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Charlie Sheen -- Ready to Cop a Plea

3/12/2010 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie SheenWith his arraignment looming and his show on the line, Charlie Sheen is ready to plea bargain his felony case in Aspen, sources tell TMZ. But we're told prosecutors are not that eager to deal, at least not right now.

Sources tell us Sheen would plead no contest to a misdemeanor, provided he would not do any jail time. He'd agree to probation and also agree to take anger management classes.

Sheen's biggest bargaining chip is the accuser herself, wife Brooke Mueller, who was under the influence during the alleged Christmas Day assault and is currently in rehab.

And there's something else. People from Brooke's camp tell us she would rather walk on hot coals than testify against Charlie and wants this case to go away, stat.

The fly in the ointment: We're told prosecutors feel they have enough physical evidence to convince a jury that Brooke's original allegations against Charlie are truthful, even if she's shaky on the stand.

Charlie's arraignment in Aspen is set for Monday. He'll be on the "Two and a Half Men" set -- with a sober coach -- beginning Tuesday to film the last 4 episodes of the season. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller


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capt andy    

why do celebrities get special treatment over and over,,,at least their no racism there,,they all get special,white.purple.yellow

1649 days ago

sean dell    


1649 days ago

Illinois person    

How can you have so much wealth yet have your life so out of control? Oh yeah, I forgot about Tiger Woods' troubles too. So dear wife would "rather walk on coals" than testify against what really happened, no kidding? You mean she doesn't want to give up access to her cash cow. Yeah go ahead and allow Sheen to cop a plea (yet again) but this guy has major issues in his life. If this had been down-on-his-luck John Doe facing all of this a judge would throw the book at him. We all know that the rich and famous can buy (or plead) their way out of everything. Go for it Sheen but really you're and out of control bozo with serious issues with booze, women and rage among other things and it's sad that all of you fame, wealth, famous father, hit TV show, your children and so on seems to bring you no peace of mind at all. Finally, you're not aging well either. How sad for you!

1649 days ago


Posted at 7:03AM on Mar 12th 2010 by Melissa

I have to disagree with you Melissa, Charlie has been getting a free pass for years and years of drug abuse as well as physical abuse toward women and yet he still manages to have a hit TV show.
When a white man does or is accused of any crime his race is NEVER an issue. I've never read a post (on this site anyway) where a white person's race has been called out, yet if you post a story about someone who's black within about 8 posts someone will have either flat out called him some sort of racist name or suggest that whatever the crime is, is typical to the whole black race. If it's a story about a domestic abuse inevitably someone will say “what do you expect blacks are violent by nature” If the story is about a theft someone will say “what did you think he’d actually BUY that..THEY never buy anything” it seems more often than not the whole race somehow has to carry the burden of an individual’s crime. As a matter of fact all you have to do is show a black face and in a few short comments someone will have made a comment about his colour. All you have to do is read past posts to see what I mean. Race is and will always be an issue in America.

1649 days ago


Leave the guy alone! Everyone has problems.

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1649 days ago


The prosecutors don't need Brooke to prove their case. Everyone knows Charlie's sick and is a criminal.

1649 days ago


This prosecutor is wasting our tax dollars.....go catch a criminal. It was an argument between husband & wife...move along moron

1649 days ago


He's a complete a**hole. This whole thing thing will go away eventually until the next time. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits buddy. Karma sucks.

1649 days ago


Thanks for your post, Good luck.

1649 days ago


wait. I'm confused. No jail time for Charlie? Does a "no" vote mean no, no jail time for Charlie? Or does it mean no, he should do time. Similarily does a "yes" vote mean, yes he should do time, or yes he shouldn't do time? Suggeation? Not that you asked for one... Change it to say just "Jail time for Charlie?" Easier to answer.
I'm just sayin'...

1649 days ago


brooke is nothing but tobacco road trash!!

1649 days ago


Who is the moron that wrote this poll?
No jail for charilie? If you say yes, is that "yes, no jail for
charlie" or if you say no, it's "no, no jail for charlie" meaning
the same freaking thing. Better poll - jail time for charile -


1649 days ago

Old Enough    

Kevin, innocent until proven guilty. Brooke was drunk when she called the police therefore at the very least there would have been bail.

Melissa, you are so right.

Nix, were you there? How do you know anything actually happened since Brooke was drunk at 8am?

that's right, sorry but the courts can’t consider anything but what the current charges are. The past has no bearing.

Kate, there was no proof – bruises, cuts, etc. – that show that Charlie beat his wife that morning.

BTW – since Brooke is Charlie’s wife she can’t be forced to testify against him in a court of law.

1649 days ago


This case just gets more ridiculous every minute! The Aspen DA is obviously trying to gain his 15 minutes of fame here. If I were a resident and or business owner in Aspen, I'd be calling for the DA's head on a platter! The Aspen community thrives off of celebrity tourism, the DA is sending a clear message that celebrities will be prosecuted even if their accusers recant and do not want charges brought? I applaud TMZ's decision not to mention the DA's name in "print" though I wonder if they did if maybe he's be satisfied enough to put this circus of his to bed?

1649 days ago

Kooky Fan    


1649 days ago
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