Charlie Sheen -- Ready to Cop a Plea

3/12/2010 1:10 PM PST

Charlie Sheen -- Ready to Cop a Plea

With his arraignment looming and his show on the line, Charlie Sheen is ready to plea bargain his felony case in Aspen, sources tell TMZ. But we're told prosecutors are not that eager to deal, at least not right now.

Sources tell us Sheen would plead no contest to a misdemeanor, provided he would not do any jail time. He'd agree to probation and also agree to take anger management classes.

Sheen's biggest bargaining chip is the accuser herself, wife Brooke Mueller, who was under the influence during the alleged Christmas Day assault and is currently in rehab.

And there's something else. People from Brooke's camp tell us she would rather walk on hot coals than testify against Charlie and wants this case to go away, stat.

The fly in the ointment: We're told prosecutors feel they have enough physical evidence to convince a jury that Brooke's original allegations against Charlie are truthful, even if she's shaky on the stand.

Charlie's arraignment in Aspen is set for Monday. He'll be on the "Two and a Half Men" set -- with a sober coach -- beginning Tuesday to film the last 4 episodes of the season.