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Demi & Joe Jonas:

A Match Made in Disneyland

3/15/2010 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After finally confirming they are a couple, Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas stepped out in public yesterday to do a little platonic shopping in Los Feliz.


Rumors that they're the same size are not true.


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lauren lipkin    

zac and vanessa are way cuter.

who cares about the jonas brothers and demi.

1681 days ago


I think they grabbed each other's sunglasses....

1681 days ago


This guy has Oompa Loompa legs and fat ass syndrome. How on earth did disney convince girls that he and his brothers can sing and are hot. I don't get it. Was it a joke or something and they were just seeing how powerful they are at creating star kids out of nothing. This guy and his brothers are some of the fugliess people I have ever seen. I just scratch my head every time I see one of these guys.

1681 days ago


hmmmm, so is this Disney's answer to the fact that Demi has been the subject of several blind items? isn't fairly well known that she has a drug problem and had unprotected sex w/some guy in the living room of some party? guess only time will tell....

1681 days ago


They look cute together with their short, stubby legs.

1681 days ago


The whole thing is a joke

1681 days ago


Cute couple!!

1681 days ago



1681 days ago

Marketing $ociologist    

Anyone want to cover my bet Kevin's no longer married by 12/31/2010?

Also, spring break. Does Nick take Selena Gomez someplace exotic? No, he shags Dodgers' balls in Arizona with some boy toy named John Taylor.

1681 days ago


Its funny how all these years demi would laugh and say joe wasn't her type but now when Make a Wave comes out on Itunes they are all of the sudden dating? And she tells access Hollywood which is owned by people which is owned by DISNEY that she's dating Joe? So weird.. and now they are running around in parks fully knowing people are taking pictures of them and bringing a paparazzi into a church with them for pics? It's just all very weird im pretty skeptical about it all because of these reasons. And not to mention the day selena and nick break up suddenly its demi and joe.. sounds like a publicity stunt for me. Publicity for what? Make a wave, camp rock 2, publicity in general..lets face it no one really cares about the jonas brothers or demi unless it has to do with their love lives. Plus I just cant see joe dating a 17 year old girl.. Think of kevin and danielle, they never flaunted anything because they were in a real relationship..joe and demi have been seen out together in posed pictures from the second demi even mentioned it...its too fishy and the night after demi said it make a wave came out on itunes and there was a whole demi/joe montage on disney channel...

Think what you want and no im not jealous I love demi very much i saw her more than i saw jonas on their tour im just pointing something out.

1681 days ago


Ugggggg. Demi is such a tipical movie wannabe. She just wants to get more and more famous. God. Joe is just under her SPELLS!!! Uggg i dont like demi. Go Joe!

1681 days ago


Demi = Sexy Woman

Joe= Virgin

Demi needs to find someone that knows how to press those buttons the right

1681 days ago

Caden Canyon    

More fakery from the phony Jonas boys.

Remember: Rock Hudson married his secretary to squash gay rumours in the 1960's.

Now I'm saying this is the case for Joe. No, I'm positive that NICK is the gay one. So this is just the:


Those Jonas boys were perpetually flying under the radar playing in B-list and C-list venues before Disney took notice of their appealing brotherly, clean-cut image and made them an offer they couldn't refuse. Sell out your musician integrity and come be nothing more than a puppet to a large, faceless, money-hungry corporation (Disney) in exchange for being pimped out at hyperbole speed to become famous.

The result is CRAP fluff like 'Camp Rock' (pull-leeze!) and obvious fake junk like "purity rings".

This is just Disney in action and you idiotic "'tweens" gobble up what you're spoon-fed!

And don't forget: Walt Disney himself fired a 15-year-old Tommy Kirk ('Old Yeller') because of an on-set affair w/ another Disney teen boy!

P.S. Unlike these phony Jonas boys, Hanson in the mid-1990's DIDN'T have to sell out and could put out the material they wanted to do w/out having to put it through a heartless corporate bean-counter AND they were actually successful (highly successful) on their own merritt! Their deep religious family values were actually pure-of-heart.

Plus, what's w/ Joe? He always looks like a scuzzy dirtbag all the time? His greasy straight hair, disgusting bushy eyebrows and filthy skin. It's like he goes out of his way to look like a cartoonish character from a 1930's Italian sterotype movie. Yuck! ONAS-large.jpg

The sell outs as kids:

1681 days ago


ummm...their new movie comes out in a month. i find this waaaaay too convenient...

1681 days ago


She is FAT and NASTY! I don't find him all that attractive either, but I definitely think he can do WAY better!

1681 days ago
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