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Corey Feldman -- Haim's Death 2 Much to Bear

3/17/2010 7:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman skipped his best friend's funeral yesterday, but he found his own way to pay tribute to Corey Haim last night -- getting a big ol' tattoo.

Corey Feldman

Corey mourned his friend at T-Man Tattoo, a San Fernando Valley ink shop. The art features the numbers, 222. On his blog, in his open letter to Haim, Corey said correctly, "Nobody will understand the magic of 22/222."


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pink floyd    

to how dare you get your facts straight.he is allowed in canada. the two coreys was filmed in vancouver bc.

1650 days ago


Right..... guess he couldn't pony up the money for a plane ticket. What a douche.

TO: HOW DARE YOU. Yeah, he probably can't get into Canada due to his record, BUT you can get a waiver for a funeral. It's not that hard! Especially since they were so CLOSE and all - it can be done.

1650 days ago


Lolli, Feldman could take a piss without the press being there except that he was not being private. If me wanted privacy he would have worn a long sleeved shirt and not made remarks to THE PRESS about 22/222 because that "open letter" to Haim was nothing but another attempt at PUBLICTY, you publicity whore!

1650 days ago


26. Lolli...I am not an MJ freak at all, I was pointing out that CF was using MJ's death as an excuse to get his face in the paper again to try and resurrect his long since gone career. I was NOT disputing whether or not there was any MJ molestation frankly I could care less. I was trying to poitn out what a HYPOCRITE CF is. Just like yesterday he made this big grand statement about respecting Haims mother and family yet posted a very personal letter all over the internet knowing it would get the press attention. he is out for himself and not his "friend" .

Posted at 11:22AM on Mar 17th 2010 by 3twinkles

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And if Feldman didn't speak out publicly in loving memory of his friend, if he wasn't honoring his friend in a very personal way, you disgusting, hateful people would be bashing him for THAT!! Many of you are just nasty!! I'm 100% with "How Dare You" btw. Feldman is in alot of pain, NO doubt about that. And while you're kicking the guy when he's down, think about that visit from Karma, she will show up when you least expect her.

1650 days ago


I think Feldman would have attended his friend's funeral in a heartbeat. was Haim's mother and family who thought it might create too much of a spectacle. The man, Feldman, has been through hell this past year. If he attended the funeral you would all be calling him a publicity whore, and because he didn't, you all say he is too selfish to honor his best friend. Either way, you are haters, it doesn't matter what he does, you will find a way to twist it and try to make him look bad. Shame Shame

1650 days ago


Corey F is probably very upset-I watched the video of the 2 Coreys on TMZ was said to have been recorded 3 weeks ago, they seemed friends in the video. Corey F idolized Michael J and I saw a video of Corey questioning the alleged molestation- it seemed he was insinuating that Michael may have done something wrong.Then he was shunned by Michael. Feldman also did numerous interview pleading for work in film-he did pull off Lost Boys 2. Its clear that the 2 Coreys depended on each other for work, were friends and I believe Feldman tried to help Haim. Haim said over and over that he didnt want to die. The story has just turned out so bad. M.J. and Haim both dead from pills? How many more people are going to die? seriously- Pills Suck. It seems like an epidemic how many people are dropping dead.Its really a sad story.

1650 days ago


Change of subject, Holy poop he has the worst tattoos I've ever seen. Looks like the tattoo artists was on a little 222 hahaha wow... What is that a keg and a big balloon and some birds?

1650 days ago


I swear im going to break out a big box of kleenex and a tiny violin for this butt sure even Corey Haim dosent know wtf 22/222 means....its just another craptastic story from feldman to get him some publicity without making it look like hes not actively trying....i wonder if he has the initials M.J. and a monkey tattooed on his little weiner, theres something to think about! he's pathetic and i feel bad for Haim because im pretty sure if the tables were turned, Haim would have showed up for his friends funeral....actions speak louder then words Feldman, and it proves YOUR PATHETIC!

1650 days ago


jee at end of day the guys dead feldman is alive what ever he does is wrong get off his back.

1650 days ago

big joe    

he is full of crap

1650 days ago


Shh!! 222 means Corey F is in on it. And obviously so is Corey H. The pieces are falling in to place!


1650 days ago


I think Haim's mother requested that Feldman stay away from the funeral. I don't believe he just didn't bother to go or was too cheap to buy a ticket. Those are terrible things to say about him, they were best friends after all.

1650 days ago


Surprised he's not wearing his Michael Jackson wardrobe like he did to Jackson's Memorial - he looked so stupid.

1650 days ago


Maybe Corey Feldman is a kohen. That's maybe why he couldn't attend the funeral. The Wiki explains it as "Kohanim are forbidden to come in contact with dead bodies, nor are they permitted to perform the customary mourning rites. They are commanded, however, to become defiled for their closest relatives: father, mother, brother, unmarried sister, child or wife." "A kohen is forbidden to enter any house or enclosure, or approach any spot, in which a dead body, or part of a dead body, may be found.[10][11][12][13] Practical examples of these prohibitions include: not entering a cemetery or attending a funeral; not being under the same roof (i.e. in a home or hospital) as a dismembered organ. The exact rules and regulations of defilement are quite complex, but a cursory rule of thumb is that they may not enter a room with a dead person or come within a few feet of the body."

1650 days ago


One down and Lord knows how many to go. The sooner all these drug-addicted morons die the healthier our society will be. Good riddance!

1650 days ago
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