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Corey Haim 911 Call --

He's Not Breathing

3/16/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: TMZ has obtained the heartbreaking 911 call made by Corey Haim's mother the morning he collapsed at her apartment on March 10.

Corey Haim
Judy has a difficult time understanding the 911 dispatcher. It's hard to understand what he's saying.

Judy makes it clear Corey is not breathing. He was pronounced dead an hour and 15 minutes after the 911 call.


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RIPCoreyHaim (135):

Christ, there's more?!

1596 days ago


Let me dumb this down for those of you having trouble understanding typed words:

Unless you are 100% Native American, you are a "damned foreigner".

I was not slamming Native Americans, only racist idiots that have diarrhea (SP) of the mouth and go on and on ABOUT "damned foreigners". I do not normally use the word "injun", any more than I use the N word.(which is never) Again, trying to make it easy for teh stoopids to understand.

I am a mixture of many backgrounds, NONE of it being Native American, so guess what? Even though my ancestors came over hundreds of years ago, I am technically a "damned foreigner".

I am glad no one tried to keep us "damned foreigners" out then!

1596 days ago


Yeah Tommy Boy and it literally made me nauseous listening to it. It was really hard. She's screaming "Cor Cor whats going on?" Really heart wrenching. I never want to hear it again. Apparently he got up to go to the bathroom and he fell over. Just awful! I feel for this lady so much.

1596 days ago


1596 days ago


Please listen to the 911 tape after reading the American Heart Association Fire Dispatch CPR Instructions, the 911 fire dispatch operator speaking with Mrs. Haim made instructional errors in how he requested her to perform hands only bystander CPR. Here is a start for you, the instructions are the same nationwide.

1596 days ago


PLEASE...PLEASE...GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK......AS IF HIS MOTHER DIDN'T KNOW HE WAS AN ADDICT...LIVING TOGETHER AND ALL....SHE'S SO SURPRISED! ! ...........pleeeeeez...........its sad.....yeah.....but he had every opportunity to get some major help, more help than the rest of us.......

1596 days ago

RIP Sweet Spirit    

I will not listen, tempted, but wont, some things are for PRIVATE use only..

Our Voyeuristic Society is really no different than the Spectators in Rome watching peeps get eaten up alive by innocent lions.

1596 days ago


What the F^^^ is this doing on display???? PATHETIC TMZ!!

1596 days ago


1. If you disagree with 911 tapes being made available to the public then you're opposed to the Freedom of Information Act and an idiot. Anyone can access the tapes for good reason.

2. I can't believe readers who slam TMZ for posting personal information about celebs when that's exactly what they came to this site for. Hypocrites.

As for message 141... Hands only CPR is now considered the most effective method but it is not the only method. There's nothing to investigate.

1596 days ago


This 911 operator did not sound very effective. He was mumbling and it was hard to understand what he was saying. There also did not seem to be a sense of urgency from him. I know it's their job to keep people calm, but I think he should have been more engaged. RIP

1596 days ago


Seriously that 911 operator should be fired. What a joke! You could hardly understand is mumbling... I feel sorry for Corey's mom.

1596 days ago

Kathy B    

That dispatcher should be fired. He was mumbling and clearly sounded annoyed when she asked him to repeat himself. Foreign or not, all 911 dispatchers should be able to give clear concise direction to callers who may be depending on them for their very lives.

1596 days ago


OK, 911 dispatching is not the place for heavy accents !!!!!!! This really ticks me off

1596 days ago


That man is so incoherent I thought he was Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Do people in California not have to take 911 training like they do elsewhere? At the least it takes 2 years to get a Associates and they learn 911 techniques there, then they have to do additional schooling. This guy is dumb as a rock.

1596 days ago


Honestly, I think TMZ should post these calls because it exposes how horrible California's 911 system is run. If anything comes from these calls than upsetting dorks on the internet, it should change the 911 system. That way, many people wouldn't die because 911 dispatchers stupidity.

1596 days ago
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