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You Gotta Hand It

to Conan O'Brien Fans ...

3/13/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Team Coco strikes again.

Jay Leno

A Conan O'Brien fan posed for a photo with Jay Leno last night with the letters "Coco FTW" written on his hand -- which means "for the win."

Leno got the "Tonight Show" back and Conan got $32.5 million from NBC -- they're both winners.


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FTW = For The Win.

Higher ratings doesn't prove Leno is funnier than Leno. It just proves that Leno dumbs down his humor to appeal to the masses. Middle America loves Jay Leno!

1662 days ago

Nick Beammm    

FTW does in fact stand for For The Win... you probably should have taken a solid 20 seconds to google it.

Aside from that, how could F--- the world mean anything in this context?

Conzie FTW, indeed!

1662 days ago


Yeah, Jay set this up. Ever think the kid saw Leno, wrote that on his hand, and then asked to get his picture taken with him?

And as for Jimmy Kimmel on Jay Leno, and Jay choosing not to edit it out. If Jay did edit it out, it still would've leaked on the Internet, and would have been an even more bigger deal than it was. So that really was Jay's only choice.

I'm with COCO!!!

1662 days ago


First of all, FTW = for the win!

36: "So to the 10% of you who actually watched Conan on the Late Show and the Tonight Show, good for you for sticking around. For the other 90%, we'll give it 5 minutes before your attention is lost elsewhere." Team Coco hasn't slowed down at all since its conception. In fact we are still growing in numbers... almost one million strong!

53: "Higher ratings doesn't prove Leno is funnier than Leno" = FAIL.

This picture is hilarious XD I'm with COCO!!

1662 days ago


FTW means for the win as well as f*ck the world. It's gamer speak, and has been around for ages.

1662 days ago


In the United States, FTW stands for "For The Win". That guy was NOT saying "F*ck the world".

1662 days ago


Okay guys.. FTW in the last 10 years has come to mean For the win.... But for decades, long before most of you were even born, it meant F*ck The World as in Anarchy Now!! Punk Rock from the 80's... ring any bells? oh wait thats right, you weren't born yet... fricken teenie boppers... yeesh

1662 days ago


Actually, continuing from comment 59, I had a f.T.w.patch on my jansport bag, right next to the Sid and Nancy and Ramones patches, and trust me, it didn't mean for the ;)

1662 days ago


First of all, FTW = for the win. Keep up with the times, people. C'mon!! ;-)

Also, they're not both winners – Leno is a talentless backstabber who has managed, in the course of his career, to alienate almost every other comedian. Conan, on the other hand, is immensely talented and innovative, and is doing a tour in which he isn't taking a single dime, in order to employ his former staffers [whom he is currently paying out of his own pocket].

It's a well-known fact in this industry that Leno cares about money, Conan cares about people.

1662 days ago


@59: FTR, those born in the 80's are out of their teens (if you can do math). *mumbles* I'm done trolling now. COCO FTW!

1662 days ago


Hey dinosaurs.. FTW might of meant Fk the world back in the stone age, but it means "FOR THE WIN" right now. Trade in your VCRs and do some up to date research before making stupid comments.

1662 days ago


NOOBS it's always been For The Win. L2 internet geez

1662 days ago


In Internet parlance it's meant For The Win (think hollywood squares) for years and years. It only means eff the world to malcontent and anti-social.

1662 days ago


@63... really, couldn't figure that out on my own, But who said I was talking about people born in the 80s? I said that Anarchy Now!! and f.T.w. (as in F*ck the World) were part of the punk movement in the 80s... If you knew who Sid and Nancy are (were :(...) , you would understand...

1662 days ago


LOL f**k the world huh? for the last several years i've known FTW as for the win so you 50 year old dudes who arent up with the current terminology, pls stfu (thats "shut the f*** up" incase you thought it was something else retarded). Leno isnt even funny, i hear one stupid joke and i change the channel. NBC lost my respect imho ("in my honest opinion" for those confused 40 yr olds)

1662 days ago
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