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Moakler Wishes Gay Babies on Prejean

3/11/2010 2:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Moakler Wishes Gay Babies on Prejean
Shanna was leaving Trousdale in West Hollywood last night, when she stated that she hopes Ms. Prejean and her St. Louis Rams fiance Kyle Boller are blessed enough to have gay children.

Wouldn't that be a kick in the crown?


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Moakler is jealous of Prejean. Prejean has morals and values. Moakler has two kids that look like they have seen too much and should not have been born.

1685 days ago


I really don't think Shanna hates Carrie. If she did, then she wouldn't have done her such a massive favor by making her a household name and getting her filthy rich. No way can Shanna be THAT stupid....right?

1685 days ago


Why do liberals routinely use homosexuals as the spearhead of the majority of their insults and put-downs? Seems very hypocritical to me.

1685 days ago


56. So using her logic, shouldn't she be wishing "gay babies" on Obama, John Kerry, John Edwards, Bill and Hillary Clinton as well? Since they all agree with Carrie on gay marriage.....

Just sayin.....

Posted at 9:09AM on Mar 11th 2010 by Zeke


Thanks for reminding all the idiots out there who are very selective in their recall regarding our leaders'gay marriage positions.

1685 days ago


I would NEVER wish Carrie Prejean as a Parent on a precious gay baby! That is just a SIN!

1685 days ago


Who cares about comments from a vacous, big mouthed attention seeking, talent lacking, woman known for WHAT???

1685 days ago



1685 days ago


How totally AWFUL that Moakler would "wish" gay babies on Prejan. is she saying that "gay" babies/children are awful!!!

Shannon is a total hyporcrite. she hates prejon for being pro christian. YET WISHES her Gay children as in a horrible "thing" according to Moakler.

did the fomer miss USA get an education or is she just that stupid.

truly what a horrible thing to say for someone who THINKS she's a role model. Gay or Straight, i hope my children do not tihnk she's a role model. i sorta defer to taylor swift. Moakler, is working it to the end. it's so sad how ignorant she is, yet how much she thinks she's worth. truly sad for her children who have nannies, and she sleeps their days away in order to get ready for a night out. you can never recapture your childs young life. she's sleeping during the day, and partying it out all night.

1685 days ago


Shanna Moakler and her ex are both dirt bags with no morals and they have no class and that is why they are jealous of Carrie Prejean.

Your kids are going to be losers and you will have problems with them because of how sick you both are.

You are all dried up and stretched out down below in you stinky area and you will blow out some dead or blind mute next time you mate. ha ha ha

1685 days ago


20.Why would anyone wish such a horrible thing on anyone?? Nobody wants a gay baby. And why wish this on someone as beatiful as Carrie?? I pray that her babies are normal, healthy and free from the mental illness that this crazy person and TMZ wish upon her.

Ok so basically babies are gay now too... That was the one section of the population I wasn't gonna use my gaydar on lol... And yes gay babies should only go to ugly people, because ugly people can raise the ugly souls? Oh yea, I say it in sarcasm but that's totally what you meant. I hope a beautiful person didn't have to raise you :-P

1685 days ago


In my experience, people who believe homosexuality is a choice are not confident in their own attraction toward the opposite sex. Otherwise, how could they fathom choosing to be gay? Why would they view that as something desirable?

I certainly can't imagine choosing to be straight, and there's not even a stigma attached to it. It doesn't disgust me, it just doesn't appeal to me in any way.

1685 days ago


Is it true that this dilapidated Shanna slut used to pull trains at the Playboy Mansion?

1685 days ago


We hate you and your damned kids Moakler. God works in mysterious ways and will give you dead babies in your future you troll. Carrie is so much a lady and you are a tramp and you prove it every time you open you big fat mouth wider and wider and wider.

1685 days ago


Carrie is so much better than you Moakler. You wish you were brought up with the values that Carrie has so you could be a companion with a good guy. Instead you get a loser after loser just like you are and you will never marry a normal man like Carrie will and that hurts you.

No normal man wants you, only idiots will want a sick thinking woman such as yourself, they may have money but they are as dumb as a box of rocks as you are you jealous fool.

1685 days ago


She needs to get over it, I think she is obsessed with Carrie. They asked Carrie a question and she answered it honestly, would it have been better if she would have lied? Hollywood is always preaching to be tolerant of each other but if you don't believe like them they go crazy. I hate to burst Shanna bubble but more of America believes like Carrie than her anyway..... and who cares what this washed up beauty queen thinks!!!

1685 days ago
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