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Jermaine Jackson on Jaafar: It Wasn't a Stun Gun

3/16/2010 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson admits his son was in the wrong for ordering something online -- but according to him, it wasn't a stun gun.

Jermaine & Jaafar Jackson: Click to watch
Though extremely vague on what 13-year-old son Jaafar -- who was with him -- actually purchased, Jermaine says he "never touched Blanket" with "that thing."

Jermaine claims he had "no idea" anything was going on.

As TMZ first reported, the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services seized a stun gun during their first visit to the home after the incident. Family members tell us Jaafar fired the gun into a piece of paper but contradicted employees who say he pointed the gun at Blanket and Prince.


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Denise Fentress    

Jaafar Is A Great Kid The Media Just Needs To Shut Up And LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

1668 days ago


i love you jermaine but you need to be with your family .you need to be a dad stop giving your lovely mother a hard job she is too old for that, your children need to be with you

1675 days ago


Of course, we all believe everything and anything Jermaine says, don't we? Was Jermaine even in the house at that time? I think not.

1682 days ago


this family will go to any length to cover up anything negative about its family. for being so "religious" they are sure a bunch of liars. Just go away. you greedy, bunch of narcissists. Money is your GOD. Just money, that's all your family cares about. So stop coming on TV with your soft spoken voice, and your quotes from the gospel....the gospel of Jackson.

1682 days ago


Jermaine seems to make up the history of the Jacksons as he goes along. Whatever supposedly puts any Jackson in the best light is what he puts out there. It's a lifelong habit and not about to be broken anytime soon. When exactly did he become the spokesperson for the family? The smart Jacksons (assuming there are some) have kept their mouths shut...but not Jermaine. And he's the one with that creepy voice similar to Michael's. Yuck!

1682 days ago


jermaine is such a liar. His kids are just as jealous of micheals as jermaine was of him. Now that idiot is getting paid for his child molesting brothers work. WHY DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT THAT FAMILY OF FREAKS. janet is pretty cool I guess but didn't she stand behind my kill. they make me sooo sick

1682 days ago


of course jermaine would say he doesnt know what was going on , he is never there to help his mother raise HIS KIDS!!!! why would he be there he is to busy living alone with his wife and being in the spotlight pretending to be there for michaels legacy!!! WHATEVER JERMAINE ITS TIME TO BE A DAD!!!sue from tampa

1682 days ago


post#4 you post really didnt have to mention anything about child molestation, that does not have anything to do with this thread!!!! you really need to read the court records and see where michael was found innocent on all charges pertaining to the cmc. please stick to topic which is about jermaine and his son jaafar!!!! sue from tampa

1682 days ago


TMZ your paparazzi are truly idiots they can never formulate a decent question. That alone would annoy the hell out of me. Jermaine is a patient man to take the barrage of pointless questions in stride.

1682 days ago


Jermaine Jackson needs to grow up-get a job and move out of his mommys house.

1682 days ago


It's interesting that Jermaine claims that TMZ tells "nothing but lies" but doesn't offer any examples or proof.

1682 days ago

Oval Beach    

Awww...what a touching moment...father out with sons on a beautiful day. Probably the first time Jermaine has seen his sons Jaafar and Jermajesty but in a while but...awww...what a touching moment. AAAnnnnddddd CUT! Okay Jermaine you can leave now and go onto whatever you were doing with your selfish life and the boys can go back to grandma's to play with the other Jackson children and thier toys (stun guns perhaps?).

1682 days ago


Of course he doesn't know what went on in that house he isn't there to help with the kids. He's out running around trying to be like Michael (which he will never be) there will never be another Michael on this earth. Jermaine needs to take responsiblity and raise his own children and take them home. Stop relying on your mother to do your job. The only reason she is raising Michael's children is because some dumb A took him away from them so Michael chose her to raise them. (Which to me was a good choice) So Jermaine you need to become a man and take on your responsibilities and raise your own children take them home so that your mother can take care of Michael's kids the way that he would want her to. GROW UP MAN YOUR MOTHER HAS BEEN THRU ENOUGH HELL AND GET YOUR OWN LIFE


1682 days ago


A stun gun needs to be touching someone for it to work. While a child should never have access to weapons, children often find ways to get things that their parents don't want them to have and do things their parents don't want them to do. If the stun gun in question was pointed toward someone from across the room, they would be in no danger. Weapons in children's hands are dangerous...They could discharge by accident, or as has happened a child holding a toy gun could be killed because it appeared to be fake. This has nothing to do with Jermain. Leave this child alone.

1682 days ago


Michael Jackson we miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1682 days ago
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