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Coroner: Corey Haim Had a Heart Problem

3/11/2010 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Coroner: Corey Haim Had a Heart ProblemCorey Haim had pulmonary congestion, an enlarged heart and water in his lungs, according to the L.A. County Coroner's Office, but the Coroner has not determined that any of those conditions caused Haim's death.

Law enforcement sources tell us someone from the Coroner's Office called Corey's mom, Judy Haim, today and told her they found these conditions during the autopsy but that they could not say if the maladies caused Corey's death.

Our sources say the Coroner will not determine a cause of death until the toxicology report is in.

As we first reported, law enforcement found 4 prescription meds -- including Valium, Vicodin and Soma -- in the apartment.


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Krispy - the comment you seem to be replying to clearly stated "only the intelligent need reply" obviously you failed the test.........any test

1687 days ago


HA - KRISPY is a dumbass --- doesnt she know that many many more fetuses are "aborted" by ignorent women using drugs/alcohol while pregnant - she says she would much rather her tax dollars (like she pays any!) be used for drug addicts and their drugs or drug related illnesses, than women getting abortions - the dumbass would be paying for abortions when all those pregnant dumabass drug addicts get their drugs from the free clinic & wind up killing there babies that way! Probably much better than a poor innocent baby being born severally mentally and physically deformed, and addicted to heroin, cocain, meth!! maybe krispy is a crack baby?? thats why she is so krispy!

1687 days ago


25. Who will be footing the bill for ALL the junkies "heart problems" & somas & valium & hydrocodone,etc. when the health care reform act passes? Just like we pay for all the welfare recipients on unnecessary drugs just so they an get stoned now - probably at least 75% of painkillers prescribed to welfare recipients today are not needed and are abused or wind up on the street. How bad is going to be when government health care/prescription coverage is mandatory? How do some of you feel about paying for drug addicts "heart problems' and drugs for their addictions? Only the intelligent need reply please......

1687 days ago


Hey 21...They are three different meds. two are pain relievers and one is a sleep aid.

1687 days ago


Years of drug abuse break down your body. People get clean & sober, quit smoking, lose a ton of weight through diet and exercise, and then drop dead. It just happens. The fact that a psychiatrist just prescribed him these meds days before, doesn't mean anything. If your body is done, it's done. Stop trashing him and dragging his name through the mud. Let the man rest in peace. Someday you are all going to die. I hope people pay you a bit of respect as well.

1687 days ago


Wel,DRUGS will do all of that to your organs..DUH.

1687 days ago


I'm sure he did...from all the coke and alcohol he had. The guys poor mother is just trying to find an excuse for the guy being a junky loser

1687 days ago


Really, people??? Fact is Corey died and that in and of itself is a tragedy!!! Ok...enlarged heart, pulmonary congestion, water on the lungs..flu-like syptoms...sounds like he pneumonia. The drug issue cannot cause congestion & water on the lungs...too many people jump to conclusions....cut him & his family some slack and let him Rest In Peace!!!!

1687 days ago

Jeff Ewing    

My heart was actin funny the other day too... Im really worried now...

1687 days ago


Corey tried to get close to a female but his traumatic childhood experience with Michael Jackson caused him to trip into a deep dark hole - drug addiction to mask his pain. Corey is a poster child for why marriage needs to be between a male and a female. Children will end up like Corey unless the adults intervene to protect them. The Michael Jackson thing -- what the hell was Corey's mother thinking when she was accepting $$$$$$ from MJ?
I don't have anything against homosexuality if you choose to act appropiately in public, and also, keep it private between you and your partner.

Check out this reprort

1687 days ago


OMG water in his lungs is PNEUMONIA - I realize he had drug probs but it is so wrong for the LAPD and TMZ to be spreading gossip about the cause & manner of death right now.

1687 days ago

too bad it wasnt a bullet    

and I bet all his heart problems came from hid drugging and drinking days...sorry but he did this to pity for a druggie...they never learn!

1687 days ago


TMZ also reported that Brittany Murphy had Rx bottles by her bed and it turned out that at least one belonged to her mother and they were not the cause of her death... it was a combo of over-the-counter meds and her illness. STOP IT, TMZ.

1687 days ago


I still think lots are getting the swiner flu seems weird all are sick with flu and are dying i bet the chest congestion is part of why he died cause lots of peeps have this flu and it dosnt go away for weeks or over month terrible thing

1687 days ago


Right #47 this is what lots of peeps are dying from this flu going around we just hear of the celebreties not the regular people in this state. its very strange that brittney and Cory and one other i cant remmber who died thinking it was drugs and wasnt they were trying to take over the counter stuff for the flu and its a chest flu lots of phemonia going around we just dont hear about the regular peeps !!

1687 days ago
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