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Erin Andrews' Stalker Sentenced to 30 Months

3/15/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Andrews' stalker, Michael David Barrett, was just sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Erin Andrews

Barrett -- who pled guilty in December to one count of interstate stalking -- has until noon on May 3 to turn himself in. Barrett also has to stay 100 yards away from Erin and her family at all times.

Barrett was accused of secretly videotaping Andrews while she was naked in multiple hotel rooms.

During a news conference after the hearing, Erin said she wished Barrett was sentenced to more time behind bars. She also said she considers Barrett a sexual predator.

Erin Andrews'

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No Avatar


TMZ & harvey i hope u rot in hell and yur website fails. because of u a man is sent to prison for video taping.. he did not threaten or even touch her... fame whore tmz...

1682 days ago


so sad for this guy... prison time for this slightly getting wrinkly girl.. i dont know lol.. i mean i think he should be sent to prison but not for 2 years.. lol.. seems too harsh to me.

1682 days ago


Please let this VERY overrated hag break an ankle on DWTS...

1682 days ago


I'd be pretty upset if this happened to my wife, daughter, mother, sister, etc. But she seems to be handling it awkwardly. She said she thinks about it every moment of every day. I'm not sure about that. Ive seen her on tv since and she wasn't thinking about it then.

She can't wait a year to do DWTS? She is only drawing more attention to her and her video by participating in the show. She has to know this. And let me tell you her getting up there and doing those types of dances will not further her cause or help similar victims. As a matter a fact it might hurt the cause. Money talks I guess.

1682 days ago


To those who are criticizing Erin's behavior and looks, she is not on trial here. She has done nothing wrong, nor did the other victims he did this to. This guy broke the law and he didn't just do it once; he did it over and over again. He should go to prison for it. I guess that's too complicated of a concept for the sexists and perverts here to understand.

1682 days ago

Jerry Martin    

I don't know why anybody would stalk her. She's ugly.

1682 days ago


Erin asked for MORE time. haHA. I knew it. Soooooo predictable. Someone needs to tell Erin she is just like Brittney Murphy in the movie "Uptown Girls". As soon as little pampered-rich-kid "Molly Gunn" lost her money she is unable to cope with the real world Like: getting a job; or doing laundrey, because she was so pampered. Erin is just a weak minded person who thinks justice equals something to match Erins own emotional cry fits. A strong person would of not quit her job and shrugged off a video on the internet that isn't that embarrasing. 30 months is something fitting for accidental homicide.

1682 days ago

annon imous    

2.5 years is way over the top for someone who didn't actually touch anyone.

She should pay the stalker a third of her Dancing With the Stars money, because he's the only reason she's on there.

1682 days ago


tmz you're so lazy not covering good stories; and this wench LOVES the attention; she got looked at naked which catapults her to DWTS; SHE'S MILKING HER 15 MIN. FOR EVERYTHING SHE CAN GET.

1682 days ago


I'll tell you what, this broad's got some body on her. She should thank this guy. Her career has skyrocketed since as evidenced by her scheduled appearance on Dancing with the Stars. But man, I saw that video and this chick has got it going on all over.

1682 days ago


I'm glad the guy got 30 months. No one has the right to invade anyone's privacy.

1682 days ago


MY GOD only 30 months???? Should have been put away for the maximum. Hope he becomes someones sweetie in prison.

1682 days ago

stan de man    

am i the only one that thinks he did her a favor ?? she's made more $$$$$ now then ever before , people know who she is and its not like she was beaten or abused..look at rhianna , made her a bigger star & more $$$$$$$ , dont tell me that andrews hasnt profited from this..it was common place back in the old hollyweird days. i dont approve or condone the method he used or what he did but 30 months is way too long, there are wife beaters and rapists that get less time..

1682 days ago


She want him to go to jail for life wow you can't see that much in the video this girl is not all that and im sure if there was some hot guy in the room next to her she would take a look you guys watch this girl will do somthing dumb 1 day like make a porn or get drumk and run around nude or get a DUI and then we shoul tell the jude she should get life in jail please fire here ESPN

1682 days ago


lol meh are you nuts? he showed the world how good she looked naked. invaded her privacy, sure I guess - that consititutes over 2 years in jail? hardly.. it harmed her in no way that I can think of, actually it did the opposite. For a crime to be comitted it has to harm someone last I checked. She needs to get off her high horse, I wont venture and say most, but plenty of women do this intentionally in order for exposure. They know what they are doing, sex makes the world go round, and unfortunately women are the more attractive of the two genders so they can and do take advantage of it. I completely dispise her now, but ironic I didnt even know who she was before this lol. her face ought to be bagged tho.

1682 days ago
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