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Urgent Care Targeted by Corey Haim's Mom

3/13/2010 3:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey HaimThe L.A. County Coroner's Office may investigate several urgent care facilities that prescribed meds to Corey Haim ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources say Corey's mom, Judy Haim, told Coroner's investigators that her son had been going to numerous urgent care facilities to score prescriptions.

Judy told investigators she was so frustrated in the last months of his life that she called several of the urgent care facilities herself, inquiring why they would give her son so many pills. She said Corey would often get 60 to 90 pills per visit.

We're told Judy and a friend told investigators they would provide the Coroner's Office with a list of facilities.


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And still some out there will say He didn't OD. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Yada Yada Yada

Good for Corey's mom. At least she's doing something while in her grief. Fighting back.

Yes, Corey in Large part contributed to his early dismiss being a lifelong abuser of drugs. I do believe it's a disease (with mixed feelings) but these docs and other dealers are Enablers to Addicts.

No matter what they find in the Tox reports. it's obvious his abuse of drugs for so long damaged his organs and caused his death.

Same as Brittany Murphy, MJ, Anna Nicole, Elvis and many others.

1687 days ago


And what is wrong with Hollywood. It mostly full of addicts. It dont take all that to act. It's like its a curse over the city or something. They should require them to have counseling as part of their contracts regardless if they need it or not. If you want to work you will take your butt to counseling to talk about some crap because too many idiots are becoming addicts in Hollywood!

1687 days ago


U cant blame the facilities because its not like they knew that this is what he was doing. Using them for drugs and telling lies. Its not like they knew his history. So sad to go after the facilities that were trying to help him based on the evidence presented to them. But the facilities may have to change their policy on pain meds etc to
only giving a 3 to 7 day supply requiring refills only be given by their primary care MD and if the same person comes back enough, it would be a red flag. Maybe there should be an alert system that all ER and urgent care centers have access too. But, then there is the HIPAA law to get around sharing healthcare information- well require individuals getting the meds to sign a release that this service will put a notification in the system for a narcotic order that could be accessed by other facilities to prevent pharmaceutical shopping by an addict. They will figure it out to still allow them to help people and protect themselves at the same time. Idiots like this make it hard for the innocent people.

1687 days ago


Fighting back against WHAT, exactly? The places who try to treat people for pain, because her addict son exploited them with false stories so he could get the pills HE wanted? How exactly is he the victim? Because he died from his abuse of drugs, anybody who hands out drugs do people in pain deserves to be punished for HIS action? God bless, but if his mom wants to point fingers, she should take a look at her self rather than filing lawsuits to milk some money out of our overtaxed medical system (that she will doubtless spend on drugs)

1687 days ago


Death by lifestyle. Who cares?

1687 days ago


he was an addict. When there is a will there is a way. He would of got it on the street and maybe died sooner. Can't blame clinics. This guy just couldn't evolve from exchild star status. But look at Shirley Temple she moved on from hollywood. He was just lost. too late to finger point.

1687 days ago


Cinemashow, I agree 100 percent with every single thing you said. That is one of the most well-written, informative articles I've ever seen on this site -- and it IS an article; in fact, it's a great Op/Ed! At age 31, I went through Xanax addiction (and rehab, twice, where I knew several Vidodin addicts and can attest to exactly what you described) and one suicide attempt -- there is no cure for clinical depression. Addiction is everywhere; it's not just Hollywood. Thanks for writing your piece and making real sense in a world where there just isn't much of that left.

1687 days ago


I occasionally suffer from back spasms. My doctor's office requires you sign-in at 8:00 in the morning if you want to see a doctor that day,so if I am in pain at 2:00 in the afternoon, I'm out of luck. Therefore, I have,on occasion, gone to urgent care facilities for treatment.

They give me at the MOST a week's worth of pain meds and then if I am still having trouble, I go to my regular doctor. These types of facilities aren't meant to provide you with long-term treatments, they're merely supposed to get you through until you can get to your own doctor. It's the same concept as a hospital emergency room.

Regardless of what Corey wanted, there is no reason in HELL they should have been giving him 60 to 90 pills per visit. They don't know his medical history,I doublt they sent him for any kind of testing. . .any reputable urgent care facility wouldn't have done it.

1687 days ago


I had thought there was some type of system in place in the US for Abusers of these type of RX drugs who doctor shop.,,, Going to diff ER's, pharmacies, etc.
Aren't they suppose to be Rad Flagged or something.

Maybe Mr Pharmacist can tell us.

Happen to know a friend who's relatives were arrested for doctor shopping over a year ago. Two of the relatives moved out of state and again one of them was recently arrested for it. Don't know all the details but since she has the same name of another relative in the same town she's trying to say the Walmart Pharm mixed up the names. Yeah right.
Don't know all the details but the woman has 4 young children under 8 yrs old. I'd like to wring her neck.

Also aware of a few others who always coming down with some type of injury, back problem, painful infections, need surgery, etc, etc.

Especially after watching my father last days in the Hospital dying of pancreatic cancer that had only been diagnosed weeks before his death. He had only taken OTC meds till he was in the hosp his last week. Flew in to his bedside days before his death arriving late and having to hear him groan in pain during the night. I finally went to the nurses station to ask if he had any pain meds and they told me he hadn't asked for anything or complained. Grrrrr
I was ready to fly off the handle and act worse then Shirley Maclaine did at the nurses station in Terms of Endearment.

These addicts with the fake and purposely caused injuries MAKE ME SICK.

1687 days ago


#4 cinemashow---Well written and for once something worth reading instead of the usual bashing sessions that go on with these comments.
In a article just posted on popeater there is apparently a prescription pad drug ring involved in this case. People are stealing a doctor's identity and ordering prescription pads that are then used to obtain the prescritions of choice. I personally knew someone back in the 70's who would go to a doctor in NYC and for a price you could buy blank prescription sheets or pads if you had the money.
It never occured to me that, that practice was still going on. But I have always wondered how could so many doctors could be turning our country upside down with prescription drug abuse. The answer may actually lie in this prescription pad ring.
I agree with you #9 aeromel78 ----These urgent care centers are not suppose to be writing large quantity doses for narcotic medications. A 4 or 5 day supply if this is a regular medication that you are prescribed from your primary care or pain management physician.
I have several chronic illnesses that without pain medications I would be crippled up in a wheelchair and suffering immensely. These new prescription junkies make even the best doctors caucious of prescribing to those who are truly suffering. So I resent this abuse by others. I have been robbed twice by people I thought I could trust. I allowed them into my home and at the end of the month I would come up short on my medications. I can't press charges because it would be a she said/she said situation.
Addicts will do anything to get their supply even at the cost of a friendship. My own sister robbed me of all my needles that I use for my MS and then denied it. Had she taken one or two needles I would never have questioned it, but when the entire box is empty and the only person in your home is your own sister who else could it be.
I hope our government gets a handle on this crisis. Long gone are the days where a tylenol was sufficent for a headache or a stubbed toe. Doctors are writing vicodin presciptions and turning everyday people into drug abusers. Maybe this death is the final wakeup call as though all the rest in the past 2 years wasn't enough.

1687 days ago


Attorney General: Corey Haim Tragedy Linked to Prescription Drug Ring
California's attorney general said he believes Corey Haim's tragic death this week is linked to a "illegal and massive prescription-drug ring" already under investigation in the state.

"Corey Haim's death is yet another tragedy linked to the growing problem of prescription-drug abuse," Attorney General Jerry Brown said Friday, according to CNN. "This problem is increasingly linked to criminal organizations, like the illegal and massive prescription-drug ring under investigation."

Even though the coroner has not ruled on what killed Haim on Wednesday, Brown's office says the the former child star's death has already played a part in their ongoing investigation into illegal prescriptions outside of Los Angeles.

The statement says "an unauthorized prescription under the former child star's name that was found during an ongoing investigation of fraudulent prescription-drug pads ordered from a vendor in San Diego."

Brown said the ring uses stolen doctor's identities to order prescription-drug pads that are used to write counterfeit prescriptions.

1687 days ago


Did he died?

1687 days ago


What medical facilties still use RX drug pads??
Seems like I have only seen computer generated scripts that are faxed or sent thru directly to the Pharmarcy you use.

I had also understood that Health Insurance companies including Medicaid will Red Flag patients who they deem are abusing these addictive type of RX's.

I suppose there are many ways to stay under the radar by paying full price, using aliases and/or buying RX off the street.

Like someone said. If there's a will there's a way.

1687 days ago


thanks corey your ruining life for us just like mj and anna did. guys if u wanna kill yurself use a rope. now docs wont perscripbe

1687 days ago

capt andy    

why is the first thing relatives do is want to blame everyone but the person overdosing on the drugs,how lame is this..its not my sons fault..its the doctors fault ..its the phamarsists fault..acccountability people ..cory was a loser from many years ago and he killed himself for whatever reason..maybe he really did want to be a banker..maybe he didnt get that teddy bear when he was 5 ..who cares life goes on and he will just rot away in the ground where he belongs..its all about what have you done for me latley,the majority of people do not over use drugs as some say on here..anyone can write all this crap and really it has no meaning at all....his mom sees some dollors signs and is going to blame everyone but her loser son to try and get some money...

1687 days ago
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