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Richard Belzer: I Didn't Choke Apple Employee!

3/11/2010 2:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Belzer from "Law and Order" claims he never choked the Apple employee who called 911 on him yesterday -- and dude says there's surveillance footage that proves him right.

Richard Belzer: Click to watch

Belzer tells TMZ the drama all started while he was waiting in line at the Apple store in Manhattan. He says a female employee approached him and asked him if he needed help ... so he placed his hands on her shoulders and said he would love some help.

That's when Belzer says she freaked out, called the cops ... and told them he had choked her.

Belzer says cops showed up and took a look at the store's surveillance tape ... and decided the woman's claims were unfounded.

Belzer tells TMZ, "Perhaps I shouldn't have invaded her space, but it was clearly non-threatening."

According to the New York Post, who broke the story, the woman still filed a harassment report against Belzer.


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Milf Biggenson    

Hey #22, quit spamming these boards to get hits for your moronic video. If you can't get real hits because no one is interested, then perhaps it's back to the drawing board to come up with a video people are actually interested in.

1687 days ago


Dan Rather refers to watermelons and Obama and is baffled by the outcry.

Harry Reid compliments the "negro dialect" as if it is OK to do so.

Richard Belzer places both of his hands on a females body.

Listen up you ancient fossils: Society has progressed, you have not. Either get with the new societal norms, or get the heck out of society!

1687 days ago


Exactly why courts are jammed up. Stupid crap like this when he clearly didn't do anything, the cop clearly saw he didn't do anything from the video tape. Why is it women feel it is a right to claim sexual harrasment on EVERYTHING a man does. Hell anymore even if a man looks at a women some chicks flip out and claim that as harrasment. Pretty soon women are going think harrasment is if you breath on them it's harrasmen lol. Some of you women need to GET A LIFE and quit jamming up the courts with frivilous nonsensical clearly FALSE claims. These women that pull this crap need to be arrested and put in jail for waisting tax payers money, cops and law enforcement that can be actually focus on REAL THINGS.

1687 days ago

Forever Thieves    

An unwanted touching is a civil BATTERY in New York (so long as the requisite level of "apprehension" is present).

Who in the hell puts their hands on a service person's shoulders when she asks if he needs help???!!! Those defending him, imagine if EVERY customer did that. Stop making excuses for this (probably) drunken idiot just because he is a pseudo-star, you bunch of myopic celebrity ass kissers.

1687 days ago


Give me a break! I didn't see the video but this woman seems to be looking to make a quick buck. I have had worse things happen to me working in retail but I never have done everything like she did. I guess she wants her 15 mins of bull fame. Please!

1687 days ago


You don't go around putting your hands on strangers. What is wrong with Belzer? Would he have behaved this way toward a man? How would any of you here feel if a strange man came up and put his hands on you or your daughter, wife, etc., like that? I think he was trying to intimidate the woman, and he was wrong, wrong, wrong. Shame on you, Belzer.

1687 days ago

Fred Farkel    

My god.

There is not a day that goes by anymore where women aren't sinking to new lows.

1687 days ago


This guy is a physco. He thinks 2 men should be able to adopt young boys and shower with them.

1687 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Uh oh.

Just realized that female waitstaff and bartenders put their hands on me everyday.

I think I'll go call the cops.

1687 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I am so deeply offended.

1687 days ago


sorry, i HATE anyone that's not immediate family touching me .. so, a weird looking stranger, hell yes, i would have pitched a mini fit .. probably would have told him to F'ING LEAVE THE STORE AND NOT TO PUT HIS HANDS WHERE THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE and left it at that .. but unless you know the girls issues [possibly physical abuse issues] we should be more sympathetic .. does it make it different that he's famous? imagine an amonia/pee smelling homeless man with puss on his eye touching you .. YOU WOULD ALL SO FREAK OUT! no one likes to be touched by strangers . period

1687 days ago



1687 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

Who does he think he is? Ben Roethlisberger? ;)

1687 days ago


Apple stores are so easy to steal, I waited in line at one and couldn't find anyone to help me or seemed interested in my money, so I said screw it and walked out with the merchandise, no one ever paid any attention.

those stores are begging to be ripped off. Noone cares.

1687 days ago


If some total stranger got into my space and put their hands on me I would also be very uncomfortable with it, but to accuse them of anything below that is wrong. Like a few people have said before, it's cases like that that clog up the system and waste everyone's time. That actor should have kept his hands to himself, and she should chill out. The end!

1687 days ago
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