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The 'Lost' Diary -- Dr. Linus

3/10/2010 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LostWelcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. Let's roll ...

9:00 -- "I'm fine, thank you." -- Ben. I don't know about you, but I am ready for Ben to start acting like Ben again and not some scared little bitch.

9:01 -- "It's Dr. Linus, actually." -- Ben. I am obviously curious how Ben ended up a HS history teacher -- he seems a tad over-qualified.

9:02 -- ARZT!!!!

9:03 -- "Just sounds like you care about this place. And if the man in charge doesn't, maybe it's time for a change." -- Locke. Was he talking about the high school ... or the island?

9:04 -- Ben is still lying about killing Jacob -- looks like it will be coming back to haunt him any second now.

9:05 -- Miles is gonna find out the truth, but lie about it.

9:06 -- "Linus killed him." -- Miles. Um, or not.

9:09 -- Back at the beach, Ilana is not really in the mood for Ben, considering he just killed "the closest thing she ever had to a father."

9:10 -- Ben's dad is alive. Great.

9:11 -- Interesting ... Ben and his dad still went to the island, but left seemingly of their own free will. Doesn't sound like a bomb went off or anything like that ...

9:12 -- Ok, now Alex (and Rousseau maybe?) are off the island.

9:13 -- Ilana doesn't know whether Jin or Sun is the candidate. My money is on Sun.

9:15 -- "The island got you in the end, didn't it?" -- Ben

9:16 -- Ilana is making it look like she wants to kill Ben. If she really wanted to kill him, wouldn't she have done it by now?

9:21 -- "My mom works two jobs just to pay rent." -- Alex. What kind of jobs could Rousseau have?

9:23 -- Apparently Principal Reynolds was banging the nurse. Hmmm, I wonder if someone who wants to be principal could use that information somehow...

9:24 -- "What are you gonna do, write me a check on this banana leaf?" -- Miles

9:25 -- "Cyborg? Vampire?" -- Hurley. Apparently Jacob made it so Richard can't age.

9:27 -- "There's something I need to do ... Die." -- Richard

9:30 -- Ben in beginning to conspire against the principal. Not exactly Ben and Locke in the hatch ... but still interesting none the less.

9:31 -- "Linus, you're a real killer." -- Arzt

9:32 -- So Richard said this is the first time he has ever been back to the Black Rock -- and he sure made it seem like he came to the island in the first place on the Black Rock.

9:33 -- Richard "can't" kill himself ... so he wants Hurley and Jack to do it.

9:34 -- Really? Jack -- a doctor -- is gonna help Richard kill himself? I don't buy it.

9:35 -- "Now, let's talk." -- Jack. Ok, maybe he has a plan ...

9:40 -- "If you change you're mind, I'll be like a mile away." -- Jack

9:41 -- So Jack -- of all people -- seems to think fate is going to intervene and make it so he and Richard don't blow up. I bet Richard stops the fuse.

9:42 -- The fuse just went out ... on its own. Top 5 coolest moment on "Lost" ever? I think so.


9:43 -- "Visiting. What are you doing?" -- Not Locke

9:44 -- Not Locke is taking everyone off the island ... and wants Ben to be in charge. He's also helping Ben kill Ilana ... which I am guessing is kind of his main goal.

9:45 -- Ben's blackmail of Principal Reynolds begins now.

9:46 -- "Linus, may I read you an email?" -- Principal Reynolds. Uh oh, this can't be good.

9:47 -- Oh no -- Principal Reynolds is holding Alex's recommendation letter over Ben's head. Which will he choose? My guess is ... Alex is screwed.

9:48 -- Ben is explaining to Ilana that he chose the island over his own daughter. Yeah, I think flash-sideways Alex is headed to community college.

9:49 -- Team Ilana or Team Not Locke -- which will Ben chose?

9:54 -- Principal Reynolds wrote the letter for Alex. I think I have been wrong about almost everything tonight.

9:55 -- Is it me or did Alex lose a lot of weight?

9:56 -- And now Ben is joining Team Ilana. Up is down. Black is white.

9:57 -- Jack, Hurley and Richard should be showing up soon, right?

9:58 -- Yup, there they are.

9:59 -- WIDMORE!!!!

I always avoid commercials and promos and articles about "Lost" all week long -- but I am sucker for reading the guest stars in the opening credits. I noticed Alan Dale's name -- he plays Widmore -- so as soon as the sub showed up I knew it was him. I need to stop reading the credits.

(BTW -- I think he found the island because of the bomb going off. Kind of like how it showed up for a little bit after the Swan hatch blew up. Just a thought.)

Anyway, for me this episode was the exact opposite of the last two weeks. I had complained that the last two episodes telegraphed very early on that nothing important was going to happen until the end -- "Lighthouse" was all about getting to the lighthouse, "Sundown" was all about Not Locke showing up at the temple.

This week wasn't like that at all -- no end point was established, thus things were happening at all points throughout the show. The most memorable of which was the dynamite fuse going out on its own -- a perfect "Lost" moment if ever there was one.

I give tonight's episode a B+. We learned a good bit of information and I enjoyed watching Ben make decisions as if he has actually changed and learned from his experience on the island.

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1686 days ago

Just the FACTS ma'am    

this episode SUCKED !!

waste of time and still NO answers to anything.

ONLY 9 episodes left and then the 2 hour finale.

1686 days ago


You really thought the fuse was going to go? I knew it wouldn't. Richard said he couldn't die because he had been touched by Jacob. Jack was also touched by Jacob, and I think it happened when they first crashed on the island. Remember the episode where it showed Jacob touching Locke after he had been pushed out of the window? Well, when he was touched Locke came back to life and made this gasping sound. That was the same gasp that Jack made the first time we saw him on the Island. I think Jack was dead, and Jacob brought him back, and now he cant die.

I also think Jin is the Candidate instead of Sun because he didn't die when the ship blew up. All of the "Candidates" have been touched by Jacob, and therefore cant die.

1686 days ago


9:40 -- "If you change you're mind, I'll be like a mile away." -- Jack

that was HURLEY, dummy.

awful episode. no answers. no dead linus. no charlie =(

also where's kate and sawyer??

1686 days ago


I am disappointed in last nites episode, I sat anD watched intently, not wanting to get up hoping something would happen. I too wish the old Ben would come back, he was so much more interesting when he felt that he was in charge. I almost feel the same for Sayid, as the man he used to be, he was so much sexier and believable. I will continue to watch every episode, I am a LOST fan through and through.

1686 days ago


Loved the episode. I thought Alex was screwed too. Loved Ben and Locke in Flash sideways.

1686 days ago

Money Maker    

Rousseau is a stripper at night and a bounty hunter during the day

Is the nurse hot?

Richard was on the black rock?!?!?!?! COOOOOL, he’s old balls

Alex is hot…although anyone else get that creepy Lolita vibe between her and Ben (kinda gross)

I have to disagree with you this week. I gave it a solid C+/B-. Nothing really happened, besides finding out where Richard came from.

Oh man! Principal Reynolds happened to be the lawyer from GhostBusters and a bad guy from Die Hard!!!

1686 days ago


I think everyone's obsession with questions being answered is preventing them from enjoying the show. I thought this was a quietly stellar episode. I loved Ben's sideways. Very sweet.

1686 days ago


Hurley will replace Jacob and the series will end with another plane crashing as Hurley watches from the beach...

In a few years the show will be back with all new survivors. Do you think ABC will let this series die forever?

1686 days ago

bye Paula    

ok the people who says there are no answers given so far. What show are you watching? People come on, they have packed so much into the last few episodes. I know, you are fustrated because your questions are not being patient, they are not going to answer all of the questions at once. They may never answer some of the questions. I am ok with that.
I think some fans have built up such an expectation around the show these past years that no matter how the series end they are going to be disappointed. That said...back to the show!
Last night's episode was awesome, a direct contrast to last week's which was amazing also...last week being mayhem and destruction and this week redemption and faith. Can't wait for next week's episode.
Daniel, I give this episode an A+. So...are you going to organize a live finale posting? That would be awesome!!!

1686 days ago

bye Paula    

@Alex, Jacob touched Jack in the hospital when he give him the chocolate bar. But I liked your theory though. Did not link his awaking in the jungle to the touch...hmmm.

1686 days ago


Paula- are you SERIOUS?! the series ends in 11 episodes (counting the 2hour finale) they NEED to start answering questions. the last 2 episodes were GREAT but this week answered NOOOOOTHING, other than Richard may-have/may-not-have come from the black rock. if they aren't going to answer questions- they should probably stop throwing new ones at us.

1686 days ago


wow. i'm surprised at the middling grades for this episode. i loved it (though i am not all that interested in getting answers--i think that's the fun of the show). the high point for me was ben's speech. i don't know if i trust that he's really changed, but i do believe that alex's death profoundly affected him. i'm also loving the steady transformation of jack's character, though it wasn't really faith in the island as much as it was a rational hypothesis built on years of empirical evidence, so i'm not ready to assume that he's not still the man of science.

1686 days ago

Robyn Williams    

@ Alex, Jack as well as all the other people, Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, Sun and Jin, etc. were all touched by Jacob. That is probably why they did not die during the plane crash.

I think Hurley will be the winner.

1686 days ago


Harley will be the new Jacob and Jack will be the new Richard.

1686 days ago
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