day. That cameraman should not have been in there and the only reason it was allowed was because it was DMX, how many other celebrities do you see their hearings like that on tape, very few! A celebrity with more money and power's lawyers would have had him kicked out in a blink!

1688 days ago

Mas Bella    

He has a point. Keep your Head up DMX, Dont let these dumb ass people keep you down

1688 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

C'mon Earl - suck it up - admit your probation violations & take your punishment like the man you claim to be.

1688 days ago



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1688 days ago


the courtroom was empty for his own good. he's a damn celebrity so to avoid any kind of circus because of who he is. they did the hearing closed.

stop acting he was being singled out

1688 days ago


typical of maricopa county judges. we have the worst in the nation. our sheriffs dept and judges are in a battle with each other and meanwhile abuse the rights of people .

i myself completed my probation early for good behavior and the judge forgot to sign off on it making it a misdemeanor. oops gaffe, my life has been screwed until i can file the motion for them to review it which they say should take care. gee----------we have 0 recourse cept to try an kiss butt and hope for the best. been screwdd by the system a few times. this county sucks ass

1688 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

thx TMZ - he be more real famous now BIATCHES........

Viva Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1688 days ago


entitled-thats the way dmx feels.i'm entitled to do what i want when i want and if you arrest me you are wrong. it seems that your more famous for getting busted than for your music. if thats your claim to fame,you know what,its a damn shame.

1687 days ago

The Truth needs to be said     

Why were there camera's waiting there for him to come in? arent there sopost to be no cameras when a jude is sentencing you ? that just werid though how they knew he was comming and they were waitig for him, i bet it was all staged and he didnt do anything. there has been alot of people over the years trying to get rid of him, hopefully when he comes out we all hear the truth

1629 days ago


ur rights violated what about ur pit bulls rights that u violated when u bought than or how ever u got them

1593 days ago
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