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Conan's Tour

No Bread

for the Redhead

3/11/2010 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien isn't making a single cent off his upcoming 30 city comedy tour -- sources tell TMZ that Coco is doing the whole thing so he can employ his former "Tonight Show" staff.

We're told roughly 40 people have been hired to work on the production -- many of whom are "Tonight Show" alums.

The move is no sweat off Conan's back -- dude scored a $32.5 million severance deal from NBC before they kicked him to the curb.

And more good news for the crew -- tickets to "The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour" are selling out so fast, more shows have already been added.


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People who think that Conan O'Brien is a bitter spoiled whiner probably also think that Stephen Colbert is a crazy right wing republican.


"Show one clip, ONE where he is bitching about Leno at all? His fans are bitching up a storm, his ex side kick whines but Conan I have not seen on ANY show anywhere at any time dogging on Leno. It is fan made drama, crap happens they settled it like grown ups with cash and now the fans on both sides are the sniffling brats left behind.

Posted at 9:51PM on Mar 11th 2010 by Markus"

I guess this means you missed all of Conan's last TS shows? I don't think he did a show without a Leno slam. I'm sure you can catch up on youtube.

Posted at 12:32AM on Mar 12th 2010 by eyeroll

If I remember correctly, all his "slams" were on the NBC network and not Leno. They weren't even serious "slams" since on his final episode he sincerely thanked NBC and acknowledged that working with them and the opportunity to host the Late Night and Tonight Show was what made him a star.

The issue with Conan's ratings was that his key audience no longer watches TV. They watch clips on the internet. They go out to happy hour bars at 11:30pm. They have exams to study for. Late night television simply doesn't fit into their schedule.

Jay Leno's audience primarily works a 9 to 5 job. Then they make dinner, put the kids to bed and relax at the end of the day to some TV.

This is why Conan's Twitter account and his tour are doing phenomenal. Conan's audience will check his tweets on their phones. They will go to his theater show with a bunch of friends and then have a few beers after.

Personally, I think the key to his success in the future is internet entertainment, which will inevitably overtake television in the next decade.

I've watched Conan for years. As a comedian, I think he's funny and as a person, he always seems to have his heart in the right place. That's why I like him.

1686 days ago


It's interesting to see some of the misinformed opinions here:

(a) The article is about O'Brien NOT taking any pay for the tour, so the complaints that he's doing it out of greed seem a little absurd.

(b) All the complaints that Conan's greedy because Leno did a couple of shows for free in Detroit, keep in mind that Conan's taken care of his staff numerous times, as recently as this tour (and the millions of dollars he obtained for them from NBC and then supplemented with his own money) and as far back as the writer's strike, when he paid his entire staff their full salaries when NBC laid them off. What did Leno do? He promised his staff he'd take care of them and that NBC wouldn't lay them off, told them not to worry about anything or look for other jobs, then was fully comfortable with letting them squirm when NBC DID lay them off. Only after a massive public shaming did Leno agree to pay them, and only then on a week to week basis. Meanwhile, when his employees were worried about their mortgages, he was joking to their faces about having more time to spend with his cars.

(c) If you think O'Brien has been whining, I suggest you read his initial statement regarding the debacle, where he tells everybody they should NOT feel sorry for him. After that, watch his final episode, where he thanks everybody, including NBC, and implores everybody to be positive

(d) To all those "Where were you Coco fans when he needed it?" comments, I'm not sure you understand how TV ratings work. Nielsen considers the viewing habits of less than one tenth of one percent of the US population, and ignores things like internet viewing, time shifted viewing, and things like college dorms. They most certainly don't consider Canadian viewers. Clients who have contracted them for analysis have complained about the poor quality data. Many of us were watching Conan all along, but the format for ratings collection simply didn't count us.

1685 days ago


LOVE COCO wish he would come to Canada!! I don't watch the Tonight Show anymore ever since they let Conan go, he deserved the money they broke a contract u idiots!! Don't you understand what a contract is, nobody wants to watch that old fat man Leno read cue cards at least Conan put on a show and was active he made me laugh every night.

1684 days ago
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